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Want to know how your SEO is doing? Use the tool mentioned below to check it for free!

Have you seen this link before: This is a tool that makes Search Engine Optimization very simple. It provides its users with a very simple, high-quality, and professional SEO analysis and monitoring of websites.

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One report generated as a result of the analysis done by this tool contains the following categories:

  • Overview – a category that provides basic information about the analyzed website (link to the site and preview of the website) and a summary of the analysis (the overall result of the site, an indicator of whether the site has passed the test or not, an indicator of possible improvements, and an indicator of errors). In addition, there are buttons for downloading the report, updating the report, sharing the report, but also comparing it.
  • SEO – a category that contains all the information and results related to SEO items.
  • Usability – a category that provides information on how much a website is or is not usable by all the parameters monitored by this tool.
  • Mobile – a category oriented towards the mobile side of the website.
  • Technologies – a category that provides information on test results concerning the technical side of the website, i.e., the focus is on code quality.
  • Social – a category that provides information on how much a website is linked to some accounts on various social media platforms.
  • Visitors – a category that provides statistics related to traffic on the website.
  • Link Analysis – a category that gives the results of the link analysis itself.

Each of these categories has its subcategories which are explained in more detail; each has a score and an indicator of how easy or difficult it is to solve a problem if it exists in any of the subcategories.

Below we bring you a more detailed overview and explanation of some of the subcategories that are in the report. You get the report after you enter the link of your website into the field provided for that purpose on the official website of this tool.


Title Tag and Meta Description

The title tag is the title of the website that can be clicked after the website appears on the search engine results page. The ideal length of this title is between 10 and 70 characters (this tool takes these two digits as benchmarks when analyzing the site), including blank spaces; your title tag must contain as many of your most important keywords.

Another important thing to pay attention to when it comes to the title tag is that each page of your website should have a unique title.

A meta description is a description of a website that appears below the title tag on a search engine results page. As with the title tag, there is a “rule” that each of your pages should have a unique meta description. The ideal length of this description is between 100 and 300 characters, including blank spaces. Of course, keep in mind that this description should contain as many of your most important keywords as possible since this description behaves like an organic advertisement.

Websiteseostats title tag and meta description analysis


Keywords are words that are key during the search performed by the audience.

First of all, it is important to do keyword research related to your website. There are many tools you can use to do this research so you can decide which keywords to target.

The Keywords section of this tool’s report gives you information about how often keywords are used on the analyzed page or site.

Websiteseostats keywords analysis

XML Sitemap

This is a file that contains a lot of information about the site, such as the latest site update, a list of URLs available for crawling, and much more. This allows search engines to crawl your website as intelligently as possible.

In the analysis report you performed with this tool, you get information on whether your site contains an XML sitemap file or not, and if it does, it will show you a link to it.

Websiteseostats sitemap analysis

Domain Registration and WHOIS Data

The domain registration subcategory provides information such as domain age, creation date, update date, and expiration date. Namely, the age of the domain is very important because younger domains are struggling to be indexed and better positioned on the search engine, so feel free to consider buying an already used domain, one that has significant traffic. Also, it is important that you lease your domain for as long as possible since this is an indication that you are very serious about your business.

WHOIS data provides information such as site administrator contact information, billing contact, technical team contact, and the like.

Websiteseostats domain and Whois data analysis

Google Index

The Google Index or Indexed Pages (as the subcategory is called in the analysis report of this tool) is the number of pages detected on your website. A small number of indexed pages is an alarm that bots are not able to detect your web pages, thus reducing the possibility of displaying your website or page in Google Search results.

Websiteseostats indexed pages analysis


Backlinks are links that redirect users from other websites to your website. Feel free to look at them as a letter of recommendation for your site. The importance of these links is reflected in the fact that backlinks are one of the crucial things for SEO. The more you have, the better your SEO will be.

The Backlinks Counter subcategory will show you the number of backlinks of your website that you have analyzed using this tool.

Websiteseostats backlinks analysis

PageSpeed Insights

Speed is a very important thing for both parties, for the search engine as well as for the visitors. Higher page speed means better ranking on the search engine result pages and more visitors.

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop) is a subcategory that gives you an insight into the page speed of your website on desktop in the form of – 50/100 and a corresponding message.

PageSpeed Insights (Mobile) does everything the same as PageSpeed Insights (Desktop); only the latter analyzes the website from the perspective of a mobile device.

Websiteseostats PageSpeed Insights analysis


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