5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress Instead of Other CMS

Consider them for outstanding results

In the trending world, many people are always on the verge of developing websites that would suit their related business demands. This is why WordPress was designed to meet the expected demands of the surrounding community. WordPress is mainly an online platform that enables an individual easily open a website consisting of tools that written in PHP.

At WordPress, various services are offered such as the offering of handbooks to every interested beginner, which is mainly shown on their fantastic website platform. Although, if you want to establish your website using WordPress, you can seek help from professional essay writers who will confidentially help in writing some text on your site. As a user, you will gain a deep understanding of how to go about with the WordPress dashboard in a more efficient manner.


WordPress Themes and Plugins

Moreover, its themes and plugins are all shown so that they would guide you on how to navigate through the WordPress website. They also show how efficiently optimize your site search engines since they consist helpful links and video tutorials. You can even create a WordPress table just like that with the help of a few plugins that you can find online. Therefore, it is more advisable and appealing for every individual to use WordPress because of the features it offers on the web.

Additionally, many wealthy companies are using WordPress have gone far to the excellent services the site provides to them. An example of famous websites that are using WordPress includes Mashable and TechCrunch, which has shown tremendous improvements in the previous periods. Additionally, the sites that are using WordPress are even the New York Times’s blogs and CNN. Being more precise, WordPress has advanced such that it has been able to make almost 50,316 million plugins with the themes having the ease of being created by anyone.

If you are ever curious about people using WordPress, you should navigate to the WordPress site, and you will be impressed by the outstanding number of famous people and well-known sites that use WordPress. It’s also very amazing that some of the professional essay writers websites are made of WordPress which motivates every individual to use it. Therefore, there are various ways on how to get started when using WordPress. If an individual wants to access the WordPress platform, he/she should visit wordpress.org platform to acquire the self-hosted installation. Additionally, it may be hosted as a service at their site. More so for easy access to the WordPress plugins, you can simply visit at GitHub and you will find your desired taste. Below are videos and images that show some examples of WordPress themes and plugins.

A WordPress plugin for coming soon page

NextGen-GalleryA WordPress theme for the NextGEN Gallery

Modula-grid-galleryA WordPress theme for the Modula Grid gallery

How to get started with WordPress

Therefore, it’s upon every person to run up and use WordPress for excellent results. When you are in the process of using WordPress, you should first be able to establish your domain system and a capability of web hosting. I, as an individual, would advise you as a starter to either use Bluehost or SiteGround. This is because both users are suited to offer every user a free domain and almost half its hosting prices. Due to this, WordPress offers an open source thus referred to a community that brings together a diverse group of volunteers of whom consists of WordPress consultants. Due to this reason, every person is kindly invited to take part in the writing of patches, writing of plugins, and creation of themes at WordPress.

Reasons why people use WordPress

Some people desperately need the help at WordPress; this is because almost 60 million people are using the WordPress platform in developing their website. Moreover, there are a variety of significant reasons why many individuals use WordPress since it depends on the needs of some individuals. Below are the examples why some people would prefer using WordPress compared to other content management systems.

  • People tend to use WordPress because it has affordable prices – this implies that every individual who uses WordPress can freely download and install its features more efficiently through various modification. Due to its cheaper costs, one can efficiently use it to create or modify any website of his/her choice since it consists of an open source for any person to study. Conclusively, WordPress offers almost 2,600 themes and 31,000 plugins that every user can use in a diversified manner.
  • WordPress is easy to use and flexible – when you want to execute a project using WordPress, it offers the user with guidelines on how to maneuver around with it. According to scientific research, it is realized that WordPress possess the capability of powering over 22.5% of all the websites on the internet. This is due to the robust of features inclusive of the top brands such as Google, Facebook, and many more.

Efficient ways of using WordPress properly

Many people are finding it difficult using WordPress in building their websites, although various sites would offer practical techniques that would enable an individual to navigate. This site consists of professional essay writers who are well educated and trained in essay writing and inclusively the development of the web. Thus, there are various ways on how to use the WordPress platform correctly. When you want to use your WordPress correctly, you should first be in a position of setting up your new blog; it is aided by you being in a position of getting hold of search engines like google from indexing your site.

This should be maintained to the point where you will be in a position of working on the structure of the blog, and you are about to inaugurate it. If you abide by the stated procedure, it will be able to block any other search engine from crawling into your web page since it would be done automatically for you. There is a feature at WordPress, which consists of a no index and no follow button that mainly ascertains that you are not indexed by any search engine on the internet. This is achieved by either using the default permalink structure or using the domain format is (yourdomain.com/year/month/post-name), although there is a different structure that you may tend to use.


Due to the WordPress fame gained over the years, various examples can easily elaborate why WordPress is better off compared to all other content management systems and the concurrence. An excellent example to show that WordPress is better compared to other CMS is ease of use between the two.

Getting started with WordPress is much easier compare to Drupal, for example. For these reasons, I advise everyone to use WordPress so that they can get outstanding results.

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