Top 5 WooCommerce Order Management Plugins

Tired of managing your WooCommerce orders? Here are the top five WooCommerce order management plugins to make it easier for you.

The business development process brings a lot of extra work. When it comes to developing online sales, order management can be a big headache for many. Receiving and preparing orders, tracking the shipment until it arrives at the customer – let’s be honest, this is a challenge for anyone without any help.

Online stores depend on how satisfied their customers are with the service. And with more and more competition in this field of business today, even small changes can mean a lot. If you think you can improve your order management, we suggest you don’t wait and do it now.

Don’t fall behind with your orders, and don’t let the customers wait. Your first and foremost goal is to attract customers and give them a reason to come back.

Fortunately for everyone, many plugins are available that greatly facilitate this process. And as a result, you will not have a surplus or shortage of goods, no time wasted, no errors in fulfilling orders, and much more.

If you are the one who needs this kind of help, then continue reading this article and find out which are the plugins that will change the way you manage orders for the better.

Order Export for WooCommerce

Order Export for WooCommerce

Spending time tracking your orders is a matter of the past. WooCommerce Order Export is a plugin that solves order management for you! This free and easy-to-use plugin will allow you to export the data you need. All of your data can be exported and downloaded with just a few simple clicks, but if you don’t need all of it, this plugin provides you with a sophisticated filter that helps you get only the data you need.

If you’re looking for more out of your plugin, WooCommerce Order Export PRO brings more fancy features to the table. Choosing the PRO version of this plugin will allow you to go beyond order management. It provides features to export all kinds of data, including customer, shipping, coupon, and category data.

The WooCommerce Order Export PRO plugin allows you to schedule your exports and deliver them to your inbox or via FTP. Instead of manually running order data exports, the plugin will save you some time and do it for you at the desired time.

Next to all of these features, the PRO version of this plugin enables you to track only new orders. You can set up a scheduled export to run for new orders, save time and avoid redundant information.

With a starting price as low as $49/year, WooCommerce Order Export PRO imposes itself as a logical choice for your order management tool. This paid version also comes with Premiere Support available at any time and offers a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders

Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders

Managing the completion of orders for various types of products can be simply done with Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders plugin. This plugin is compatible with all major payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, or SagePay.

You can choose when to complete the order, after successful payment, or regardless of payment status. You can also differentiate virtual and physical products and assign the rule for completion accordingly.

This free-to-use plugin will improve your customer satisfaction by completing sales faster.

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

Generating order numbers on WooCommerce assigns random number which usually does not follow an incremental sequence. The Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce plugin helps you organize order numbers in a consecutive or linear format.

After installing this plugin, the order number count will continue based on your previous number of orders. If you want to start fresh, there is an option to set a custom starting point.

A simple order number might not suffice. That’s why there is an option to add a custom prefix or a date. You can set up a template and choose how your order numbers will show.

This plugin is free, but there is also a premium version at $49/year.

Purchased Items Column for WooCommerce Orders

Purchased Items Column for WooCommerce Orders

With WooCommerce 3.0, “Purchased Column” disappeared. Purchased Items Column will reverse that for you! It will add back the Purchased Column. To avoid issues previously present in “Purchased Column”,  this plugin ensures orders querying only when you press the “View Products” button. That also means that product name and quantity will also show once you press that button.

The Purchased Items Column plugin brings back the precious feature lost with the WooCommerce upgrade. It is free to use and saves the resources with each page load.

WooCommerce Order Navigation

WooCommerce Order Navigation

Navigating through all of the orders that require processing might be overwhelming. Previously processed orders might get lost if you keep them in your head. The WooCommerce Order Navigation plugin will help you with this.

With simple “Next Order” and “Previous Order” buttons, you can always be on track and never lose time searching for the next in line.

This plugin is tailored for administrators and shop managers to help them navigate through orders in the order edit screen. It is free and easy to use.


In addition to the many problems with running a business, especially online stores, order management does not have to be one of them.

Maybe you still feel lost and unsure which plugins to try, so we suggest starting with the number 1 WooCommerce Order Export.

WooCommerce Order Export PRO offers several solutions to choose from, leaving you with no doubt. In the race with your competitors using these plugins, you will always be a few steps ahead, and you will also be able to focus on other tasks.

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