Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress 2020

It's that time of the year again when popular WordPress deals go on huge discounts.

Black Friday, one of the most popular „holidays“ in America, and now the whole world, is an unofficial name for the Friday after Thanksgiving day in the United States. Black Friday exists since 1952., but, in the past few decades, it only earned the name that it has today. It basically sets up the Christmas shopping season by giving people huge discounts on everything. The words „huge“ and „everything“ is an understatement. Because of the discounts and people who want to get the best things for the lowest possible price, there is always a huge outrage that is tied to this day.

Here are just some of the statistics from last year: in 2019, during the Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday to Monday), there were 189 million people that bought something in the United States, with 84 million people that actually bought something in person and 93 million people that bought something online. They made over 7 and a half billion dollars just from the people that bought online. If you want to find out more about these stats, you can check them out on this link:

When we’re talking about the world statistics, the numbers are not as high up in other countries as in the States, but the Black Friday trend is spreading a bit more every year. For example: Black Friday sales go up by 663% when comparing the numbers to a normal day. It’s not just one day. Studies show that interest in shopping is the highest on Black Friday, but it lasts through the whole week.

Some interesting facts regarding countries in Europe: Since 2012, when Black Friday started being a thing in the Netherlands, the event has already grown by 2000%, The first Black Friday in Germany was in 2006. Nowadays, 89% of Germans know what Black Friday is. In 2017, more than one billion euros were spent on Black Friday sales and Cyber ​​Monday sales only in Germany. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom every year. In 2017, one billion pounds were spent online on Black Friday.

Now, let’s talk about prices. Some of the best discounts from last year are: iPhone 11 and 11 Pro for up to 500$ at Best Buy, Microsoft Xbox One X for 350$ (150$ off) at Walmart plus a 40$ gift card at Target, 82-inch Class LED Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR for $1600 ($600 off) at Best Buy and Sam’s Club.

To conclude, Black Friday is a global sensation and everyone is taking part in it. If you want to get something great for little amounts of money, you better be ready when Black Friday approaches, otherwise, you’re not going to be able to buy anything because everything that you wanted to buy probably sold out. And that is why we have online Black Friday discounts on WordPress plugins that last all the way to December so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

WP Reset - 60% off

WP Reset

You've made a "mess" on your website, or it just got too cluttered with time? No problem, giving it a fresh start will only take a few seconds and a couple of clicks with the WP Reset plugin. This plugin is a true gem that will enable you to reset your entire site or just parts of it using its collection of resetting tools. These tools range from full resets that wipe an entire site clean to partial resets that get rid of things like plugins, themes, users, widgets, content, and so on with just 1 click. And if you're afraid of possibly regretting doing a reset, you'll be happy to hear that this plugin can create database snapshots that you can later restore and take your site back to a previous state. Oh, and one last thing, with WP Reset, you can also create plugin (+theme) collections and have them ready in the cloud.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

WP Sticky - 30% off

WP Sticky

Most people hate anything sticky unless we're talking about WordPress site elements. These are just so fun and convenient and can be created in seconds using the WP Sticky plugin! Regardless if it's a widget, navigation, menu, header, whatever, this plugin will make it sticky. And no, it doesn't involve any complicated coding; you will only be picking elements off the screen. The plugin doesn't limit you on the number of elements you can make sticky, nor does it conflict with any themes, page builders, or plugins.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

WP 301 Redirects - 50% off

WP 301 Redirects

Broken links are a nightmare to you and your site visitors, so make sure they are a thing of the past, at least when it comes to your site. How? Well, by implementing redirects, of course, using the WP 301 Redirects plugin. This user-friendly plugin has the ability to monitor changes in your site's URLs and patches them up instantly by setting up appropriate redirect rules. Along with being user-friendly, this plugin is also pretty "smart" since it can prevent all bad bots from ever reaching your site but will still allow Google bots to do their job. And if that wasn't enough, the plugin will also provide you with detailed insights into the traffic on your site using built-in charts. Control sites remotely, generate brandable PDF reports, rebrand the entire site, and much more.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode - 50% off

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Want to build your site's online presence even before it launches? You can, if you create an attention-grabbing coming soon page for it. How, you may ask? Well, with the one and only Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin! This plugin, with its drag-and-drop builder, 170+ themes, pictures, and videos directly from Depositphotos or Unsplash, best-in-class SEO setup, autoresponder and email services, and many more features, will give you the ability to build a coming soon/under maintenance page in minutes. Rebrand the plugin and make it your own, control the maintenance mode remotely, and much more.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

