Top Five Reasons To Use Linux for Hosting

If you are looking to create a great high-traffic website, you need good hosting. Here is why Linux is one of the best options for it.

A quality hosting service is one of the pillars of a successful site. Guaranteeing maximum uptime and high speeds will mean a much better experience for your visitors. Additionally, it will boost your SEO rating, making your site pop-up more frequently in high positions on the results pages of search engines. This means that aside from your regulars, random visitors will also more frequently stop by, raising your traffic flow in the process – which means a good hosting service that can handle it. Seems a lot like running in a circle, because it is.

Essentially, any way you look at it, you need a good hosting service.

You’ll maybe be surprised to find out that although the most widespread OS used on computers is Windows, the most commonly used OS for hosting and operating sites is Linux. Precisely because not many of us are aware of this, we’ve decided to go through all the things that make Linux hosting successful. After you’re done, you’ll get a better sense of why it’s the industry favorite and why you should strongly consider it for your site.


To give you a better idea of how the various features work in practice, we’ll be using HostPapa Linux hosting as a reference. They’ve been around since 2006. And are still going strong, providing us with a relevant service to showcase. In no particular order, let’s start.

1. Operating system

Naturally, the operating system itself is a reason you should be using it. If you’ve never used it before, don’t worry. It’s very easy to use after you get the hang of it, actually much more than Apple and Microsoft counterparts. The reason it’s so easy is because of the most important feature – it’s open source. Unlike other options, you’ll be able to fully customize it for your specific needs, making it streamlined to a fault if necessary. That counts double if you have prior programming and/or Linux experience. Setting everything up from start to finish will mean more to others than anything else an OS can provide.


Now, there is no denying there is a learning curve to get the most out of it (if you haven’t had previous experience), but HostPapa has come up with ways to get you up to speed sooner than you would expect. Namely, you’ll get to use their comprehensive video tutorials and even book a free 30 min one-on-one session with their support staff to help you put everything in place.

2. Versatility

Because of the open-source nature of the system, the versatility it can provide is off the charts – it’s designed to be customized. Whether you’re using already made solutions (from a vast, free repository) or are building yours from scratch, the possibilities are endless. The versatility factor doesn’t register just with software, but also with hardware. It’s basic nature, and low requirements allow you to build something even if your hardware isn’t up to standard in other cases, which is perfect if you’re just starting up and/or are running on a limited budget.

In comparison with the likes of Windows or Apple, where they choose how aspects of their systems are prioritized, Linux lets you do the configuring, in most cases with cPanel – the most common and arguably best software to use with Linux. If that’s not enough, HostPapa will provide you with a separate web page builder.

web page builder

For regular day-to-day usage, closed systems aren’t a big deal, you’ll get what you need anyway, but when you’re looking to set up a business on the web, default solutions may not be what you’re looking for, and this is where Linux shines. As we’ve said, you can create your own programs with the source code or use other people’s work from a big and forthcoming community. The only sure thing is that it will always be free and open to everybody.

3. Security, stability, and support

Unlike it’s more prominent alternatives, Linux hosting is more secure primarily because of two main reasons. There are simply fewer cyberattacks on Linux based servers. Whether it’s because messing with Apple or Windows makes a bigger splash or something else, statistically, if you’re using Linux, you run with a lesser risk factor. In case there is a breach, the open-source nature makes implementing crucial changes much faster because everybody can contribute, meaning solutions will be found in no time.

A final exclamation point on the longevity of these servers is the fact that some are running for years, not rebooting once – they truly are as stable as you can get. Backups are also more easily stored because of the less demanding hardware requirements – if your data volume is smaller, it’s easier to store. If your hosting is using SSD storage (which HostPapa uses), you’ll need to manage your data more thoroughly then if you’re using a standard HDD because the costs are higher. However, your sites will be visibly faster and more reliable.

Customer care

In critical, stressful situations, when you do need support in resolving your problems, you’ll be glad if you’re using HostPapa and the award-winning support it offers. Even though high-end protections are in place so your data couldn’t be more secure, there could ultimately arise issues both internally, in your code, or from an outside threat. Either way, the support team is there for you, from the set-up to the finish line and for anything in between. They’re available 24/7 by phone, chat, or mail-in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German). Whatever you need, they’re the ones you call.

4. Industry-standard

Just like with everything else in life, you’re better of using something that a lot of other people are using too. You’ll be able to gain valuable experience and advice from those who have already gone through what you’re facing for the first time. When talking about Linux hosting, there are two major things to point out.

If you’re using something considered an industry standard, you’ll have a much easier time getting technicians and developers on board working for you.

Since it is so widespread, professionals will look to make themselves proficient in using it, therefore making it easier for them to land their next job. The second thing to consider is streamlining nature, where solutions are gained even before any contact. Again, if everyone is using the same platform, users will have premade answers to question they’re about to ask, thus making direct contact not needed in most cases, speeding up the resolution process.

A great example is to compare this with cars. Commonly driven cars will have a plethora of options for parts and mechanics, making everything you need for maintenance readily available and affordable. If you’re in the minority and are driving something not so common, everything is slower and costs more. The tendency then would be to go the “common option” route, at least at the beginning of your hosting adventure, especially if this route can be fully customized, through various means, to tailor your specific needs (in most cases free of charge).

5. Cost

A running theme throughout, as you’ve probably noticed, is the open-source code you can use with Linux. Outside of the implying customization options, this brings, it also means it’s free to use. Since it’s free to use a hosting service based on this OS is cheaper than those you’d have to pay a license for. Not only is the base OS free, but the same also goes for all upgrades to the platform you’d maybe look into adding. If money isn’t an issue, this may be something that doesn’t resonate.

In most cases, however, you’ll be working within some kind of budget, and by using Linux hosting, you’re freeing up space to use in some other aspect. It’s by far the perfect solution for those just starting out, but at the same time, it makes sense to consider it even if you’re an established site already.

Host Papa Pricing

HostPapa, for example, has numerous pricing options available, most of which are optional and concern extra features you may need for your specific kind of work. The basic packages go as low as $3.95 per month, with the aforementioned additional features being tacked on for various fees. Be sure to check out everything on their official pages to get the full idea of everything they’re offering.


To put it simply Linux based hosting is most commonly used; it’s reliable, and it’s cheap. Even if we were to stop there, it would be more than enough to warrant you, at least, thinking of using it. If you dig a bit deeper under the surface, just as we have here, it’s easy to find even more reasons to use this type of hosting.

Just as we’ve mentioned in the very first sentence, hosting is absolutely crucial to the success of a site. It is also something you’ll need to use an outside service for and HostPapa is one that comes highly recommended. Excellent across the board, it can and will take your site to the next level enabling you to attract even more visitors. If we were to go hunting for a Linux based hosting service, they would, without a doubt, be on top of our list.

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