What Is A VOIP Number?

In today’s world, Voice over the Internet protocol is very common in business places. This is because it allows you to make calls and work from anywhere provided you have your mobile device. However, did you know that you could communicate with your phone number using a VoIP service? Knowing what a VOIP number is and how to use it will help your business enterprise enjoy immense benefits such as making a seamless conference call. Check out what a VoIP phone number is and how it works.

What Is A VoIP Number?

A VoIP number or Voice over IP phone number enables virtual phone calls using an internet connection. It is a virtual phone number that is quite flexible. Since they are not tied to a specific device or geographical location, these business phone services can help you save when making long-distance calls. This means you can get an area code that you like. It works like a traditional phone number yet unlike a telephone; it is assigned to a user through devices like smartphones, desktops, and other devices.


Your staff using the IP phone number can therefore make phone calls from anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection. VoIP number appears on the receiver like any normal phone number and you won’t be able to tell if the call is coming from a landline or an internet-enabled device.

How Does a VoIP Number Work?

VoIP technology works by transmitting calls over an internet connection and a specific device. This means that when you speak over the phone the signals are converted into digital signals before they are transmitted as small pieces of data. When you get your company a landline and a VoIP adapter, you can install VoIP number software to start making VoIP calls. With this technology, you don’t need traditional phone service to route your calls.

As long as your employees are connected to the Wi-Fi, they can be able to communicate using their VoIP numbers. IP phone numbers can also enable you to receive video calls and send text messages.

Advantages of Using a VoIP Number?

You and your business can enjoy many benefits of a VoIP number once you install one. Unlike other traditional phones, VoIP has many features that can save your company a lot of time. Some of the advantages include:

Increased Flexibility

One of the best advantages of having VoIP technology is its flexibility. Its mobility allows you to do business wherever you are since you can use it on any device. You can use the phone network on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more. Unlike traditional phones that only allow a limited number of devices, getting an IP number will help you make countless connections. This makes VoIP highly efficient over landline phone systems. Moreover, you can add multiple VoIP phone numbers to the VoIP network and enjoy many features the service offers like instant messaging and auto-attendant.

Lower Costs


Since the system supports a large number of devices, a company will need a low initial investment to use an IP phone number. The only thing needed is an internet connection. The monthly fee and maintenance cost is low, unlike the traditional landline system. Because you can choose a virtual number of any area code, your company will make and receive calls from anywhere at a lower charge. Studies show that using VoIP enables companies to slash phone bills by over 60% and save over 90% on international calls. VoIP system will make your company the monthly phone bills.

Channeling Incoming Calls to any Device

With Voice over IP phone number, you can decide where you want the incoming call to ring. If the caller doesn’t know where to find you, you can direct the call to a specific device that can locate you. With a virtual number, incoming calls can ring on multiple devices at the same time rather than going direct to voicemail after a call. It is therefore up to you to program the call routing how you want. You can configure it to trigger certain actions so that your customer service can get in touch with clients easily.


Are not tied to Specific Area Code

IP phone numbers do not require your company to use a specific area code like a traditional landline system. This allows you to choose a phone number with any area code within the city or outside. Again, you can make phone calls from any area code at a cheaper price as you won’t get charged for long-distance calls. You can also have various phone numbers routed to one area.

Disadvantages of Using a VoIP Phone Number

Like any other product, VoIP phone numbers also have downsides. Although you will benefit from its efficiency and low charges, you will experience low call quality if your internet connection is poor. Check out some other disadvantages below.

VoIP Fraud

Similar to any other service connected to the internet, a VoIP system might face security risks such as fraudulent activities. Such activities include VoIP phishing, where scammers attack your phone number. Google research done in 2021 indicated that over 2 million phishing sites that plague companies are registered. This happens when you receive a call from an individual who claims to be of a reputable organization. The scammer in such cases will try to acquire personal information such as your bank or insurance details.


VoIP hacking

VoIP phone numbers are also susceptible to cyberattacks. If your service provider is not well protected, hackers can break into your internet communications and do malicious activities. They can forward your calls, listen to them, or distort your communication with your customers. Hackers can access your VoIP account and put viruses or connect it to their IP addresses.

Since VoIP hacking is possible owing to the internet connections, you have to ensure the online security is tight by installing a secure virtual private network (VPN). You can also install trustworthy antivirus software if you have a virtual phone. Always choose a provider with high-level encryptions.

How To Get A VOIP Number?

Upgrading your phone service to a VoIP number isn’t a challenge. To switch the phone system you can seek the help of VoIP service providers such as ULTATEL to help you set up the VoIP phone number. However, before you look for one first ensure your internet connection is good. Depending on your business needs, you will then choose the service plan that suits you. After that, you can confirm your number and set up the devices you have. Once you’ve finished all these processes you can make and receive calls with your VoIP number.


Now that you know what a VoIP phone number is used for, you can evaluate its pros and cons and see how you feel about the service. By installing the phone system for your company, you will enjoy the many features that accompany it. Once you confirm the number and program it to computers and smartphones, you can start making calls to appreciate how efficient it is from the landline system. Get your Virtual phone number today and make countless connections anywhere at a low fee.

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