How to Make Sure Your Next Webinar is a Win: 10 Simple Tricks

Raise brand awareness, promote you and your organization as one of the industry leaders, and position yourself as the authority in the niche

Webinars are a standard but very demanding marketing tool. Essential characteristics of the webinar are its ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time.

That is precisely why more than 60% of marketers are using this type of activity as part of their content marketing campaigns. If you want to organize a successful webinar, you must learn the most important tactics. In this article, we will show you ten simple tricks to make sure your next webinar is a win.

Why Webinars?

Before we start talking about how to organize a webinar, we want to reveal what makes it such a powerful marketing tool. Here are some stats to prove it:

There are many more stats that confirm the marketing value of webinars, but this is enough to get the first impression. Now, let’s go back to the ten most efficient tactics to make your webinar super-successful.


Choose a good topic

You can’t expect too many people to register for a topic like ‘Blog SEO.’ The title sounds old and obsolete, so you have to come up with something more interesting than that. In that regard, we suggest you choose a popular theme and promote it with a catchy headline.

For instance, you could use some ‘shocking’ or ‘mind-boggling’ statistics to hook target audiences. Here are a couple of good examples:

  • Five steps to increase conversion rate by 18%
  • 95% of companies make this mistake: Don’t be the one to fall for it

Such topics seem intriguing but reliable because you provide users with a real data to support your claims.

Perfect timing

A webinar must be extremely promising if you hope for the people to show up on the weekend or early in the Monday morning. Therefore, timing must be perfect and fit your target audience. According to the research, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to host webinars. To make sure that you’re webinar gets noticed on time, you can create a coming soon page dedicated to the webinar even before you get started.

Besides that, it’s important to be reasonable with the duration as well. You can’t make a big hype over a 10-minute webinar, but you don’t want it to last for 2 hours either. Another study revealed that the webinar should be between 30 and 45 minutes long, so try to adapt to this requirement.

Find a reliable webinar platform

The technical aspect of the webinar had to be flawless and tested 100% before takeoff. The best option would be to find a stable but cost-free webinar platform. However, we recommend you pay for a more advanced version to avoid potential problems in the process.

Promote event

Even if you prepare the most exciting topic for your webinar, you won’t be able to attract many attendees without some severe promotional activities. You should start early and advertise event through all channels of digital communication – from blogs and social media to paid searches and email marketing.

A campaign should begin at least three weeks before your event but don’t expect miracles immediately. According to the survey, almost 70% of all registrations occur in the week leading up to the webinar.


Mind the presentation

The presentation is an anchor of the webinar, so you must do your best to make it amusing but informative. What you should keep in mind is that a webinar presentation should not rely on textual content because you are there to explain everything there is to know about the topic. On the contrary, presentations need funny and appealing images to keep attendees engaged while you do the explaining.

Proofread content

We shouldn’t even be talking about this aspect of the webinar, but you would be surprised to learn how many marketers forget or don’t have time to proofread presentation content. In case you find this task too boring, you should utilize online solutions:

  • Grammarly: This is one of the most popular digital proofreading tools. Its primary features come free of charge, but if you need additional testing, you can pay for a premium version.
  • Essay On Time: It’s another proofreading service that can make sure your content is typo-free. What makes it even more interesting is that Essay On Time hires professional writers, so you can order presentation content in case you don’t want to deal with it on your own.

Prepare well

Some people believe they can run a webinar without getting prepared for it. No matter how eloquent or self-assured you might be, this is never a right thing to do because you can embarrass yourself not knowing the answers to users’ questions. At the same time, everyone will see that you and your organization are not taking things seriously so that you can lose professional authority for good.


Boost interaction

Interaction is one of the critical elements of webinar success. If you make it a one-person show, it will be tedious for participants, and the final result will be zero leads. To avoid this, you should boost interaction during webinars.

You can do it through live chat or social media hashtag. That way, everyone has the opportunity to speak their mind in real time and contribute to the discussion. Additionally, you can give them polls or quizzes to answer topic-related questions.

Boost engagement

The worst thing that can happen during a webinar is to know that there are dozens of people out there who remain silent and sometimes even yawn or roll their eyes in front of the laptop. This is not supposed to happen during a good webinar, so you need to exercise a few engagement methods to prevent it.

First of all, you can make sudden breaks and stop speaking for a few seconds – it will pull the attendees back instantly. Secondly, you should play with intonation and use a lot of ups and downs while speaking.

If you keep the same tone of voice for 45 minutes, rest assured everyone will fall asleep.

Finish with a Q/A session

The research found that 92% of webinar attendees want a live question and answer session at the end of the event. This way, they all get to ask for additional explanations and go through the most critical conclusions once again. Therefore, always include Q/A sessions at the end of each webinar to make the story rounded and complete.


A well-organized webinar can generate many new leads, raise brand awareness, and promote you and your organization as one of the industry leaders. For this reason, most marketers organize webinars, but they often fail to do it properly due to the lack of planning and inadequate preparations.

If you want to avoid this kind of problem, you need to be smarter than that. In our post, we showed you ten simple tricks to make sure your next webinar is a win. Don’t hesitate to use our tips and feel free to write us a comment if you need additional suggestions about this topic.

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