Do Your Profiles Need a Redesign?

You’ve likely got online profiles on multiple platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few. Maybe you post videos on YouTube, use dating apps, arbitrage on Poshmark and the like, or maybe you sell your artwork on Etsy or similar sites.

Ask yourself – have you audited your online profiles lately? Do your profiles align with your personality and professional goals?

Below, we will discuss how you can use your resume as a roadmap for redesigning your social profiles. Then, we will suggest easy tweaks you can make to platforms you already use.

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Your Resume Is Your Ultimate Profile

A profile is a collection of information about you. There is no profile more basic – or more important – than your resume.

It is important to keep your resume up to date, even if you are not currently looking for a job. Read your resume once or twice a year. Add any new jobs, skills, certifications, or schooling. Make sure your contact information is still correct.

Then, when you do embark on a job search or you need to hand in a resume for a promotion or award, it will be ready and waiting.

Need some inspiration before you tackle your resume? Check out these resume examples.

Your LinkedIn Profile Is Important

In contrast to purely “social” networks, LinkedIn is taken seriously as a professional network – a place to recruit or be recruited, to find mentors or business-to-business services.

According to Forbes, “It may not be as sexy as Twitter or TikTok, but LinkedIn is the go-to platform for career-focused professionals and job hunters.”

To reap the benefits of LinkedIn, however, you must have a profile and keep it up to date. Use your freshly amended resume to rejuvenate your LinkedIn profile as well. Get active in the community – post an update or write an article, for example. This helps prove that your profile is still active and relevant.

Audit Your Social Profiles

Next, you should audit your social media profiles. Like reviewing your resume, it is a good practice to take a look at your social media at least once a year.

What are you looking for? “Offensive comments, posts, or pictures.” Remember that backgrounds differ and what seems innocent to you might antagonize your potential employer. According to one source, “if you wouldn’t show it to your grandparents, don’t post it, and delete it if it’s already posted.”

Here are some specifics to look for:

  • Embarrassing photos.
  • Photos in which you are intoxicated.
  • Photos in which you are making rude gestures.
  • Photos or posts that could be deemed violent, prejudiced, or politically charged.
  • Posts with swear words, slurs, hate speech, or other offensive language.

Don’t limit your audit to just the things you’ve personally posted. Unlike or remove your comments from any of the above types of posts.

Create a Personal Brand

Personal brand

Branding comes in two parts: visuals and values.

You can build your brand visually by using the same logo or headshot across platforms. You could also use the same color scheme or photos with a similar visual aesthetic photos. Some people use the same filter for every photo, for example.

Next, brand yourself by clearly displaying your vision, goals, and values. You can do this by writing down a vision statement for your personal brand. What are your passions? What is important to you in life? What are your goals and how are you going to get there?

Then, each time you are ready to post something, ask yourself: does this align with my personal vision and values? How will this help me connect with others to achieve my goals? You will soon have a solid brand with social connections to like-minded individuals – potential employers, coworkers, employees, mentors, or customers.

Adjust Your Profiles to Fit Your Needs

You are probably aware that you should adjust your resume for each job you apply for – focusing the descriptions on the necessary skills and including plenty of resume keywords.

You can do something similar to your profiles when your career needs change. Your imagery, for example, might change if you are transitioning from an office job to an artistic field. Or you may rebrand yourself as an expert in a new field or subfield by sharing confirmable facts or writing articles.

Internet technology is constantly changing, and the platforms you use will continue to change as well.

Key Takeaways

Do your online profiles need to be redesigned? The following steps will make the process easy:

  • Update your resume.
  • Use your updated resume to revise your LinkedIn profile.
  • Audit your social profiles and cull photos and posts that could harm your professional image.
  • Create a unique and streamlined personal brand across your profiles.
  • Adjust your profiles to reflect changes in your career or goals just as you would adjust your resume for each job you apply for.

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