Top 5 educational computer games for students

During the last two years, we have all spent a lot of time inside. The global pandemic forced people to work remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. But it also forced students to learn remotely as campuses and colleges closed. Learning and writing remotely might have been something positive for many. But soon, some of them started struggling with finding their productivity and flow. And others managed their time effectively and had some time for fun too.

So, how do you have fun inside when you are not allowed to go out? You start playing computer games. The industry of video games has improved considerably during the last couple of years. What’s nice about it is that developers have managed to launch educational computer games too. Here are five educational computer games for students.

Minecraft Game


Minecraft is one of the best computer games for students. It helps you relax and unwind, something video games naturally create. But it also helps you improve your critical thinking and math skills. This is because the game is not about combat, but about exploring and finding resources.

Moreover, it is about building something with those resources and calculating the time you have left or how to divide the supplies. Sometimes, you might feel crowded by all the essays you need to write and you might need to relax. You can get help from the best essay writing service Australia with writing your paper and spend your free time playing video games and relaxing.

Where on Google Earth is Carmen SanDiego?

There are many games in the series, but this is the latest one. It is a popular game among students who want to enrich their knowledge of specific parts of the globe. This game helps you learn about the geography and history of a specific place while having fun. You have to interview locals and find clues to solve the mystery. But you learn a lot of helpful and nice things along the way. You can also play other games of the series and explore Egypt or Russia.

Google Earth

National Geographic Challenge

This is such a nice game that is gaining more and more popularity. For students who want to learn more about geography and history while having fun, this is one of the best educational games. There are timed challenges with questions on different levels. But what’s the best thing about this game is that all the questions and answers come with photos and videos from the National Geographic archive. So, you will also see animals and nature.

Democracy 3

The last few years have been marked by dramatic political changes around the world. There are more and more protests and each group is sustaining its opinion. Have you ever thought about getting into politics? Have you thought about what your life as a prime minister or country president would look like? Well, this is what Democracy 3 is about.

It is a simulation of a government you lead and you have to change policies and adjust other ones to lead the country and its citizens on the good path. This is a nice game student play that has a tremendous educational value. On one hand, it helps students understand politics, the tax system, homelessness, warfare, and other things better. On the other hand, it helps them understand if a career in politics would be a good fit for them. And, why not, come up with ingenious solutions for some of the most pressing issues of today’s society.

Board Game

Kerbal Space Program

Students who are passionate about space exploration, planets, space travel, and the universe need to find out about this game. Kerbal Space Program is an educational computer game students will love. It has three modes and depending on which one you choose, you have different tasks.

However, what you would have to do is to build a spacecraft based on real aerodynamics principles. You need to use it and then travel in space, build a space station, and do all kinds of activities. You expand your knowledge of the universe, but you also find out how the life of an astronaut looks. And you can learn a lot of new things about aerodynamics, space travel, spaceships, surviving in space, and many more.

VR Game

Final Words

The industry of video games has developed tremendously over the last couple of years. And players are of all ages. Game developers took a look into how the industry has developed over time and started creating educational games. They help students and all who play them to boost their critical thinking, math, and logical skills.

On top of this, they offer some nice information that will expand your knowledge on topics such as universe and space travel, aerodynamics, politics and policies, geography, resource management, and history. Learning can be fun if you play these games. Also, Solitaire Masters is a great addition to these games.

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