Adding Videos To Your Site Made Easy With Right Plugins

Automatic YouTube Gallery and All-in-One Video Gallery plugins can help you add the videos to your site, and reap the benefits of this incredible content type!

It is close to mandatory these days to have a video, or two, or much more, on your site. Videos are an effortless way to stand out from the competition, as they provide more value to a user than any other type of content you could create. Video tutorials explaining your product are incredibly effective when it comes to conversions, and video testimonials can increase your credibility tremendously.

Apart from the obvious ones mentioned above, there are numerous other benefits to having a video on your site. Having a video on your site will have visitors stay longer on it, which Google will take into consideration when ranking your website.

On another note, with mobile devices taking over the browsing experience, it is much easier to capture users’ (and Google’s!) attention with a video, than with a long block of text.

Then, there are also musicians, editors, directors, and other professionals creating videos to make a living. It is, as with any other profession, mandatory for them to have an online presence capable of demonstrating their skills and expertise.

Still, adding videos to a website is rarely an easy task, and many people rely on developers to create the perfect site. If you have a WordPress site, this isn’t the only way to go about it. Adding videos to your WordPress site does not have to require coding.

How do I start?

Luckily for you, WordPress site owner, you can do it effortlessly with the right plugin.

Since anyone who has ever created a video uploaded it on YouTube, the first solution would be to add a YouTube gallery. You can do that effortlessly with the Automatic YouTube Gallery plugin.

What are the features of the Automatic YouTube Gallery plugin?

As this plugin was created to automate a gallery, it would be impractical for it to have numerous features, wouldn’t it? It comes with a carefully selected set of features that gets you an automated YouTube gallery in no time, with no additional troubles.

Automating the Galleries

If you already have enough content on YouTube, and you are comfortable using it continuously, then having a plugin that can automatically display new content from your YouTube channel on your website is a dream come true.

With Automatic YouTube Gallery plugin, all you should do is add your YouTube username, channel, a single playlist or a search term to it, and the plugin will do the rest.

Source Type

You can also make sure to synchronize new content on both platforms by adding cache time, also known as “Refresh the Data every…”. Regardless of whether you are posting on YouTube every five minutes of once in a month, this plugin will repeatedly check for new content to display within the set timeframe.

Cache Time

Create Unlimited Galleries

If you have numerous videos you would like to include on your site; it would be a shame if you had to handpick them to get them there. With this plugin, you will ensure that each of the videos has its gallery on your site, as you can create an unlimited number of galleries on it!

Select the best of the best

Maybe there are some videos on your YouTube channel that you are not very proud of, or that you would like to exclude. That’s alright; it’s just a different feature.

Custom Videos List

If you go with Automatic YouTube Gallery plugin, you can effortlessly handpick the best performing videos and add them to a custom gallery. It is as easy as copy-pasting its URLs, so you can get full control over what you would like to present on your site.

Top-notch performance

Since one of the biggest worries for every website owner is its speed and responsiveness, this plugin took that into account. It can assure you that adding as many videos as you would like to your site won’t slow it down at all. Automatic YouTube Gallery comes with built-in caching for the quick loading time of your page.

On the other hand, you also don’t have to worry about mobile devices your visitors are using, as this plugin makes all the videos fully responsive. Don’t let those on-the-go customers down, let them see your videos, too!

Astonishing admin interface

If you had to spend ages going through the options in the Admin Interface, you could have also spent it doing something more important. This plugin has an astonishing Admin Interface that is easy to use and easy on the eyes, too. With everything within it clean and streamlined, you will be able to figure it out from the first try.

Easy to Use

Support for Gutenberg and Classic Editor

Even though the debate is still going on, this plugin supports both editors to ensure that you can use your preferred one. It comes as a block for Gutenberg, which you can effortlessly add to your site through your drag and drop builder.

Gutenberg Block

It also comes with Shortcode Builder that you can use with the good old Classic editor. You can additionally use it to add the galleries to other third-party page builders if that is your choice.

Shortcode Generator

Widgets and Themes

You might want to add videos on your website sidebars. No sweat with this plugin, and you still get all the options you would need to create gorgeous sidebars.

Speaking of themes, the one that comes with the free plugin is the Classic grid. This gallery theme is probably the one your visitors are most used to, so you will still be good to go when it comes to your videos.


Still, if you are looking for a bit of pop, the Premium version of this plugin offers a couple of other themes you could find gorgeous. For example, you could use a Popup theme, Slider, or Playlister to add videos to your site.

Hooks for developers

If you are a developer, and you are looking for some additional twists and tweaks, this plugin also has enough hooks for you to do that!

No YouTube?

That is alright. Not all of your work should be available to everyone, and you might want to create your own YouTube. If this is the case, then you should make use of All-in-One Video Gallery plugin.

