Marketing and Creation of New Generation Products in 2021

Curious to know how to create and market products in 2021 the proper way? The text below has all the info!

Before we get down to discussing the new generation products and most popular marketing trends in 2021, it is vital to understand what are the types of utilities in marketing. We can’t possibly talk about digital marketing industry trends without covering the basics. To put it simply, a utility in marketing is value.

If you are a student majoring in marketing and are currently working on your assignment on the topic in question, allocate a lot of time to conduct a proper research study as there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to find a cheap essay sample to deal with this task faster. So, the five types of utilities in marketing are:

  • Utility of time
  • Utility of place
  • Utility of possession
  • Utility of form
  • Utility of information

Let’s take a closer look at the new generation products and how they correlate with some of these five utilities.

Starface and how it uses one of 5 utilities of marketing


Starface is a brand that sells pimple protection products. This company understands how important the utility of form is, which is why their social media profiles and the website are full of bright colors, smiley faces, and yellow stars. Gen Z is one of their most targeted groups, and their strategy seems to be working really well. Even though they promote their products in a rather silly way, the brand has more than 540K followers on TikTok.

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Besides, paper writing assistance is always on hand. Finding cheap essays has become easier than ever. All one needs to do is simply google something like “essay writing service cheapest” and select from a variety of options. Nowadays, consumers are willing to choose brands that are bold, able to demonstrate their personality, and have a strong voice.

Cocokind’s clear understanding of the 5 utilities of marketing


Cocokind is a skincare brand that is all about being accountable and transparent. The brand clearly understands how significant the utility of information is. Yet, they simply want to show that they care through their words and their actions.

During the Black Lives Matter movement, Cocokind released a statement saying that they are going to release reports of their corporate team’s racial and ethnic makeup. The goal is to demonstrate how committed they are to the representation of the Black community on their team. Brand trust plays a very important role in how consumers choose what brands and companies they are going to support.

Representation of the 5 utilities of marketing in Fenty Beauty’s promotion strategy

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand. This brand has quickly figured out how important the utility of time is for their marketing strategy. That is why they are focusing on creating quality content for Instagram and TikTok to engage with their existing and target audience in a more effective way. What is more, the company understands how good consumers are at filtering boring content. They have only a few seconds to attract the consumer’s attention, so it’s vital to use this time wisely. You can search for tips or techniques to create attractive posts to get more exposure. You may also look for an Instagram bot to manage all your Instagram related works more easily.

If a brand is still searching for internet marketing ideas, trying to become more entertaining on social media should be on the top of their to-do list.

Besides, younger consumers have tons of other things to do, like studying or looking for a cheap essay sample to deal with their assignment faster. They scroll through social media to relax and unwind. Apart from looking for cheap essays, they want to come across entertaining and funny content.

What Fenty Beauty has decided to do is quite simple – they create fun and quick beauty tutorials and post them on social media. However, the reason why they have such a loyal audience is that the company has decided to promote their products in an easily digestible way by making entertaining videos and featuring various beauty influencers.


To have a successful marketing campaign in 2021, a company needs not only to create a useful product but also to be able to stand out from the crowd when it comes to promoting it. In other words, it is important to build a community, to be bold, to have a strong voice, to establish the brand’s personality, as well as to figure out how to create funny and entertaining content.

These are the most effective ways to engage with target audiences and attract new customers. Originality is everything in today’s world.

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