Simple Author Box - 30% off

Simple Author Box

You run a blog that features many authors, sometimes even guests and co-authors, and you need a way to credit them for their work? Give them an author bio box using the Simple Author Box plugin! This plugin will include author bio boxes (responsive ones) at the end of your WP blog posts. The boxes can contain everything from the author’s name, Gravatar, bio, to 30+ different social media icons and links. Having co-authors won't be a problem anymore since you will have the option to assign multiple authors to one article. And when it comes to guest authors, you will be able to credit them without having to create a WordPress user account for each.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

Google Maps Widget - 30% off

Google Maps Widget

Want to add Google Maps to your WordPress website, but don't want to pay the steep price some plugins and services are charging for that? Try the Google Maps Widget plugin! Google Maps Widget will enable you to add as many maps as you need, anywhere on your site, in posts, pages, custom post types, sidebars, menus, even as widgets or shortcodes. The maps will be responsive and can also be customized to fit your website design. Best of all, adding a map with the help of this plugin will take 2 minutes tops!

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

UnderConstructionPage - 50% off


Under construction, under maintenance, coming soon, sales, landing, and any other simple types of pages can be created within minutes using the UnderConstructionPage plugin. Equipped with a great page builder, 210+ customizable page templates, over a million free HD or 4K images, this plugin is truly a force to be reckoned with. And to top it all off, it can even be of great help with tracking traffic and conversion rates.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

Security Ninja - 50% off

Security Ninja

Tired of needing tons of separate tools to keep your site safe? Make that a thing of the past using the Security Ninja plugin, which can serve as your perfect and only solution for complete WordPress site protection. This plugin has it all, from a malware scanner to a firewall. It can run 50+ security tests in record time, point out all of your site's weak points, and also give you recommendations on how to fix them. Security Ninja has been trusted by thousands of site owners over the past 9 years, so why not become one of them.

Valid from November 23rd, 2020 till December 6th, 2020

NameDiscountDescriptionValid FromValid Till
Permalink Manager Pro25%

Use "BLACKF20" during the checkout and get 25% off.

Nov 15thDec 1st

AdSanity is a light ad rotator plugin for WordPress. It allows a publisher to create and manage ads to be shown on their website as well as keep statistics on views and clicks through a robust set of features. Discount Code - CYBERSANITY40

Nov 27thDec 4th
Click Ranger Pro40%

Ranger Pro helps publishers easily track user clicks, downloads, form completions, and other events on their WordPress website with Google Analytics. Get the data you need without the fuss of JavaScript or PHP. Discount Code - CYBERPRO40

Nov 27thDec 4th

Grace Themes has a collection of beautiful, elegant and multipurpose WordPress themes that are perfect for business, eCommerce, blogs, magazine, education and many more. Grace Themes is the team behind the well-known best user-friendly theme for beginners and experts.

Nov 20thDec 15th

Imagely offers the leading WordPress gallery plugin, NextGEN Gallery along with NextGEN Pro for photographers to sell digital downloads, prints, and offer proofing for their clients. Imagely also creates stunning themes

Nov 23rdDec 4th

A customizable free WordPress resume theme that provides site owners with the tools to showcase their online CV in a professional and elegant way. Resumee is best suited for WordPress CV theme and has plenty of frontpage widgets, that can be reordered and customized according to your needs. Resumee

Nov 1stDec 27th

A clean bloat free WordPress portfolio theme for building personal portfolio websites. Portfolioo theme will help you to create beautiful personal website to showcase your works and stand out from the crowd.

Nov 1stNov 27th
Activity Log WinterLock50%

Activity Log WordPress Plugin

New most detailed WordPress User Tracking, Control and Activity Logging Plugin.

You will see very detailed report what people or even other plugins are doing on your site, then block or be alerted on such activity or even logout user immediately.

Nov 23rdDec 1st
Gutenberg Post Blocks50%

Gutenberg Post Blocks is a block plugin for creating beautiful post grid, post listing, post slider and carousel blocks. They are offering 50% discount on every plans.

Nov 23rdDec 2nd
Conditional Checkout Fields50%

Conditional Checkout Fields is the best way to collect information from customers. Forget the back and forth emails trying to get additional information. Conditional Checkout Fields prompts the customer to provide this information at checkout. Customers will receive 50% off. No discount code needed.

