Apps Popular Among Web Designers

Do you want to take a deeper dive into the world of web design? Read more about the most popular applications among web designers in the post below.

Web designers create websites. It’s not an easy task because they need to meet the requirements of clients, search engines, and servers to create sites that work seamlessly and look good. Meanwhile, they don’t have a lot of spare time to work on complicated projects for years.

In the post below, I will take a closer look at the most used apps among web designers.

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WordPress is the prevalent CMS (content management system) that helps build sites faster. It’s free software that powers roughly 40% of all sites on the Internet. In a nutshell, it is a base that every web developer can customize according to their requirements. Also, it comes with a backend that allows users who don’t have the technical expertise to manage their sites with no stress. There is no need to know how to edit a line of code to publish a new post or update the content using WordPress. Therefore, it is widely used by students who want to create their sites. Usually, they read the advancedwriters review to stay safe from scammers when looking for a service to delegate their homework and practice in website development using WordPress.

By using WordPress, web designers don’t need to compose sites from scratch. The content management system helps reduce the development time which decreases the budget needed to get a website developed. Due to its many benefits, WordPress is the most widespread app used by web developers. Besides, it has a lot of helpful plugins to enhance the site’s functionality in a few clicks.



Even though a feature-rich site creation tool is available, web developers must be familiar with the code. They should know how it works and how to edit it to apply certain changes. Unfortunately, there is no CMS that offers the possibility to make a site that matches all clients’ requirements.

To develop a site from scratch or edit source files of a particular CMS, many developers use Dreamweaver. It is an advanced code editor that can open any file and offers the possibility to edit it. Furthermore, the tool works on all devices and supports almost all markup and coding languages. It highlights particular parts of code in different colors, making it easy for web developers to navigate and read the code because distinctive elements are separated visually. Consequently, the tool is also widely chosen by software engineering students who read the EssayHub reviews to avoid delegating their assignments to poor-quality services. When they find top-tier platforms to hire qualified writers, they get rid of bothering homework and practice turning lines of code into live websites.



Only a few web developers create sites by following the recommendations of their clients written on a list. The majority of web designers work in teams or stay in touch with their clients constantly. To simplify many processes and get rid of any possible misunderstanding, they sketch sites using Figma.

It is a tool that offers the ability to build a website design to plan how it will look before the development process begins. There is no need to be a skilled designer to use the app. There are a lot of elements that users can drag and drop to sketch a website’s design. Nevertheless, the main feature of this tool is that it brings access to a collaborative environment. A lot of users can access the same design and make their changes altogether. It helps work on a project with a team fast. The app is also popular among students who gather in groups to work on particular projects. With the help of Figma, they don’t need to read the essay writing services review to free their time and meet in a particular place. They can simply access their project from different places and apply their changes with ease.



These days, the majority of traffic comes from portable devices. Moreover, the screen sizes of tablets and smartphones are different. Nevertheless, website developers need to make every site look great on any device. Using an adaptive design is the only reliable solution that web developers use. The adaptive design measures the size of a device and arranges all components in a particular order.

The most widespread technology used for building adaptive websites is Bootstrap. The app is a product that helps web developers to compose adaptive sites fast and effortlessly. It brings access to a large number of components that are used in web creation. In mere words, creators can get pre-made pieces of code that are already tested and work well on various devices. They integrate the pieces into their projects and update them. It helps create fully-responsive websites fast and easily.



In today’s digital world, not only do the web design trends change rapidly but the design software we use also comes and goes. With the rise of the no-code movement, today’s web design scene can best be described as a race to provide the best flexible, all-in-one design-to-code solution for designers, developers and small business owners who wear all the hats. Then we meet Mockplus, an all-in-one design platform to connect each member of your team and streamline your design workflow.

Mockplus is a simple and quick design tool for designers to build websites with rich and comprehensive interface design components and icon libraries. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can build interactive designs effortlessly. It has the feature of responsive layout, helping you adjust, and scale your vision to fit any screen or layout automatically. More than that, you can upload different designs from Figma, Sketch, PS and more to make it a clickable one. You can also collaborate with your team members and do the handoff work online. In a word, Mockplus has everything your product teams need to prototype, design, collaborate and hand off in one place.

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