5 Important Tips to Keep a WordPress Blog Safe

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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms nowadays. The greatest thing about this platform is the flexibility it offers to its users. As such a flexible blogging solution, WordPress can serve as a hosting platform for both personal blogs and company websites. Either way, all WordPress users have one thing in common –… Read More

100+ Best VPN Services Roundup & Comparison

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The Internet used to be an open, border-free place. It was a complete contrast to the world we live in, where borders are all around us. Those days are long gone! Today Netflix offers different movies based on where you live. Airplane tickets have different prices based not on where you want to travel, but… Read More

Why You Should be Using a VPN and How to Choose the Right One

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In this days and age, much of our life gets transmitted over the internet, which is inherently insecure. Yet, it is possible to repel the forces arrayed against what you hold dear. Namely, there is no shortage of versatile VPN services to employ. The sheer number of them makes things a bit difficult, though. Namely,… Read More