How to Use Linkedin to Generate Leads

LinkedIn lead generation seems to be a powerful method for businesses to attract new clients and generate leads. What are the reasons? Well, LinkedIn contemplates a place where business people communicate and develop. Thus, if you, as a company, establish some presence and share suitable materials there, you will be able to build community and engage with people interested in your product.

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Read on to know more about the basic steps of LinkedIn lead generation strategy and how to get leads from LinkedIn characterized by higher quality and conversion chances.

Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads: Key Steps

The particular platform allows you to develop a working campaign that will bring prospects whom you will be able to turn into customers. Notably, many marketers use cold emails and calls to reach leads. They look for lead contacts in B2B databases and contact them. Notably, some of them even have the LinkedIn URL of the leads (you can check one here

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Why? The LinkedIn leads generation can be more beneficial due to being a more targeted approach focused on relationship building. However, your LinkedIn lead generation software strategy requires specific actions and preparations. What are they?

Build some presence on the platform

Using LinkedIn to generate leads starts with the pages you have there. You may manage a personal page, a company page, or the pages of the CEO or head managers. However, if your company has no representatives in social media, you should build some presence before applying any lead generation strategy.

An excellent tactic is to have brand advocates and trendsetters whom people would associate with the company, like executives of well-known specialists. After it, you can optimize the profiles of your lead gen specialists to contact people. Speaking of which, a well-optimized LinkedIn headline will do wonders for your campaigns and will attract attention even more.

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What things to keep in mind when creating a profile? You should have a strong and convincing backing of your skills and experience. It is needed to support the image of the industry expert. Thus, do not ignore any field and do not leave them unfilled. Next, create a photo that will reflect the tone of voice of your company and explicitly show your relation to the business.

Share content that attracts and educates

How do salespeople use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation? They try to educate and share insights. That is what LinkedIn users usually seek, coming there to express their concerts, discuss the latest trends and find solutions to their problems. The pieces that they can learn from become the instruments to attract them. In this regard, you can share posts, guides, recommendations, statistics, and case studies. Everything depends on your audience and their need for information.

Next, your goals are to encourage people to click the link to visit your website, subscribe or follow for more. One of the ways to invite them to the website to subscribe is to provide a lead magnet, course, or webinar. Another option is to write that subsequent blog materials have more insights, encouraging people to go to the website.

Engage and connect

After you have designed a good-looking page and produced a worthy content strategy, you need to focus on communication and engagement with the leads. The better you engage before contacting or connecting with the prospects, the higher chances they will become your leads in the future.

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What is the secret to generating leads on LinkedIn, then?

  • Join conversations in the threads, comments, and groups.
  • Leave the pieces of advice, participate in polls and write words to the posts of your targets.

That way, you provide value and show your product. Yet, try to be non-intrusive and direct to your pages when asked to. In most cases, if your recommendation answers their issue, the people will go to your profile and do their research.

You need to engage to be visible, which can be used for relationship building and connecting. Notably, each connection allows you to expand your network and get access to pages of other leads. From there, you can engage more and invite people to visit your profile and website.

Target with special tools

Lastly, do not hesitate to use the features provided by the platform or special tools to help you in your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. So, before all, you can contribute to generating leads on LinkedIn with sponsored posts and InMails.

The sponsored post is the function that allows you to share your posts with prospects who are not within your network. The principle behind it is similar to the one applied to traditional targeted ads you are likely to use. At the same time, you can create a specific message that will be made in particular LinkedIn software and shared with the defined audience. In this regard, you can add a link and direct people to your blog.

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Another option is the InMail message that you can send to the people’s email inbox that they mentioned during the LinkedIn registration. It is used when you are sure that the lead from LinkedIn is interested in your product. For example, they may have visited your page or liked a company page. For you, it will be a signal to send them an InMail with the offer to connect or discuss options.

Importantly, you can as well use LinkedIn for lead generation despite you prefer email marketing campaigns to send offers regarding your services and products or close deals. In this regard, you will need LinkedIn as a huge database of information on leads. For instance, you can look up email address details having only the personal page of the leads or get an address from a search via a unique GetProspect tool.

As a result, LinkedIn, backed by some tools, offers you a platform to generate leads and extract information about leads to target, communicate and offer deals to future clients.

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