How to create a sales funnel for free?

In this article, we will explore sales funnels, their effectiveness, and how to create them for free. Nowadays, for generating new sales, we need more advanced strategies and marketing tricks; we will provide you with fresh and valuable information.

The marketing and sales funnel

A sales funnel, also called a purchase funnel, is the graphical presentation of customer behavior, illustrating the sales circle and the processing.

Sales Meeting

Sales funnels are effective for visualizing sales, as they ease the process of understanding how everything works. Sales funnel can help you to improve lead generation.

Digital Marketing and Sales Generation

In 2022, digital marketing and sales have a direct connection; it is a must to follow specific guidelines and be aware of new trends. If you have many tasks, you can find virtual assistants who live in the Uk to help you organize your work while having the benefit of having a native speaker in your team.

To invest in digital marketing and have better sales generation, you can start thinking about the sales funnel.

Team Work to Boost Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is about data, structure, and well-planned strategies. However, you should invest in your team to have professional help and support from the team members. Your sales team may need a time tracking tool, that will increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Human Resources are an essential part of your sales, as they are the people who can generate sales directly or indirectly. If your salespeople always make aggressive sales or have aggressive behavior in a team, you can think about having conflict resolution training to resolve the issues.

Sales Talk

A smooth conflict transition is necessary for sales generation and team management. Therefore your managers and high-position specialists need to have the best conflict resolution certification in order to be proficient and professional.

Time Management and Sales

Time management is essential for regulating and organizing sales, as we have discussed so far about teamwork and its importance to the sales process.

Organize everything beforehand and try to engage all the team members in the managing processes. Also, trust and shared values are essential within the team to keep the drive and motivation to work together.

Another great way to develop time management is an employee’s hours tracker, which allows tracking timing and a clear understanding of all the time-consuming tasks, or vice versa.

Sales Funnel Builders and Softwares We Recommend

As we have discussed, sales funnels are a visual representation, and having them organized will take you to the next level of sales management and productivity.

Several tools can help you to create your business funnel. Here are the most effective and popular ones.

systeme is one marketing platform that allows you to set up your funnel in minutes. It creates sales funnels that are easy to use and super effective. The benefits of are affordable prices, simple and fast using features, and it is fully integrated. provides a complete solution to grow your business online. Users can create a free account and use it to use the benefits of all-in-one marketing.

This platform is great for business owners seeking an all-in-one solution, as it has many features and solutions which are great for businesses.

Big and small businesses can use, as the prices are affordable and a free option is available. Also, all the packages provide the opportunity for a 14-day trial.

The features include creating funnels quickly based on proven templates, sending unlimited emails, and creating email campaigns. You can easily set up your website in under 10 minutes and, create an affiliate program, automate affiliate payouts. It allows saving time and energy by automating your business.

With the help of, you can create landing pages, widgets, and popups for the entire customer journey per drag & drop with our no-code funnel builder.

This tool is convenient for creating sales funnels and using them to develop your marketing and sales. It will enable you to create custom immersive content as easy as drag and drop.

A free option is available; you can try it if it works for you and afterward gets the starter, professional, or business subscription.

Bitrix. 24 allows free forever for unlimited users and is easy to migrate your data from other systems. It is integrated with all your favorite services and apps.

You can even organize and create conferences for up to 48 participants, talk without any time limit, record your calls, and change backgrounds. This is an excellent feature for medium and big businesses, as they can handle all their management processes.

This tool also provides a lead management lead scoring tool to see which prospects your sales need to focus on and assign them automatically.

Also, the sales automation tool provides, a considerable amount of sales and marketing automation rules, and triggers to save you time and money. provides email automation, which is fundamental for having deals and developing sales strategies. It analyzes the data from billions of emails and gives personalized recommendations for improving content, targeting, and automation.

Nowadays, email marketing is an integral part of the sales funnel, and without it, you cannot have great deals and improved sales. The great news is that it has a free subscription opportunity, but if you need the premium features, you can subscribe to the premium version.

Again, this tool will help deliver personalized emails based on buying behavior, survey answers, and chat interchanges to promote loyalty and growth.

All the softwares presented above would be an excellent choice for creating your sales funnel and covering its main subjects.

Final Thoughts

You are all set up! Now you have many tools to create your company’s sales funnel and also have enough information why you need it. The sales funnel is essential as it visualizes your sales and can take them to the next level. If you still hesitate about whether to create sales funnel or not, keep reading about different types of sales funnels and how big business owners have success stories with them.

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