Things to Know Before Building a House

It is great that you have decided to build a house and we are sure that this article will be super beneficial for you. Let’s remember that we are going to give you the best tips for building your house from A to Z.

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Choose What Works for You

To buy a plot, you need to know the scale of future construction. They are determined depending on the needs in the area of \u200b\u200b the owners.

The best ratio of the area of ​​the house to the area of \u200b\u200b the plot is 1:10. Depending on the number of family members who will live together, the area of a 200 square meter house is determined at the rate of 30 square meters. m. per person. If it is impossible to provide everyone with sufficient space, it is recommended to increase the number of storeys of the house.

When choosing a site for construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  1. proximity to the city;
  2. availability of infrastructure (schools, hospitals or first-aid post, retail outlets);
  3. quality of roads and access to the site;
  4. the presence of a power line nearby;
  5. environmental situation (presence of hazardous industries nearby);
  6. soil types and groundwater levels;
  7. the presence of title documents (cadastral number, compliance of the boundaries of the site with the data specified in the documents).

After you have bought a plot, where to start construction is an urgent and topical issue.

Let’s consider what questions should be solved further. You can easily find home mortgage options  and in this way you can pay the amount partially.

Choose the type of house – what to build from?

Where to start building a private house? Depending on financial capabilities and personal preferences, you can choose the following types of houses:

Frame – consists of a wooden frame, insulation, external and internal decoration.

This option is the cheapest, but also the least durable and fragile. In addition, such a house cannot withstand dynamic loads – a separate base will have to be arranged for the washing machine. If you plan to build a building for decades, then it is better to opt for a more capital option. Check out the best mattresses recommended by Luckymag to ensure that you have an idea what kind of items you need and to evaluate the budget.

The log house is more durable

Vacation home made of logs

A favorable microclimate is established inside such a building both in the hot and cold seasons, it is easier to heat it and such a building does not need a heavy and deep foundation. However, the combustibility of wood and its susceptibility to pests is a big minus.

Brick house – the traditional and best solution!

Since brick is an environmentally friendly non-combustible material. Such buildings are durable, resistant to adverse environmental influences. A brick house is more difficult to heat than a wooden one, and a more powerful foundation should be selected for it.

A monolithic reinforced concrete house is the best solution today.

The frame of such a building is able to withstand heavy loads and ensure the strength and stability of the building under different conditions.

The cost of concrete work is reduced, since all monolithic work can be carried out with the help of one contractor, the walls of such a house can be made of foam blocks, which will not only reduce the cost of construction, but also help reduce heat loss and heating costs. The possibility of free planning and record durability of such structures make it possible to recommend building houses using this technology.

After choosing the type of house, you need to contact the local administration for information about the list of required documents. This is due to the fact that in different regions it may differ slightly.

Modern projects for the construction of a country house or a construction of a private house require time and energy to have the best results. Many construction businesses use crm software to get help and have better results, growth in their business.

Choose a design organization or architect

professional architect designer structural engineer team colleagues working office looking computer discussing building plan design project.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to build a reliable and modern house only on the basis of your own preferences and wishes. To do this, you will need to contact specialists who will not only design the building in accordance with the requirements of the customer, but also carry out the necessary engineering and geological surveys and issue instructions on how to start construction on the site.

Based on the latter, you can determine what type of foundation is suitable and how to prepare the foundation to prevent unforeseen subsidence of the entire building.

The choice of an architect is a responsible and fateful step, in order not to make a mistake in a specialist, it is useful to be guided by the following criteria. Nowadays there is a chance of making your exterior visualizations realistic and with the help of 3d artists and Foyr’s floor plan software you’ll have better results and will find out what works well both externally and internally.

However: If you think the building is not the best you like you should try to sell it with Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas. Even for selling design approach will give you opportunity for selling with high prices.

How Can You Succeed in Building a House

Building a country house is not an easy task, which the developer will help the appropriate specialists to cope with. The question of where to start construction and how to properly organize it is in their competence.

Do not chase tempting offers cheaply and quickly get permission to build a house.

Conducted research, design and construction work cannot be carried out in record time without compromising quality, and this criterion has a decisive impact on the durability and comfortable operation of the building.

Having complete knowledge of where to start construction, you can avoid unnecessary stress and financial damage. At the same time you will have an idea how to decorate your house, how many rooms you need to have. You can check out mattress sizes and dimensions guide by Amerisleep to have a better idea about the sizes of the rooms.

  • the architect must have a completed higher specialized education;his portfolio must contain objects whose construction has been completed;
  • the specialist is obliged to provide the full range of working documentation;
  • assistance in coordinating the project in the institution of architecture in the area will greatly simplify the life of the customer;

The range of services includes architectural supervision, as well as support of the construction process until its completion.

Cooperation with the architect takes place in stages. Let’s list them sequentially. The working process with architects and designers will be better if you ask them to help you with buying regulations. You can approach courier drivers to save time and energy and have all the deliveries and at the same time you can sell all your used items and use that money to buy new stuff.

Final Recommendations

Consultation – during the conversation, advice is given on the selection of a site for development, the parameters of the future home (size, technology and building materials) are determined.

Sketch – drawings containing a stylistic and architectural solution are issued to the customer. The package of documents contains the general and situational plans, the concept of the style of the future building, an explanatory note, sections, facades and floor plans.

Project – implies the presence of a project passport (for approval in the authorities), as well as full working documentation – the architectural and structural parts of the project


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