10 Useful Grammar and Proofreading Tools for Website Content

Website content created by content marketers also need to go through a grammar checker and proofreading tools.

For bloggers, content marketers, and even students, it is significant to be able to produce flawless content. Flawless content attracts the audience. It is crucial that your online content is packed with good data before presenting to your readers. It should be interesting and engaging, enough to get them hooked.

You need to be able to catch their attention and keep it. Another significant aspect is the technical side of your writing – grammar, spelling, and the use of punctuations.

In other words, error-free content is crucial to bring in more traffic to your website and actually get results. Errors in your content also call your credibility into question, making your audience wonder if you’re truly a reliable source.

This is why proofreading is a significant part of your content writing process. The content you publish online must always be in its best version, whether it be for blogs or the academics. To help aid in the task of proofreading, there are grammar and proofreading tools you can access online. Here are some of the best grammar and proofreading tools for website content.


Built by some of the world’s leading linguists, Grammarly boasts as the most accurate tool for grammar checker available. This tool does not only point out grammatical errors but actually explains each mistake.

For those struggling with the English language, this is an advantage. Grammarly also offers another feature – plagiarism checker. This will enable users to find duplicate contents in a text. Word count is also a feature, apart from eliminating most writing mistakes. This tool also works wherever you write online, whether it be Gmail, LinkedIn, and social media channels.


Academized serves as an English Grammar Handbook, which serves as a guide that answers the most confusing grammar questions. It also produces concrete examples on how to use each grammar use, making it easier to use in your writing.

Narrative essay writing, for example, requires the heavy use of descriptive words and pronouns. For non-English speakers, some words and grammatical rules can be confusing to use, and Academized will gladly help them out.

UK Writings

Should you find that you have no time for the tedious task of proofreading, UK Writings offers a team that will proofread your work for you. Most of the time, a real set of eyes is far superior than having an automated proofreading checker.

Easy Word Count

Content marketing calls for instances where exact word count is needed. Keeping a tally of this can contribute to the entire success of your content. Easy Word Count is a tool that will help you meet minimum word or character counts, aiding you to stay in your limits. It ensures quick and accurate results.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App

Oftentimes, no matter how many times you try to proofread online, you always forget to include certain punctuation marks, or simplify to avoid verbosity. Hemingway points a finger to phrases that are missing these punctuation marks, helping you simplify and make concise your text.

Cite It In

It’s only rightful to credit sources for your work. And you must make sure that you’re citing those sources properly, to build credibility and a trustworthy, professional image.

Proof Guru

Proof Guru, a free proofreading online tool, provides a number of packaged style guides and checklists relevant for different types of content. Its main purpose is to check your spelling, as well as suggest edits to your content.

This tool is a free Windows desktop application and works in Microsoft Word, which means you can use it on Word to check your texts.

Polish My Writing (or After The Deadline)

Polish my Writing, or After the Deadline, is one of the best proofreading tools that checks your content to find any grammatical errors, including style and spelling, if there are any. This tool boasts of its use of artificial intelligence, as well as a natural language processing technology.

Polish My Writing (or After The Deadline)

This tool is user-friendly, and only requires you to copy and paste your text in the box provided for on the website. Polish My Writing is best for WordPress users, as it offers a plugin called “After the Deadline” for free.

Online Proofreader

Online proofreader is an efficient online tool, which works promptly to find and highlight different types of grammatical errors you may have made in your text. You can choose to add this software in your browser, allowing you to take it anywhere and use it anytime.


LanguageTool allows you to find errors in more than 20 different languages. It is an open-source program which can detect numerous errors that simple checkers miss. Grammatical and stylistic errors are highlighted. Suggestions for improvements are also given to the user. LanguageTool is dedicated to improving the readability and overall quality of your text.


Always remember that editing and proofreading your content is integral to the success of your website or business. Your credibility and professional identity are on the line, and simple grammar and spelling mistakes cannot happen.

These 10 useful grammar and proofreading tools for website content will surely help you straighten out any errors and make your content pleasurable to read, and successful.

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