The Impact of Cloud Computing on Productivity and Profitability of a Business

Cloud computing can affect business productivity and profitability significantly. Learn how in the text below!

As a business owner, it is vital to ensure that you always leverage the most useful and economical solutions possible. We are sure that you must have heard of cloud computing, but do you truly understand it? Well, if not, you should.

Moreover, if you believe that cloud computing is only a passing trend, we urge you to rethink once again. Please bear in mind that cloud computing a futuristic trend which is here to stay.

Here, we have come up with a few reasons why cloud computing is right for your business.

Bid adieu to IT issues

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Cloud computing gives you the ability to outsource operating IT work from a reputed external company. It shifts the entire burden and risk, which is possibly associated with the maintenance of the in-house IT infrastructure.

At all times, the cloud service provider assumes all the risk and the burden. Jerry, who offers the do my assignment services with a reputed homework help provider, says that the right service provider is one who caters to every detail from the security to the updates and the routine maintenance. It helps save yourself and your company both time and money. You can use this time to perform other vital tasks.


Several companies are reluctant to make a switch to the cloud. It is probably because of a common misapprehension that having IT operations in-house is a safer alternative.

Of course, making a switch to the cloud means letting go of some control, but it is certain that a third-party firm will always be more proficient in catering to your data more securely than you yourself can.

There are robust providers, such as Oracle, who have solid security protocols in place, and precisely lay out the outline of their methodologies to ensure that you have absolute faith in them for managing your confidential data, says Zac, who offers online chemistry homework help services. Oracle always give due priority to the security of the user’s data and devote extensive resources towards it.

Efficiency, flexibility, and functionality

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A few companies adapt quickly and easily in the business landscape, while others adapt too late. Of course, there will be a few aspects of the business which are harder to adapt to as opposed to others; it is still pivotal to be as agile as possible. With cloud computing, you can adapt to the market’s evolutions with a certain flexibility, which is not available when you use physical solutions.

In addition to adapting to external conditions, the virtual solution also aids in assuring a smooth response to the internal needs. The thing with cloud computing is that it can be made better to cater to the user-demand, and similarly reduced when there is a drop in the demand.

Hence, with cloud computing, it is easier to get rid of the issues of IT system overload or over-provisioning.


The quintessential goal of every business is to make a profit, and cutting costs wherever possible is a part of the primary purpose of the company, says Micheal, who is an online economics tutor with FineGrades. One significant benefit of switching to the cloud is its financial aspect.

The financial model of the cloud is not only economical but also predictable. There is no upfront cost.

Instead, you pay a flat-rate every month per amount of bandwidth employed or per user.

Moreover, making a switch from the legacy servers to the cloud servers helps you get over the need for prolonged server environment refreshes. It also lowers the need for the IT support staff and saves on a lot of energy usage.

In the long run, it all means more money for the business.

Better shielded from disasters

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Losing data to a natural disaster or fire at your premises can be a devastating loss for the business. Your data backup providers have preached this message for a long time, but given the cloud services’ availability, it is a lot convenient to heed to this message.

Given that Oracle is one of the top providers of data services, and their prime focus is on security and innovation, so it means that your data will now be a lot better shielded from disasters.

A better-connected workforce

A recent study proved that the companies that invested heavily in collaboration technologies boosted their productivity by as much as 400 percent. With cloud computing, the employees’ collaboration is easy, says Jimmy who offers the best online Photoshop course. It lets the workers access relevant documents and files regardless of their location.

So, needless to say, when you overcome the time-consuming and insecure aspect of sending the files back and forth via email, you create for yourself a more balanced and streamlined process. It results in an efficient collaboration system, which allows the employees to access the files from one prime location.

This results in a better number at the bottom line of the business.

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