Nov 27thDec 4th
Full Screen Background Images50%

Full Screen Background Images is the easiest way to add your beautiful images to the background of your website. Add an unlimited number of full screen background images to your WordPress site. Customers will receive 50% off. No discount code needed.

Nov 27thDec 4th

WP1099 is the plugin that every site owner with an affiliate marketing program or multi-vendor marketplace needs. None of the existing affiliate or marketplace plugins allow site owners to easily export data for year end 1099 tax reporting. Customers will receive 50% off. No discount code needed.

Nov 27thDec 4th
Quick Checkout for WooCommerce50%

Quick Checkout is the fastest one page checkout extension for WooCommerce. Reduces checkout time, increases conversion rates, and improves the checkout flow. Quick Checkout is the Amazon “Buy Now” button for WooCommerce. Customers will receive 50% off. No discount code needed.

Nov 27thDec 4th
WordPress to Buffer Pro40%

Auto post WordPress content to your account for scheduled publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Direct), Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Use code BF2020 for 40% off.

Nov 27thNov 30th
Page Generator Pro40%

Automatically mass generate content (Pages, Posts and Custom Posts) to maximise your search engine presence for your business.

Use code BF2020 for 40% off.

Nov 27thNov 30th
WordPress to Hootsuite Pro40%

Auto post WordPress content to your Hootsuite account for scheduled publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Use code BF2020 for 40% off.

Nov 27thNov 30th
Media Library Organizer Pro40%

Categorize, search, filter and sort Media Library attachments, with options to auto categorize new and existing attachments, bulk and quick edit, define default attributes on uploaded files, edit EXIF and IPTC image data, including support for Image Licensing/Copyright in Google Images and more! Use code BF2020 for 40% off.

Nov 27thNov 30th

Get ready to witness the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. Like every year this year too we’ve decided to dive all in and make your online shopping experience worth remembering.

Nov 5thNov 30th
WP Activity Log40%

For this year we are offering a 40% discount on the premium plans of WP Activity Log. This is the biggest discount we've ever offered, so make sure to take advantage of it!

To claim your discount, just use the coupon code: BF202040 during checkout.

Nov 25thDec 2nd
Password Policies Manager40%

For this year we are offering a 40% discount on the premium plans of Password Policies Manager for WordPress. This is the biggest discount we've ever offered, so make sure to take advantage of it!

To claim your discount, just use the coupon code: BF202040 during checkout.

Nov 25thDec 2nd
Sliced Invoices30%

Sliced Invoices allows you to create Invoices, Quotes / Estimates, Payments, and more. Turn your WordPress website into a complete billing system, and get paid fast!

Get 30% off all Sliced Invoices bundles. Use coupon code CYBERNOVEMBER.

Nov 1stNov 30th
Social Rocket30%

Social Rocket Pro adds fully-customizable social sharing buttons to your WordPress site. Designed by serious social marketers, it's easy to use, and packed with many features you're sure to love!

Use code BFCM2020 for 30% off!

Nov 1stNov 30th
WordPress Themes30%

Template Sell is a growing marketplace for WordPress themes, plugins, and HTML templates. On the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020, Template Sell is offering a 30% discount.

Nov 23rdDec 5th
Iconic WooCommerce Plugins30%

Optimise your WooCommerce store this Black Friday with 30% off individual plugins and 20% off plugin bundles at Iconic.

Improve your conversion rate, reduce checkout abandonment, and increase customer satisfaction with our best-selling WooCommerce plugins.

Nov 23rdNov 30th
WP Mobile Menu40%

WP Mobile Menu is the best WordPress responsive mobile menu. Provide to your mobile visitor an easy access to your site content using any device smartphone/tablet/desktop.
Improve your WooCommerce shop user engagement with a good looking sliding carte and a specific product filter for mobile devices

Nov 25thDec 3rd
ACF Blocks50%

ACF Blocks Pro brings premium ready-to-use Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress.

Nov 10thNov 30th

40% off all Pootlepress Lifetime licences, including our Gutenberg based plugins, WooBuilder Blocks and Storefront Blocks.

Nov 26thDec 4th
Easy Digital Downloads20%

A 20% discount on all license levels and individual extension purchases, plus a couple limited time purchase options. See personal email.

Discount code: SALE2020

Nov 23rdDec 1st

Sale discount: A 20% discount on all license levels and individual extension purchases, plus a couple limited time purchase options. See email, AffiliateWP has a different offer than our other products.