What are the features of the All-in-One Video Gallery?

Unlike the previous plugin, All-in-One Video gallery is packed with numerous features, so if you were not joking about creating your own YouTube – go ahead and do it!

Add unlimited videos in unlimited categories

Probably the first step would be to add numerous videos to your site. With this plugin, you can do just that! Adding videos is close to effortless, and it is not much different from adding ordinary content.

Add new Video

However, once you get going and have a bunch of them on your site, you might consider sorting them out somehow. This is where unlimited categories come handy, as you can create a new one in no time, and assing existing and new videos into a respective one.


Responsive design

With mobile devices taking over the internet browsing experience from other devices, you need your videos to be fully responsive. This plugin takes it into consideration, and you can rest assured that the videos on your site will look just as good as they would look on a bigger screen.

Thumbnail Gallery

Once you have one too many videos on your website, you should also figure out the way for how to display them on your site to your visitors. You should decide on the number of rows and columns your visitors will see. Also, you should make sure that the pagination is there, too!

categories page


HTML5 Player

Since adding videos using HTML5 is a piece of cake, it is no wonder that the HTML5 player should be the default one. Still, there are some people out there that use an older version of Internet Explorer, which makes the supported FLASH fallback the All-in-One plugin has rather handy!

Support for various formats

There is no pre-defined format you need to have your video in to have it on your site, and wasting hours on trying to match it. This plugin supports MP4 videos, WebM and OGV, to ensure that your videos will be seen by your visitors, regardless of their format.

On another note, it also supports the most important embeddable players from YouTube and Vimeo to Dailymotion and Facebook. You can effortlessly embed any videos from these sources to your site, without going the extra mile to do that.

All the player controls

player controls

Would YouTube be YouTube if there weren’t all the player controls people are used to? From play and pause to a timer, setting up the volume, and watching video on fullscreen, all these controls are what people need. With this plugin, you can provide them with the comfortable experience and options they are already used to.

Playback options

Just like with player controls, thanks to YouTube, Netflix, and other video sites, your visitors have expectations on how your videos should behave, too.

playback options

Effortlessly add all the Playback options: autoplay, loop, and preload, by simply checking a checkbox or two.


How many times have you started watching a video, but comments proved in a matter of seconds to be much more fun to read? Is your audience fun like that, too? With this plugin, you can effortlessly add a comments section to your videos. They will incredibly boost visitor’s engagement!

Share it

Another way to keep your customers engaged is by having them share! That is what Facebook is for anyway.

social share

Use Social Sharing feature to help your visitors share your videos on social media in no time. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Add Social Sharing with a couple of checkboxes, and watch how your visitors make your videos go viral.


Don’t be one of those guys that expect everyone to speak English! Make sure to add subtitles to your videos, so that your videos can be popular around the globe.

Take advantage of widgets

This plugin comes with four rather useful widgets you should be using if you are looking to create the next YouTube.


With All-in-One Video Gallery plugin, you can take advantage of widgets to list categories, and a widget to list videos. You can use another widget to display a single video player and lastly, you can use them to create a search form for your videos.

Show GDPR consent


Last, but not the least, you need to make sure that you are GDPR compliant, and that you need your visitors’ consent before loading YouTube or Vimeo videos. Within this plugin, you will find the checkbox to enable this option, add a custom message presented to your visitors, and decide on the button label, too.

All-in-One Video Gallery Premium features

As if the amount of features in the free version isn’t enough, the Premium version comes with a set of additional useful features to help you with creating your own YouTube.

Auto-import Videos from YouTube

Got a lot of content on YouTube already? Automatically import it on your site — no need to do anything manually.

Custom Logo, Branding, and Context menu

You want your videos to represent your brand, and this premium feature can help you accomplish that.


Popup and Slider Templates

These modern solutions for previewing videos will take you one step ahead of YouTube. Check the demo for popup here.

Live Streaming

Who’d know it would get so popular? Since it is, you should have it on your site. With this plugin, you can, too! Just add the link!

Live Stream

Enable Adds on Your Videos

Visitors hate them, companies need them. If you rely on adds for your profit, then this feature will surely pay off the whole plugin!

Front-End User Submission

Looking to allow your users to add their own videos? Front-end user submission feature allows you to do just that.

Back to You

Whether you would like your site to automatically showcase the videos from your YouTube channel, or add them from scratch, there is a plugin for that.

Set up Automatic YouTube Gallery on your site and keep adding content to your YouTube channel as you would normally do. The plugin will present them on your site, without you even thinking about it! Or take advantage of the enormous amount of features All-in-One Video Gallery Plugin provides to create your own YouTube on WordPress. It is entirely up to you!

Now, as you can see, adding videos to your site can be a piece of cake with the right plugin. So, go ahead! Add the videos to your site, and reap all the benefits that this type of content brings to the table!

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