How to make business accounts work

Discover why someone easily gains an audience and earns income, while some people constantly invest money and effort in promotion, and order advertising, but this does not bring results.

Many experts and entrepreneurs who use social media do not get the desired result and complain about algorithms and failures.

Social Media

At the same time, for hundreds of thousands of users, social networks work as they should. It is very easy to take the position of a person who is jealous of someone else’s success but does nothing to repeat this success. However, to grow your business, you need to invest a lot.

Today we will talk about why someone easily gains an audience and earns income, while some people constantly invest money and effort in promotion, buy Instagram followers and order advertising, but this does not bring results.

Poor familiarity with your audience

To successfully sell your products or services, you need to know which people are in your audience. Analyze what qualities your potential customers have and write down who your audience is. Try to avoid general characteristics. For example, it does not happen that your potential clients are all men of the city with average incomes.


If you work on Instagram, then it is quite easy for you to study your audience using the statistics in your account. If you have hired an advertising specialist, it is even easier because he is required to analyze statistics to launch advertising campaigns.

Uncoordinated team

If your company has the accounts, then each member of the company can take part in the life of these accounts. For example, when an SMM specialist publishes a post, other employees can like, repost and comment on it. This allows you to increase user interest in your account and gives it the opportunity to grow.

You should also learn more about using BI tools and power bi jira which can help you organize everyday work.

Uncoordinated Team

Be prepared for the fact that no one will promote you for free. If you think that the account holders about the places in your city care about you, then you are mistaken. Especially imagine how many different places there are in the city. Even if they wanted to, they would not be able to notice all the newcomers. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to promote and not only buy real Instagram followers.

Collaboration with non-professionals

Many entrepreneurs do not want to pay a decent salary to their employees and therefore invite not experts, but newcomers or unscrupulous specialists to cooperate. Of course, this allows you to save on the payment of money, but because of this, the business and the future of the company suffer in the first place.


It should be understood that you will get the desired result only with that specialist who already knows how social networks and business work and, of course, he will ask for big money for his work. If you really set as your goal the development of the company, then cooperate only with experienced enthusiasts who will go to this goal with you.

Lack of understanding of viral content

You can post photos and videos daily, shoot stories and reels, but it’s not a fact that they will gain views and likes. In order for you to collect a lot of statistics with one post, it must be trending and viral. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and energy on work that will not bring you any results.


To understand what content will be in demand among the audience, you need to constantly read the news and study the trends of today. This is necessary in the modern world because now the reality is changing daily and everyone who wants to succeed needs to be aware of the latest developments.


If you want to be successful on social media, then you need to work very hard and constantly follow the trends. Try to do everything possible to promote your business and do not save money and resources on building a close-knit team of experts. The future of your company depends only on your work.

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