Introducing Proxies: What to Pay Your Attention to

The main advantage of proxy servers is that they are equally helpful for personal needs and business solutions. Their application in business is far more diverse than for individual purposes, so many types of proxies exist, and an even greater number of ways appear to apply them. One of the most robust ways to provide a complex approach to your business activities and investigations – is to buy residental proxy. Why does it give you a better capability of conducting marketing research, and what general advantages do residential servers have?

Proxy service: how does it work?

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A proxy service is an option that provides you with a range of possibilities available due to a proxy server. It stands between a user and a host and accepts all the data before it goes to the final recipient. It is not a metaphorical expression – the physical location of the servers influences the quality of connection and the network speed.

For every request and response two devices send each other, proxy servers get them first. They analyze, filter out, and manage data in many ways. According to which function they serve, people distinguish various types of proxies.

Types of proxies

The main criteria for dividing proxy servers and services into types include the following:

  • the party that uses the servers;
  • for which purpose they use servers;
  • how anonymous a customer’s activity should be, etc.

According to a side of interaction that uses the proxy, they divide services into forward and reverse. Forward proxies work for regular and business users for collecting information, avoiding blocks, and other benefits. Reverse proxies protect web hosts from undesirable activities from users and manage the traffic more efficiently.

According to the purpose of use and anonymity levels, the following types exist:

  • transparent – are applied for control as users are not supposed to realize they work through proxies;
  • anonymous – providing privacy for online activities by hiding an IP address;
  • distorting – changes the IP address to prevent web hosts from discovering your browsing habits;
  • high-anonymity – those changing IPs periodically and removing your personal information from a request.

Another classification that you need to pay attention to is division by the source of IP addresses:

  • database – the server creates fake addresses that people can use to reach the needed hosts;
  • mobile – IP addresses of mobile devices available on certain territories;
  • residential – full-scale real IP addresses provided by ISPs around the world.

The last one is the best option for holding meaningful and accurate research “as if it was a real user”. Thus, residential proxies are indispensable when you collect geo-based data and need observation tools to not react to your activities.

Proxy services are a perfect way to avoid troubles and fasten up the work process. Automated processes make most tasks for you, and a comfortable dashboard helps you go straight to strategy development. That is the exact way how SOAX provides its services. Use the opportunities of this provider, and you will learn the true meaning of qualitative flexibility!

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