The Importance Of A Good Logo For Your Construction Page

A good logo is an important aspect of every Under Construction page. Here is why.

Launching a website might not happen overnight. Web development takes careful planning before the site becomes live. Otherwise, hasty decisions and improper implementation of procedures might inhibit site visitors from having a satisfying online experience.

However, don’t forget to put your brand’s logo on this page, even if the website isn’t complete.

Here are five reasons why you should design a good logo for your site’s “under construction” page:

A Strong First Impression

Many known brands create long-lasting impressions with their logos. Consumers can take one look at that image, and they’ll know the company name, along with its products and services.

Perhaps, you already have an established business, but you’re still in the process of creating an online presence. Including logo designs for under construction page helps your client base to look forward to the completion of your website.

If you don’t include your brand’s logo in the “coming soon” page, the temporary site might load with an unwelcoming or unappealing image. Leave an excellent first impression with your logo on the “under construction” page. You may also include a countdown timer when the site goes live. That way, your loyal customers will know when they can start browsing and buying your wares online.

Coming Soon Page

Reveals Your Brand’s Identity

Online privacy is a concern for many Internet users, including website owners. Perhaps you’re still building a brand from scratch. But you already have a logo to show the world. Include that image on your “coming soon” page for your site visitors to know what to expect when the website goes live.

For example, you’re developing a website for an up-and-coming online company. Place eye-catching Internet company logos on the “under construction” page to catch the attention of leads and potential customers. Include a preview of your services like cloud storage and data recovery services.

The inclusion of these elements helps your potential customers know your online services before your online business goes live. Also, these components help lessen the time it takes for clients to go through your sales funnel. So, you may have faster transactions and more opportunities to gain sales.

Exude Professionalism

Another advantage of showing your brand’s logo on your “under construction” page is it shows a professional approach in communicating with your target online audience.

Many people associate high-quality logo designs with the quality of products and services provided by businesses.

Let your potential leads and existing clients associate your logo, domain name, and business title with a trustworthy atmosphere from the beginning by placing your brand’s symbol on the “coming soon” page.

Outshine the Competition

Many website owners compete with other like-minded individuals in the same niche. For example, a site offering art products may compete with other sites that target the same creative audience.

But if your upcoming website only shows a text saying, “Coming Soon,” then you might be losing potential customers from a competitor that shows its logo from the start. Professionally-created logos exuding intuitive designs help in catching people’s attention from the start.

Under Construction

Your brand’s image may help in grabbing a significant portion of the market share for the short- and long-term. Remember, your potential and existing consumers associate your brand name and logo to the quality of your products or services. Create a competitive edge from the beginning by introducing your brand to your target audience even before you publish your completed website.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Strong branding helps build credibility, and one way to achieve that objective is to show your logo even before your finished website goes live.

A professionally-designed logo at your arsenal may help you gain loyal customers during the earliest stage of your online presence.

Showcasing your logo on your “coming soon” page will help build curiosity and interest from visitors. Once you hit the “Publish” button on your website, your past site visitors should now have a keen interest in buying your products or services. Complement those hardened interests by offering high-quality wares and services, and you may expect repeat business transactions from loyal customers.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good logo sitting in your “under construction” page regardless of the site’s nature. You might want to run a blog to influence a niche, or you’re about to connect your physical business to the online realm. Nonetheless, let these reasons help you place a professionally-designed brand image on your “coming soon” page to aid in gathering more site visitors for the long-term.

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