5 Tips for Creating a Good UX for “Under Construction” Pages

Your Under Construction page deserves your attention, especially when it comes to UX. Here are some useful tips.

Deciding what to do when your website is under construction or not ready to launch is like announcing a new local store that does not exist. You’re probably at a crossroads, whether to say ‘coming soon’ or give directions on what to do and expect at launch. However, your ‘under construction’ page should inform your visitors about the upcoming website, keep them engaged and excited about the pending launch, as well as retain potential customers while you work on your website.

Before we jump into that, let’s take a quick dive into the concept itself.

User Experience (UX) Design

The ultimate goal of user experience design is to help your users make good use of your product or service without complications. It starts with studying the brand, potential customers, what they will need, or how they will feel while using your product or service. A user experience designer ensures that your product or website meets the need of your business.

Useful Tips for Designing UX for “under construction” pages

It’s no gainsaying that an ‘under construction’ page with good user experience can be a great marketing tool for a new product or service and can also help generate more leads.

UX Tips

Here are some useful tips for building an ‘under construction’ page with amazing user experience;

#1: Keep it Simple

Your ‘under construction’ page is just a preview of your upcoming website or product, so you want to keep it simple, light, and straightforward.

No multiple pages, links, or write-ups that’s likely to bore or confuse your visitors. Just a single page that engages and informs your visitors on what to expect.

#2: Include Informing Designs

While trying to create awareness about your product or websites, you also want to include informational features like a countdown timer or pre-order form.

This generates a lot of interest in your intended product/website. It’s important to keep to a schedule when you use a countdown timer.

#3: Give Users an Idea of What to Expect

When people visit your ‘under construction’ page, they want to know what your upcoming website will be all about and why they should come back when the full site is launched. Provide a brief overview of what’s coming, why it will be of benefit to them, and how they will be missing out on the next big thing if they don’t return.

#4: Keep Visitors Updated

Person Checking Emails

A good way of reminding your visitors about your website or product launch is through email. Your visitors are likely to forget about your website a few days after visiting, so you want to keep them updated about the progress of your upcoming website. Provide a ‘sign-up by email’ section, which helps you keep in touch with your users when the website is launched.

#5: Responsive and Mobile Friendly Page

In addition to the above tips, it’s important to have an all-inclusive user experience for various devices. Today, most websites traffic are from mobile devices, so you want to take advantage of that. Your ‘under construction’ page should be mobile responsive and provide a seamless user experience.

Why Should You hire A Professional User Experience Designer?

  • A reliable UX agency with experts is capable of having actual conversations with your customers and understand what they need, what they expect, as well as help adjust your business goals to fit into these needs.
  • These UX professionals can help build prototypes that engage and drive customers before the actual launch.
  • When your core staff is handling other projects, you don’t want to get them distracted with your needs and design projects. Hence, hiring a standard UX agency is paramount when working on new or complex projects to improve productivity.


There is no doubt that creating a user-centric website is an effective web strategy that can really benefit your business. You need a proper user experience service that can help propel your business forward, and that’s why a UX design agency is an excellent investment that’s effective for outstanding project execution.

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