4 Ways To Skyrocket LMS Sales In 2019

If you want your LMS to be successful, you will have to be up-to-date with the latest LMS marketing techniques

As an LMS brand owner you might be working day and night to sell more yet the results still might not suffice. Well, don’t worry. The world of marketing is changing and all we need to do is keep moving.

[tweete]Being up-to-date with the latest #LMS #marketing techniques, here we are talking about four ways to skyrocket your LMS sales in 2019.[/tweet]

1. Use visual content

Be it for social media or for your company’s blog, visual content always helps boost engagement. The least you can do about it is to use this to your advantage. Long huge blocks of text are boring after a time and that’s when the users want some quick brief information about what you’d want to say.

Visual Content

So, if you haven’t already, then start strategizing for more and more visual content and create pieces that actually grab eyeballs and attention of your prospects. The aim is to use visual content to push the prospects a step down the conversion funnel.

2. Smart work>redundant hard work

While you try to use social media for marketing your LMS, you need to understand that being smart is everything.

Design and schedule your posts ahead of your time. Don’t be late. Post regularly. Work on a posting schedule which maps out the topics or selling points to cover this month. Add reference links to these titles in a rough file (to make it easy for you). Select the date and time when you are actually going to roll these posts out. And schedule!

Also, make sure that you are ready with all the questions that your prospects/users might come up with.

3. Keep an eye on the competition

To be better than your competitors, you need to know what they are doing. For that, you need to observe them closely.

Business Competition

Analyze what marketing methods and ideas other LMS companies are indulging in. Go through their social media pages. See if they are trending for something. Note the topics that they are trending for. Find out how you can beat them at that. And implement at the earliest, to make a difference.

This will also let you know if there is anything that your competitor’s product is failing at. You can use this info to beat them at what they lack.

4. Live events always work

According to SoftwareWorld, another great way of marketing your product, your brand and your idea of the right LMS (your users care about it) is this. Live events on social media are really useful.

They give you the right amount of reach that your product needs. Tell your users about what’s cooking behind the LMS. And also add a story to your brand.

Tip: You can even use a decent mission statement to use this to your advantage.

Also, remember that this is your chance to be a great leader and train your sales team to sell your LMS at a rate of knots.

5. Niche-specific PPC networks

PPC a.k.a pay per click is a sweet advertising system that works in a simple manner. You pay a certain amount for every click that you get to your landing page. Simple, right?

Well, while there are a number of PPC networks available for you to run your LMS ad campaigns, the best alternatives are those which are niche-centric. Reason? These are the networks which provide the best ROI against your LMS PPC campaigns.

For example, eLearning Industry’s PPC network uses an LMS directory campaign to target the ads more proficiently to the right audience.

While selling your LMS is one of your major concerns, the marketing trends keep changing. In this post, we tried to talk about the changing ways and how you can keep up with those techniques.

We hope this was useful.

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