The Modern-Day WordPress Managed Hosting Service: BionicWP

Want great WordPress managed hosting? Try BionicWP! Find out all about it in the text below.

In the new age, WordPress managed hosting has a diverse range of options. However, choosing the right hosting service is challenging. That is why every user must think for the long-term. The WordPress managed hosting must provide a variety of options along with high-quality and security.

To choose, one needs to know all the features of a product.

The user of today is looking for a unique feature that can pursue them to try a product. The X factor can lure a user towards a hosting service.

A product like BionicWP is the solution to all of your problems. It’s more than a regular website hosting service and maintenance service with features beyond the ordinary hosting service provider. Once you start using the service, you’ll be amazed by the diversified set of features that the service offers.

An Introduction to BionicWP and How It Can Transform Your Business

BionicWP landing page

A WordPress managed hosting service with modern-day features and tools to align your business needs as per your requirements. The hosting service depends on Google C2 High Compute, which means that the whole system will be backed with Google Cloud. Because of cloud storage, the website runs fast, and data is accessed without any delay.

The most notable feature of BionicWP hosting is that you are in charge of the hosting service. Be it editing content on the website, making changes in the hosting’s security features, or even scaling the website for more visitors, everything can be done in the blink of an eye. No technical knowledge is required to access the hosting server features. For servers, networking, and data storage technologies, you can get Smart Hands Services from XSi.

You’ll feel like you are using a simple WordPress managed hosting service that gives you control over your website security, speed, and performance. Every feature allows you to improve the website performance and make it efficient.


Here’s Why BionicWP is Unbeatable

  1. A guaranteed Google PageSpeed score of 90+ in unbelievable time makes you wonder what’s so special about BionicWP.
  2. Secure your website with a 30-day backup that makes it challenging for hackers to harm it.
  3. Reporting and monitoring the performance with weekly reports.
  4. Scalability, SSL, and a high-end CDN.
  5. Experiment with website upgrades in the staging area with SSH access.
  6. White label hosting solution.
  7. Plugin updates, theme management, and WordPress core updates.
  8. The most fantastic feature is unlimited WordPress edits.

It might seem that these features will cost a fortune. But luckily these don’t cost much. The features offered by BionicWP are unmatchable.

For just $25, you’ll be able to avail the most advanced-level hosting features. If you want to avail the premium features of the hosting service, then a hosting service with “Unlimited edits” must be ticked.

BionicWP pricing for 2 sites

BionicWP WordPress Managed Platform – An Overview

A simple-to-use platform that doesn’t need much effort to sign up. You can register for a trial version, and within that, you can avail all the features that will help you choose the platform for sure.

BionicWP dashboard

You’ll be able to see everything on the dashboard. When you launch a site, you’ll see the status of the website on the dashboard and the installed themes and plugins that you’ve used on the website. There is a lot more to see, and all can be seen at once glance.

We will begin with a live website.

Launch Your Website on the Smartest WordPress Hosting Service

BionicWP launch site option

The “New Site” tab will start the installation of a website. You can launch a website, or you can migrate a previous website. If you don’t know where to begin, you can begin by launching a website.

BionicWP sites section

Once the site is ready, you’ll be able to see the website on the dashboard. All the live websites will be visible in this section.

BionicWP total sites section

Congrats! Your website is ready to work. A clean WordPress installation will make it easy to start the website and create your website as per your requirements.

Since the WordPress managed hosting website uses a hyper-performance stack, the flow of the website will be clean.

BionicWP WP website

Once the website is live, you’ll see all the themes, plugins, and core updates right on the dashboard. You can see the plugins and themes I’ve for my website.

BionicWP performance management

You can easily update everything from the dashboard just by clicking the “Update all” button.

BionicWP update option

From the WordPress admin panel, you can select the BionicWP plugin and use all its features.

BionicWP WP tab

Here you’ll see the current status of themes, core WordPress updates, and the plugins that need some updating.

With BionicWP, you’ll get an application-level cache that improves the website performance without much technical knowledge.

BionicWP purge cache

BionicWP Managed Hosting – An Overview of Your Website

Once you list your website, it’ll be available for you to see in the dashboard.  

BionicWP dashboard part 2

You’ll be able to see every detail of your website from the dashboard along with the SSH access panel.

BionicWP SSH access

You’ll get SSH access, and you can log in to the database from the dashboard with just one click. Moreover, the website performance can be improved by pressing one button – “Make these numbers bionic”. As you can see above, for now, the website is not ranked because the website is new.

Triggering Hyper-Performance

The WordPress managed hosting can simply be triggered by activating the hyper-performance feature. With a simple test, you can quickly boost the performance of your website.

BionicWP hyper performance

One fantastic feature of BionicWP is its offering of a CDN and hyperspeed packs by NitroPack. Both of them help in boosting the performance of the website. With a CDN, the content is delivered on a global scale, while NitroPack ensures that your website’s image is created from data that can easily be fetched.