Also, I put the incorrect sale dates when submitting my EDD form.

Discount code: SALE2020

Nov 27thDec 4th
WP Simple Pay20%

Sale discount: A 20% discount on all license levels and individual extension purchases.
Discount code: SALE2020

Nov 27thDec 4th
Sugar Calendar20%

Sale discount: A 20% discount on all license levels and individual extension purchases.
Discount code: SALE2020

Nov 27thDec 4th
Easy Social Feed45%

An easy, responsive, and SEO-friendly WordPress plugin for Custom Instagram Feed and Custom Facebook Feed.

Save time by using the Easy Social Feed plugin to automatically generate dynamic content for your website.

Nov 25thDec 5th
BloggersPassion eBooks66%

We are selling three eBooks namely SEO, Keyword Research and Affiliate Marketing eBooks for INR 999 during Black Friday. Normally, we sell all of these eBooks for INR 3000. So huge saving if you buy eBooks during our Black Friday Sale.

Nov 24thDec 1st
Buttonizer - Smart Floating Chat & Buttons30%

Add dynamic customizable Smart Floating Buttons in the corner of your WordPress website and boost the amount of interactions and conversions from your website visitors.

Get 30% off on all annual pro plans!

Nov 23rdNov 30th
WPSMS : WordPress SMS plugin50%

Wordpress sms plugin with tens of essential addons and SMS newsletter and marketing features.

For a limited time.we offer 50% discount off all the products.addons and the bundle.

Use coupon code: GET50

Nov 23rdDec 1st

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The lightweight Perfmatters plugin was created by web performance geeks to speed up your site!

Nov 16thDec 1st

Novashare is a fast and lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress that won’t slow down your site. Easy UI, share counts, and no bloat.

Nov 16thDec 1st
Visual Composer Website Builder40%

Visual Composer is an easy-to-use and very powerful drag and drop WordPress website builder that offers 500+ elements, templates, addons, and integrations for building a beautiful website.
 This year we are offering 30% to 40% discounts off as a part of Black Friday Deals 2020.

Nov 26thNov 28th

Be first in the 1000 people who will get the DeoThemes coupon code for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday before anyone else. Black Friday only comes once a year. Enjoy the biggest discount from DeoThemes. It starts on November 23th and will end on November 30th, so don’t miss out!

Nov 23rdDec 30th
AWS S3 for WordPress Plugin20%

Seamless sync between your WordPress Media Library and AWS S3 now in a top notch WordPress plugin with easy licensing and no limitations.

Nov 27thNov 30th

LiveAgent is a multi-channel customer service software that streamlines emails, chats, calls, and social media messages into a single place.

Nov 16thNov 30th

Give life to forms and surveys. Tripetto is a visual no-code form builder for creating deeply conversational interactions.

And now with 50% off our lifetime licenses for single-site and 5-site WordPress installations.

Nov 27thDec 4th
AAWP - Amazon Affiliates for WordPress Plugin30%

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP) is the best plugin to advertise Amazon products and earn commissions by using product boxes and Amazon bestseller lists. AAWP generates affiliate links and refreshes product information automatically and its configuration and design are flexible and customizable

Nov 23rdNov 30th
MH Themes30%

MH Themes is specialized in developing high-quality WordPress magazine themes for online magazines, dynamic news websites, blogs and editorial websites. Join thousands of happy customers & enjoy SEO friendly WordPress themes that are optimized for speed and come with dynamic & professional layouts.

Nov 23rdNov 30th
Affiliate Coupons30%

Affiliate Coupons is the best WordPress plugin for Affiliate Marketers which helps them to increase their Click-Through-Rate and Conversions. The plugin can be used with any theme, is responsive and mobile friendly and comes with different styles and templates.

Nov 23rdNov 30th
Sprout Invoices55%

Promo code is CYBER

Nov 13thDec 1st

Discount code is CYBER2020

Nov 23rdDec 1st
Elegant Marketplace30%

30% off anything you can add to your cart.
Discount code is CYBER

Nov 13thDec 1st
WP Webhooks Pro40%

WP Webhooks Pro turns your WordPress website into a highly optimized webhook system. It allows you to send and receive data from and to your WordPress website to automate time-intense and complex tasks.

Nov 26thDec 9th
Post Affiliate Pro20%

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking software that enables you to create an affiliate program or affiliate network for your business.

