Convincing Reasons to Learn WordPress Development in 2020

If you're on the fence about whether 2020 is the right time to learn WordPress development, this article will tell you all the reasons why that's a good idea!

Have you ever thought that one career option is not enough for you? Or are you thinking of creating a personal webspace for greater business opportunities? If both, lucky you. But if you have these in mind as a student, you’re double lucky because you’re just in the right place at the right time for their fulfillment.

The era of career mobility and multitasking demands constant learning and self-development. But what would you name as one of the most relevant skills nowadays? Definitely site-building, synonym to WordPress.

If the introduction hasn’t given you enough reasons to rush and start with it, here are some more to help make up your mind.

Why Choose WordPress?

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Being able to create any type of web page for free without having any serious tech education is impressive. But it’s not only about sites; it’s more about opportunities.

Start At Any Level

Being a beginner is always a challenge, but with WordPress, the challenge becomes a pleasant one. As a total newcomer, all you need is to get familiar with the basic available tools and facilities like adding images, plugins, posts, and widgets.

For advanced users, there’s room for further development of their skills ranging from creating your own page styles to becoming pros in PHP and JavaScript. It seems too good to be real, but it isn’t.

Consider Freelance

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Mixing offline work and higher education is hard, but combining studies with freelance is much easier. If you are confident in what you can do and have a bit of free time, the freelance market is open for you.

Starting your independent way by gaining experience, challenging yourself, and your abilities as a student will help you find your way in the world, enrich your CV and make some money, of course.

In case you’ve ever had freelancing in mind but struggle with finding free time, can help you with the homework overload.

Widen Your Business Opportunities

Apart from all WordPress pros, it is majorly a platform for business opportunities. If you’re a young entrepreneur with a bright idea, all you need is to make a statement in the commercial world. And try to name an easier way to do so than creating a WordPress account and getting your startup off the ground.

More than 54% of profitable businesses were started as blogs. And although WordPress started as a blogging platform, it’s not the only option.

A powerful multipurpose website builder, a leader in e-commerce, powering a substantial portion of online stores and platforms. That’s what WordPress is really about. So whatever kind of business you want to create, you can be sure that WordPress will help you get started.

Express Yourself

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The need for self-expression is crucial for every human. This is especially true for students and young people who strive to find out who they are and show that to the world.

Webspace has become a major platform for that purpose and WordPress – its major tool. Knowing how to use it opens up endless opportunities for creativity and imagination, which are keys to personal success and relief.

Save Your Time

Acquiring WordPress skills will take some time, but it is nothing compared to learning how to code. Stepping into the WordPress field, you’ll find numerous free and paid resources to help you get started.

First, online courses. They cover a wide range of essential skills necessary for any level of WordPress users, and sometimes even offer certificates (a pleasant bonus for your CV).

Together with courses, you can enjoy tutorials targeted at WordPress issues, computers, and programming. The thing is that if combined, courses, videos, and other available resources can boost your WP competence from zero to hero in no time.

With the platform powering around 33.4% of all websites today, you won’t be alone on that path.

Don’t Worry About the Price

US dollar bills

Having an idea but lacking skills or resources for its implementation is familiar to most young people. Thus, learning WordPress allows you to do anything by yourself without looking for people to create and maintain your webspace.

Financial benefits are vivid, aren’t they? Moreover, you don’t even have to pay for installing or anything like that. Again, sounds too good to be true, so why not try and see?

Get a Valuable Teacher

Most of us are familiar with the fear of compiling the first CV. Not many impressive things to write in there. So what can be better than a rich resume at a young age? And WordPress can help you create one and allow you to provide what employers really value – problem-solving, organization, and basic technical skills.

The first skill arises when you learn to use WordPress by doing research and solving issues along the way. The second is about thinking of the site layout, its efficiency, and ways of maximizing optimization.

Being familiar with WordPress means having basic software knowledge, which makes you look much more appealing to employers. And all that, thanks to only one platform.

Build Your Own Webspace

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Most people love creating things with their own hands. In the digital age, this opportunity has become less relevant, but the need for creation has remained. So building a site may be somehow equal to building a birdhouse: fewer materials – the same level of pleasure.

Indeed, having a site customized and styled according to your taste and needs sounds great. And this is the actual WordPress moto.

Once you’re done with the core site-building principles, a whole new world of customizing and modifying is available to you. Various style-templates, hundreds of site themes give wings to imagination and implementation of ideas. And all that without writing any code.

What Else To Create?

If you wonder what exactly you’re able to build in WordPress, the answer is “everything,” but to prove that point, here’re just a couple of website types supported by the platform:

  • Personal or Business Websites
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Job Boards
  • Q&A Platforms
  • Donation Websites
  • Online Communities
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Video/Photography/Podcasts Platforms
  • School or College Websites

Bottom Line

I bet if you’ve read this article till the end, you can’t stay indifferent to WordPress. Because it gives endless opportunities for both business and pleasure and a chance of getting all the programming benefits without the need to study coding for years.

A whole new digital world becomes accessible with one click, so why not dive in right away?

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