Website Speed Test on BionicWP Managed Service

As you can witness below, even without enabling the CDN, the results are astonishing. The Google PageSpeed score is high, which means that the website is in good condition.

BionicWP PageSpeed score

Before purchasing the full version, you can start with the trial version of the BionicWP hosting solution. This will help you decide better because once you start using the trial version, it will be easy for you to make the right choice.

Feature Overview of BionicWP

With a little knowledge about BionicWP gained, it’s time to understand the various features you can use to optimize a website’s speed and performance.

Strictly Managed WordPress Hosting

Server room

What features do you look for in a managed hosting service? A good WordPress managed hosting service boosts the speed of the website and increases its performance. The hosting service must provide application-level management and support – a custom solution for your website designed to increase its performance without any complexity. Luckily, BionicWP offers every one of these features.

In short, BionicWP WordPress hosting will act as a caretaker that will take all the worries away from you and enable you to make unlimited edits on your WordPress page or posts.

Endless Edits

Large-scale companies hire people to manage their website editing. A startup aims to save cost, time, and resources and invest the energy in more productive things. With endless editing, it’s easy to take control of the content and images on a website. It’ll be easy to update anything without even knowing much about the technical stuff.

BionicWP makes it easy to make the necessary changes without even hiring someone externally.

It’s easy to make the necessary changes with unlimited edits without fearing upgrading a package like with other hosting services. Be it changing images or website content, updating plugins, or upgrading a theme, everything can be done with just a few clicks. Moreover, the support team of BionicWP will assist you with anything that you don’t understand.

White Label Hosting Service

Mostly, agencies find it difficult to own their WordPress managed hosting service. But with BionicWP, that is possible.

Without revealing anything about BionicWP, an agency can quickly sell the hosting service to their client. Clients will get customer support, and the agency can easily display their brand as the hosting provider.

Perfect for Agencies & Business Owners

People in meeting

The BionicWP hosting solution aims to provide a unique website hosting service that will improve a business’s sales. A hosting package doesn’t cost much. For just $25, you’ll be able to delegate the less critical tasks to the BionicWP support team, and they’ll take care of your business.

Agency owners need to handle website issues along with website management. The BionicWP team can easily handle the technical issues that will save the time of agencies.

With BionicWP, managing on-site issues is easy, which are related to content and images. BionicWP doesn’t save time and resources; it makes the business grow efficiently.


The core feature of a WordPress managed host is its performance. With BionicWP, the performance gets an ultimate boost.

90+ Score on Google PageSpeed

Unlike other web hosting services, BionicWP guarantees a 90+ Google PageSpeed score. Problems will be analyzed, and you’ll be devised with solutions. You can quickly resolve problems and increase your Google PageSpeed score.

Conversion Rate Boost by 20%

The relation between conversion rate and traffic is directly proportional – the more significant the traffic, the more significant the chances to convert more leads. A faster website has the potential to convert more leads.

BionicWP guarantees a boost in website traffic. As the website’s performance increases, so does its traffic.

Google C2 Premium Bandwidth

BionicWP allows Google C2 Compute instances to perform better with cloud instances for its users. Specs like 128GB and a 32-core CPU ensure that the system is the fastest and most reliable cloud server available on the market.

Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB/MySQL with LXD Containers

BionicWP offers cloud services and a complete hosting solution with server-level and application-level support. Moreover, the service is also available for Linux users in order to provide them with fast server provisioning.

Free Ultra-Performance CDN

The good news for BionicWP users is that the hosting service offers a CDN service. In six continents, the CDN provides a seamless experience to its users with just a click of a button.


Security tab WordPress

One critical feature for every hosting service is the security feature. With BionicWP, users won’t have to worry about security at all. The service is hack-proof with bot-blocking and prevents any breach of website security.

Easy Malware Scan

It’s challenging to know if your website or app is infected or not. BionicWP gives you the option to search your website or app with one click, after which any suspicious activity will be flagged.

The WordPress hosting solution provides an option to search for malware from the dashboard. When you click on “Start Scan”, your website will be scanned for suspicious activity, and you’ll be alerted with notifications.

WAF Firewall

There will be a firewall that will monitor each instant’s activity on your website. As soon as something seems off, the BionicWP WAF system will detect it and prevent it from injecting a virus or malware into your system.


In WordPress, website hacking is easy, but when protected with BionicWP, hacking, or breaching will be challenging. The advanced systems deployed on your website will make it impossible for a hacker to breach your website. With regular backups, the dream of hacking your website will be useless.

Site Management

A professional hosting service has no value if it doesn’t offer core, plugin, and theme updates for the website. As you know, BionicWP also gives unlimited edits, making it easy to keep the website updated.

Core Updates, Plugin Upgrades & New Themes

Everything will be available from the BionicWP dashboard at a glance, which means that a theme, the system, and plugins can easily be updated using the “Update all” button. If you feel that only some things need to be updated, you can select individual items that need to be updated.

Analyzing Speed

Person monitoring chart

The BionicWP hosting service ensures that the performance of the website remains intact. For instance, with consistent monitoring, it becomes easy to eliminate website elements that are slowing the website down.