Nov 16thNov 30th
Paid Memberships Pro33%

$100 off Paid Memberships Pro - Plus Membership
$200 off Paid Memberships Pro - Unlimited Membership
Lock in your membership price at this price point for the remainder of the membership.

Nov 26thDec 2nd
AmaLinks Pro50%

AmaLinks Pro is a premium WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Easily create and insert high-converting Amazon affiliate links, like Showcase Boxes and Comparison Tables, without ever leaving WordPress! Get 50% OFF any of our plan levels and keep the discounted price for renewal in one year!

Nov 27thNov 30th

Checkbot for Chrome tests 100s of pages at time for broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, redirect chains and more to find critical problems before your users do. Test unlimited sites as often as you want including local development sites.

Nov 17thDec 1st

TranslatePress is the simplest way to translate your WordPress site, directly from the front-end, using an intuitive visual translation interface.

Get 25% OFF your order using code BFCM2020 at checkout.

Nov 27thJan 1st
Profile Builder Pro25%

Profile Builder Pro is the all in one user registration and profile plugin for WordPress.

Get 25% OFF your order by using code: BFCM2020 at checkout.

Nov 27thDec 1st
Paid Member Subscriptions25%

Paid Member Subscriptions is an easy to use membership plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Get 25% OFF your order using code BFCM2020 at checkout.

Nov 27thDec 1st

MailOptin converts your website visitors into email subscribers and customers, nurture and engage them with beautifully designed event-triggered emails.

Nov 27thNov 30th

ProfilePress allow you to create frontend login, registration, and profile management area.

Nov 27thNov 30th
Remove WooCommerce Features50%

Instantly Change Your WooCommerce Store’s Layout and Features. The Remove WooCommerce Features plugin gives you the power to edit your store’s appearance and functionality through a very simple interface that works right inside your WordPress installation.

Nov 22ndDec 1st
WP Terms Popup50%

Control access to your WordPress site with a popup. 50% off our Designer and Collector add-ons during our Black Friday sale.

Nov 22ndDec 1st

Get 25% LIFETIME discount on any of the plans of super user-friendly SEO tools.

Nov 25thDec 1st
WP Rocket30%

Get 30% OFF on WP Rocket Single, Plus, and Infinite licenses!
Speed up your website in a few clicks: WP Rocket is recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts! No coding required: WP Rocket provides fast loading times whether you are a beginner or a performance expert.

Nov 24thDec 2nd
WordPress Hosting75%

Performance hosting for WordPress sites with automated core & plugin updates, unlimited email, free SSL certificates, intuitive auto scaling for traffic spikes, free migrations, and 24/7 support from industry experts.

Nov 18thDec 18th
Save up to 90% on 60+ deals from Freemius Partners90%

Save up to 90% on over 60 awesome Black Friday + Cyber Monday WordPress plugin and theme deals from Freemius partners.

All deals use coupon code FSBFCM2020 or don’t require a coupon code.

Nov 27thNov 30th

Stackable is powering the next generation of web design as an ultimate companion to Gutenberg — large library of UI Kits, design templates, custom blocks, global UI settings, and powerful customization options. With all those, it boasts speedy performance. Get Stackable Premium at its lowest price!

Nov 23rdNov 30th
Wholesale Suite60%

Wholesale Suite lets you easily add wholesale to your WooCommerce store. Control wholesale user roles, add wholesale pricing, control product visibility, set product & order minimums, tax display control, streamlined ordering form, plus much more.

Nov 23rdNov 30th
Advanced Coupons60%

Advanced Coupons extends your coupon features so you can market your WooCommerce store better. Run new types of deals like BOGO (Buy One, Get One), add a free gift product on apply, test cart conditions, advanced shipping discounts, auto-apply coupons – helping you market your store better.

Nov 23rdNov 30th

Flat 50% Off lifetime licenses, 25% Off on annual licenses sitewide

Nov 24thDec 2nd

WordPress plugins for lead capture, call to action and email marketing.

Deal - Flat 35% Off lifetime licenses, 20% Off on annual licenses sitewide

Coupon Code - Not required

Nov 24thDec 2nd

Enterprise Quality WooCommerce Plugins that help users to sell more, save time, retain customers and make better decisions.

Deal - Flat 50% Off lifetime licenses, 25% Off on annual licenses sitewide

Coupon Code - Not required

Nov 24thDec 2nd

Putler combines multiple eCommerce channels to give you accurate analytics and control. Coupon code - Not required

Nov 24thDec 2nd

Make a fully-fledged dropshipping store with AliDropship plugin: import products from AliExpress and manage all workflow in one click.

