The Biggest SEO Trends to Adopt in 2020

If there are any trends that your site should follow, it's the SEO ones. Here is what you should adopt in 2020.

The search engine optimisation landscape is about to get a lot more competitive; digital marketing, in general, is about to get more competitive too.

SEO, despite being one of the oldest tricks in the book, is still a great way to give your site some exposure. It is also a fantastic way to connect with potential users, considering that more than 80% of internet users rely on search engines to find what they need. There are interesting SEO trends taking shape on the market, and we are going to review them in this article.

Written for Users

SEO is still something you want to do deliberately. You have to plan for search engine visibility and fine-tune your site accordingly. That said, focusing too much on keywords is no longer the way to go. You want content that is written for your specific audience.

There are some very good reasons why organic, well-written content is valuable right now. First of all, user experience is a key metric, and good content keeps your users glued to your site. They will even browse other pages, which further boosts your site’s SEO performance.

You also want to build a strong audience base that keeps returning to the site – another important metric for your site’s SEO performance – and the way to do that is by delivering genuine value. Write good content that keeps users happy and let them give your site the SEO performance boost it needs.

Designed for Performance

According to the designers behind Vudu, performance is more important than ever. Once again, there are two good reasons why your site needs to be designed for performance. First, users will no longer wait all day for your site to load. The faster you can deliver your content the better.

That site performance also helps SEO in a substantial way. If you check the performance of your site using Google PageSpeed or other similar tools, you will notice that the recommendations are almost always SEO-related.


Tweaking your site’s performance also means optimising visual elements, making sure that pages are loaded in a structured way, and delivering a positive UX at every turn.

Trustworthiness Is Key

Of course, SEO goes beyond optimizing your own site. You also have to build credibility and become a trustworthy source of information. Online reputation, social media exposure, and off-site SEO, in general, are equally important.

For site owners, maintaining good trustworthiness starts with putting out quality content that users actually love; see the first trend we discussed to find tips and tricks on how you can do that.

Quality is definitely more important than quantity.

At the same time, the credentials of the authors are being taken into account. This is why top SEO companies like WSI Digital Web go beyond optimizing your site for SEO and further into crafting the right credibility for your site and entities associated with it.

These trends will continue to affect the digital marketing landscape – SEO in particular – as we go deeper into 2020. There are a lot of changes happening in the market right now, but these trends are among the ones you want to adopt quickly to stay ahead.

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