Unlimited Website Editing

A unique feature of BionicWP is that it manages to host, which gives the power of unlimited editing on a website. For $15, you can edit the website with no limits for a month. Think how much time will be saved with this.

Staging Environment

It is not wise to launch a website without testing it first. The staging environment in BionicWP provides you with the ability to test a website before it goes live. You can make live changes and see the effects in real-time. This saves a lot of time, effort, and energy for developers.

White Label Support

The most fantastic part of BionicWP is its ability to sell to clients without any branding. For instance, an agency can quickly sell the hosting service to its client by branding it with their label. BionicWP will provide customer support, but there will be no branding from the hosting service. All the branding can be done with your name.

The Performance and Security of BionicWP

To check the performance, we can take help from popular tools on the market. These tolls will tell us about performance updates and the quality of the hosting service.

Speed Test by Pingdom

The most popular speed testing tool gives us results that will make you buy the service instantly.

Server: Iowa

BionicWP Pingdom test

We haven’t even enabled NitroPack and the CDN.

Now NitroPack is enabled.

BionicWP Pingdom test part 2

You can witness that the load time is decreased, which means that the performance increased by a few points. For a new managed hosting service, this is quite a victory.

GTMetrix Does Testing

GTMetrix is another tool for testing speed, which ensures that the performance is maintained. Check out the results when enabled by BionicWP.

BionicWP GTMetrix test

The performance which is shown above is when the CDN and NitroPack are not even enabled.

See when NitroPack is enabled, how the results vary.

BionicWP GTMetrix test part 2

The LCP is down, even more, so yes, NitroPack is working fine.

Quttera’s Security Test

A secured website doesn’t have any malware and bugs. The report by BionicWP shows that the website is clean and safe for use.

BionicWP Quttera test

BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting Pricing

The most economical hosting service that you can get is just $27.5 for one website. As you add more websites, the overall hosting service price will drop with every new website.

BionicWP pricing for 1 site

If you purchase for five websites, you’ll get it for $112.5, which means $22.5 for each site. As you buy for more websites, the number will decrease accordingly.

BionicWP pricing for 5 sites

Other hosting services give a tiered structure, which is not that beneficial for the users. Alternatively, website-based offerings mean that the user will only have to pay for each website they require the service on.

BionicWP Offers Amazing Commission – The Affiliate Program

The good news for affiliate marketers is that BionicWP has some amazing affiliate offers. Just log in to BionicWP affiliate program, and you’ll be able to get $75 or 12.5% for every referral.

Moreover, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • A 60-day cookie means data will be stored for some time.
  • If the user stays for 60 days, you’ll be paid within that window.
  • There is no minimum payment limit. You can even take out $0.01 as a payout.
  • If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or business owner, you can begin affiliate marketing from scratch and get done with it.

BioncWP Reviews – Look at What Customers Are Saying About Us

Screenshot from a happy customer.

BionicWP customer review

Screenshot of a video.

The majority of website admins might be looking for a WordPress managed hosting solution that guarantees speed and performance. If you want to cross 90+ on Google PageSpeed test, the BionicWP is your solution.

Check the stats, how fast the customer database is increasing every day.

Check speed results for excellent results.

BionicWP Compared to Other Hosting Solutions

BionicWP vs. Kinsta

Is BionicWP better than Kinsta? Check the results!

Features BionicWP Kinsta
Price 27.5 30
Unlimited Migrations Yes No
Trial Feature Yes No
Google PS Score Increase Yes No
Performance Optimizations Yes No
Unlimited Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket feature Yes Yes

When BionicWP is compared to Kinsta, you will see that the BionicWP hosting service is better from many angles. There are not many features offered by Kinsta which are being offered by BionicWP. You can even try it out before you purchase the full version of the tool.

BionicWP Compared to WPEngine 

Features BionicWP WPEngine
Price 27.5 30
Unlimited Migrations Yes Yes
Trial Feature Yes No
Google PS Score Increase Yes No
Performance Optimizations Yes No
Free Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket feature Yes Yes

BionicWP offers a bundle of unique features to its users. You get unlimited editing features, which means you don’t have to wait for anyone to make edits on your website. If you’ve ticked “Unlimited Edits”, you’ll be able to make the edits anytime.

For any hosting service, speed and performance are of vital importance. With BionicWP, you’ll get guaranteed performance and speed options that will make your website faster, better, and customer-centric.

Verdict – BionicWP Is the Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting Service

Since its inception, BionicWP has been increasing its customer database at an exponential rate. With server-level and application-level updates, you can gain full control of the hosting service. Unlike with most other hosting service providers, with BionicWP, you’ll be able to have more control over the images and content that you want to put on a website.

While writing this review for BionicWP, we never come across any better hosting service provider that can beat the competition.

As you see, BionicWP is better than the two best hosting solutions available on the market.

If you’re planning to buy a hosting solution that can save time and money, this is your solution. Get the trial version and see the results for yourself.

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