Nov 23rdNov 29th
Barn2 Plugins30%

With over 15,000 happy customers, Barn2 sell high-quality WordPress plugins. Get 30% off all individual plugins and 30% off all annual bundles between 23 and 30 November with coupon code BF2020. First 50 customers get an early bird 40% discount off all annual bundles with coupon code BFBUNDLE2020

Nov 23rdNov 30th

GravityView returns with their biggest sale of the year. 30% off all plugins, all licenses —including lifetime licenses. Save hundreds of dollars with BIGDEAL30 on essential Gravity Forms add-ons. $5 from each purchase will also be donated to a choice of non-profits.

Nov 23rdNov 30th
WP Migrate DB Pro50%

Up to 50% off WP Migrate DB Pro plus a free shirt

WP Migrate DB Pro allows you to copy your entire site from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard. Push and pull your database, media files, themes, and plugins quickly and easily with a beautiful UI designed for developer

Nov 27thNov 30th
WP Offload SES20%

Up to 20% off WP Offload SES

WP Offload SES takes over email sending for your WordPress site, sending all site emails through your Amazon SES account. It offers the benefits of sending your site emails through Amazon SES without the negatives.

Nov 23rdDec 1st
OptimizeForm WooCommerce Plugins65%

Here is a copy of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer:

Tagline: Get 65% off OptimizeForm WooCommerce Plugins.

Short description:

OptimizeForm lets you quickly add wholesale capabilities to your WooCommerce store.
It lets you add dynamic pricing, tiered pricing, wholesale order form, dynamic payme

Nov 19thDec 1st

Directorist is one of the fast-growing directory plugins in WordPress. The core Directorist plugin is completely free but you can get a lot of paid extensions to extend its functionalities on your website. Moreover, you'll get a 40% discount on each individual extension.

Nov 24thDec 5th
News & Blog Designer Pack Pro20%

A WordPress Blog Plugin and WordPress News Plugin to Create magazine, news or blog website with your favorite theme. Works with your favorite page builders Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Gutenberg and etc. News & Blog Designer Pack Pro comes with 9+ Layouts and 90+ Designs.

Nov 24thNov 30th

Promo Code: BFCM2020

Nov 23rdDec 2nd
WP Compress94%

WP Compress offers both local and real-time image optimization for WordPress. Get lightning-fast load times without lifting a finger - It’s really that simple. Just link your website and they take care of the rest!

Nov 23rdDec 1st

Save 35% on GeoDirectory add-ons, themes, and memberships with code BF2020. Offer ends December 3, 2020.

Nov 26thDec 3rd
WordPress WCAG and ADA themes50%

Best responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress WCAG and ADA themes. Discover the best solution for your site. Easy to customize and supported!

Nov 27thDec 4th
iThemes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!`40%

Nov 27 - Nov 30
40% off everything site wide!

Coupons: All things iThemes: DEAL40 for 40% off
Restrict Content Pro: RCP30 FOR 30% off

Description: “Take advantage of this huge iThemes Black Friday sale and get 40% off any and all iThemes products!”

Nov 27thNov 30th
Content Aware Sidebars Pro - #1 Rated Widget Area Plugin30%

Boost your conversion rates and on-site SEO with unlimited, contextual widget areas on your WordPress site. Features include Automatic Widget Backup, Sticky Sidebars (no jQuery!), Time Schedule, and the ability to insert widget areas in any WordPress Hook or after any paragraph in your theme. Suppor

Nov 23rdDec 1st
Visibility Control for Restrict User Access30%

Restrict User Access is the most powerful access control plugin for WordPress and lets you contextually limit access to your content. With Visibility Control you can completely hide content for unauthorized users. Hide your WooCommerce products, bbPress forums, LearnDash courses, or blog posts!

Nov 23rdDec 1st
WP Offload Media40%

Get up to 40% off WP Offload Media plus a complimentary 1-year license for WP Offload SES. WP Offload Media copies files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage and rewrites URLs to serve the files from that same storage provider.

Nov 27thNov 30th

Get 75% off your first three months of SpinupWP. SpinupWP is a modern cloud-based server control panel. No software installation necessary. Just give SpinupWP access and you can manage your server remotely. It’s like a remote control for your server, designed for WordPress.

Nov 23rdDec 1st

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