7 Reasons Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page

Your company still doesn't have a LinkedIn page? Learn why you need to change that today in the text below!

In an age where social media networks have taken over, LinkedIn remains one of the most powerful platforms for the future-ready company.

Here, we look at seven reasons why you should have a LinkedIn page.

1. Engage with a professional community

An outstanding feature of LinkedIn is that it attracts professionals who want to grow their network circles and engage more with reputable companies. By taking steps to create a LinkedIn company page, you will instantly start attracting this professional community and find better ways to engage with your followers.

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You will likely enjoy the ease of creating and sharing quality content that will help you build brand authority, which will see you pull in more followers and boost your platform’s ranking.

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2. Improve your brand’s perception

Most businesses are being increasingly judged by their social media presence, and by choosing to have a company page in the world’s most popular professional network, you can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation. All you need to do is professionally curate your updates, keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and offer excellent impressions about how your company thinks and acts.

3. Showcase your achievements

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that are great at showcasing your personality, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for showcasing your achievements.


The need to stand out from your competitors within this professional platform makes it critical to share those unique achievements, such as your company’s milestones or breakthrough progress on environmental protection. This makes LinkedIn a great public relations platform that boosts interest in your company’s operations and offerings.

4. Build and grow relationships

LinkedIn offers an open platform for your company to cultivate relationships with individuals and companies invested in your industry sector. By proving that you are worth paying attention to, you will open the door to attracting potential partnerships that will see your business grow massively.

5. Connect with potential employees

The ever-growing number of professionals on LinkedIn, who are always looking for employment opportunities, makes it a powerful platform for connecting with potential employees. Most companies rely on this platform to share job openings, go through resumes quickly, and find the best matches for your industry based on a candidate’s profile history.

6. Promote your services, products, or events

LinkedIn enables companies to run showcase pages for sharing in-depth information about their services, products, or upcoming events.

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The ease of creating these special pages to promote your latest offerings and the excellent lead generation capabilities of this platform will see you build more hype around your products and services.

7. Increase your search footprint

You can never overlook the SEO benefits of LinkedIn as search engines rank company pages and posts highly in their results.

To gain more from these capabilities, ensure you optimize your company’s description and post content with industry-relevant keywords.


LinkedIn was built for modern businesses, and you should prioritize leveraging these high-value opportunities it presents by creating and running your company page.

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