How to Shoot a Self Portrait for Your Website: The Complete Guide

It's all about building trust, so you might be considering to add face to the company. Here is how.

68% of business owners make website personalization a priority in their marketing campaign.

But what exactly is website personalization? It’s taking your website to the next level by using custom content, images, and graphics to gather attention.

Keep reading to learn why you should include a self-portrait and how to take one.

Why a Self Portrait Is Important

As previously stated, custom content goes a long way to personalize your website.

When you show your clients and customers who the person behind the business is, it helps them make a connection. Depending on the type of photo you take, you can change the complete feel of your website.

Importance of Self Portrait

For example, a photo taken in a business suit in front of a bookshelf will help you appear more knowledgeable if you run a business for professionals. Or, take a photo in your best outfit with your favorite accessories if you’re trying to launch a fashion blog. Take a moment to think about the product and services you offer and how you can portray yourself as an expert.

Steps for Taking the Perfect Photo

Taking the perfect photo isn’t easy — especially when you’re doing it by yourself. But, you can take a professional photo with a little forethought. And though it goes without saying, make sure that you have a portrait specific camera. There are tons of online resources where you can find the best camera for portraits.

Find the Right Background

The first step of taking the best self-portraits is to find the right background. Keep in mind that you want a well-lit area that has a simple background.

Find a Good Background

If you aren’t sure where to take the photo, don’t be afraid to try several locations and compare the options. You may find alternative uses for the outtakes, like your social media pages.

Take and Edit the Photo

To take the photo, use whatever camera you have access to. Most cameras, including phone cameras, have a timer setting. This allows you to set the photo on a tripod or flat surface, press the shutter button, and arrange yourself for the photo.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking the photo yourself, consider enlisting the help of a friend to snap the photo. While it’s no longer a self-portrait, if someone else is behind the camera, it can sometimes result in a better photo.

Edit the Photo

When it comes to editing the photo, you want your effects to be minimal. Feel free to retouch blemishes or add photo filters to improve the photo quality. You can also resize or crop the photo to make sure the photo fits into your website layout.

Present Yourself Professionally With a Headshot

Now that you know how to take a self-portrait, you’re ready to present yourself professionally on your website.

Start by finding the right background to express the emotion you want to convey. Then, you’re ready to capture the photo and edit it for publication.

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