10 Microsoft Word Shortcuts for Better Productivity

Want to be more productive? Learn the best keyword shortcuts by reading the text below!

Microsoft Word as software is very popular in processing words and is widely used for daily tasks.

It is easy to understand these shortcuts with time, and you don’t necessarily need intense Microsoft Office Training in MS Word.

This article will highlight and briefly explain ten shortcuts that you can grasp and apply to increase your productivity.

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You need this shortcut to create a new blank document to start working. Simply press and hold the Control key or Ctrl on your keyboard and then press N to open a new blank document quickly.


Sometimes while working on Ms. Word, you may want to open a different existing document for reference. Instead of minimizing your current page or document to achieve that, you can quickly hold the Control key and Press the letter O. A dialogue box will open for you to type in the name of the document you want.


The easiest way to save your document anytime during work is to simply hold down the Control key and press the S character on your keyboard. It is quicker than hovering your mouse cursor to find and click on the ‘Save’ button.

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There is no need to go through your normal long process to rename and save your document anymore. You can now speedily do that by pressing the F12 key to take you straight to the ‘Save as’ dialogue box.


The quickest way to close the current document you are working on is by holding down the Control key and pressing the W character on your keyboard.


It is common to make a few errors while processing your words; you can quickly rectify them using the Ctrl and Z key.

Remember, this shortcut is used to undo the last action, but you can use it as many times in a row to undo the current and other preceding actions.


There is always a need to check your document for spelling or grammar errors once complete, and you can quickly get started by pressing the F7 key on your keyboard to open the spelling and grammar error checking window.


You may want to check how your document will look in print form, do this faster by pressing the Ctrl key and F2 key to be shown the print view. It is easier and quicker than having to zoom in and out.

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If you need to search your current or main document for a word, subtitle, or just anything in the document that is of interest to you, hold and press the Ctrl and F keys, respectively. You can also use this shortcut to find and replace a word.


This shortcut is the quickest way to align your text from left to right. First, you need to highlight the text you need to align, then hold Ctrl and press the R key on your keyboard. Note that repeating the same process will return the text to its initial position.

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