5 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Landing page can be a great asset to your small business, provided it is done right. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Don’t kill your small business’ website with a bad landing page. So many small businesses make landing pages that push people away.

To help you see what might be hurting your landing page, we’ve pulled together five of the most obvious landing page mistakes. Read through this article to see what you can fix. You’ll see better landing page results in no time.

1. Too Many Things on the Landing Page

Pictures that don’t make sense. A navigation bar. Too much information.


If you put a lot of different things on the landing page, you’ll lose your customers’ interest quickly. If the things on the landing page don’t gel together, visitors to your site will click away.

Keep the landing page simple. Use an image or two that align with the content and offer. Make sure the message you are delivering is clear and simple.

2. Too Many Choices

One of the most common landing page mistakes is having multiple offers on the page. Stick to one bold, easy-to-understand offer. You’ll push through the clutter and make it obvious to visitors what they’re getting.

It’s easy to avoid this mistake. Create multiple landing pages.

Use a targeted offer on each page. For each email campaign, create a landing page that suits the segment of your audience you are reaching out to.

3. Landing Page Speed Too Slow

If it takes more than a few seconds for your landing page to load, you’ll lose your potential customer. More than 5 seconds and they’re gone.

Person waiting in front of laptop

Images that aren’t optimized will slow things down. Bad code will do the same. Multiple redirects that redirect elsewhere again make your landing page unresponsive.

Test the landing page speed with a tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Fix the bits that slow loading. You’ll avoid losing visitors who don’t like to wait.

4. Weak Headlines

Writing good headlines is an art. A weak, confusing headline will turn off visitors.

Use action verbs. Tie the headline directly to your special offer. Summarize the offer and use simple language.

Your headline needs to convey to visitors what they will learn or gain or avoid by reading more. The headline on the Inventables website is a great example of a strong headline.

The words you use in the headline are also key to SEO. The stronger the headline, the more likely your page will end up higher on a search results page.

5. CTA Hidden or Weak

The whole point of your landing page is to get your visitors to take action. That’s why the Call To Action (CTA) is so important.

If you bury the CTA in a hard-to-find part of the landing page, people won’t see it. If the CTA is not defined with a different font or color, it will go unnoticed. If the CTA is confusing, people won’t click on it. You need your CTAs to be incredible.

Hidden or weak CTAs are one of the most common landing page mistakes.

Hidden CTA

Use one CTA on a page. Place it where the eye is drawn to it. Make it clear what someone is getting when they click.

Landing Page Mistakes Hurt Your Website

These five common landing page mistakes are easy to avoid. Making the changes noted here will help your small business succeed through dynamic, simple, and effective landing pages.

Keep the landing page simple. Make sure it loads quickly. Drive people to take action.

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