What Exactly Is Board Portal Software?

Looking for an answer to what board portal software is? This article has a detailed explanation for you.

A board portal is an excellent digital tool that promotes seamless and secure collaboration between members of the board of directors of a given organization. Board portals are often equipped with essential features that will streamline governance within the board of directors.

Some of the prime features of a board portal that encourages effective board governance are digital agendas, instant messaging, meeting management, minutes taking, e-polling/voting, digital signatures, annotations, and more.

However, the highlight of board portal software comes from the security that it offers. It can serve as a safe repository for sensitive documents, and the documents can be shared safely whenever the need arises.

Benefits of Using Board Portal Software

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The virtual board software is designed to offer premium benefits to companies and organizations who decide to deploy it. It takes some of the traditional paperwork online, which makes life easier for the board of directors and saves ample time.

Some of its premium benefits include the following:

Document Management

The virtual boardroom can be used to manage documents effectively within an organization. It limits the clutter around offices and in cabinets and makes for a safe repository for essential documents.

Thanks to a convenient document index, all files can be immaculately arranged in distinct folders according to a given order and can easily be retrieved for sharing within seconds. There’s also a tracking feature that alerts the admin or board members whenever changes are made in the documents. This classy system of document management is professional and saves the time that would ordinarily be spent searching for documents and sharing them.

Plus, documents are secured, not affected by water, tear, carelessness, theft, fire, or any unfortunate event that will lead to their ultimate destruction.

Streamlined Meeting Processes

The virtual boardroom also serves as a paperless meeting solution for the board of directors. Meetings can be held virtually at a convenient time for all board members across their diverse locations.

The board management software is equipped with all the necessary features to successfully host an online board meeting, and nothing will be missed about a traditional meeting safe for physical handshakes.

The software can record minutes of a meeting, take attendance, conduct e-voting/online polls, create agendas, share documents across to members, and keep everyone updated on new developments.

Better Bard Governance

With the software streamlining board of directors meeting processes and official assignments, there’s no doubt governance will receive a boost. Time lost in traditional processes will be saved, some of the resources spent in the said traditional processes will be conserved and used for other purposes, and in the end, governance is streamlined to the latter.

By making life simpler for board members, they can maximize their full potential, invest more time in growing, and dedicate more of their resources to growing the organization or company.

Improved Security

The virtual boardroom is heavily walled with high-end security features to guarantee the safety of information housed in it.

With a solid security infrastructure in place, documents saved in the board portal software are optimally secured, and even when sharing them with third parties, they’re still safe.

There are barely any cases of missing documents due to internal or external theft or cases of hackers breaking the walls of defense to steal sensitive financial documents. It comes with certifications like SSL, standard SOC 2, ISO 27001, two-factor authentication, watermarks, and a host of other security features to assure the safety of information within.

Features to Look for in Board Portal Software

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When seeking to deploy the best board portal software, below are some of the features you need to look for.

  • Security – Security is the most important feature of a board portal software, ensuring it’s optimal before purchasing.
  • Permissions/access control – The ability of the admin to grant access and restrict permissions to the software is essential for added security.
  • Meeting management – Ensure the board portal is equipped with online meeting features like meeting agenda, meeting minutes, e-voting, attendance register, and a few others. It should also be able to link to calendars for scheduling meetings.
  • File search – Documents need to be found within seconds, and only a file search feature can enhance that for easy access to documents.
  • Digital signature – The software should be able to accept digital signatures so board members can assent to proposals and resolutions virtually.
  • Notifications/messaging – The board portal should be able to send notifications to members on meeting tasks, next meeting dates, reminders for projects and should have an instant messaging feature for seamless communication.


The board portal software is an efficient digital tool for the board of directors to deploy and streamline board governance in an easy, secure, and time-efficient manner. It boasts great features like minute meetings, digital agendas, e-polls, digital signatures, and many more.

If your budget is limited and a choice of a proper solution is not made yet, go to https://boardsoftware.net/pricing/ and compare some of the best board portals out there by pricing. And be sure to look out for the aforementioned features while keeping security at the forefront of your considerations.

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