7 Ways to Step up Your Video Marketing Strategy In 2018

Learn how to stand out from the crowd

Video marketing is slowly taking over, and experts see it as the future of content marketing.

With the intense competition out there, you need to use the right approach to get a portion of attention.

Social media – the best way to reach your audience

Start with YouTube. There are plenty of platforms where you can upload and watch videos online. However, we know that YouTube is the top of this league and has been so for many consecutive years. Once you have your video uploaded to this platform, it will contribute to your overall rankings with Google, so it’s also a great SEO strategy. Don’t forget to create a strong Youtube intro to keep your audience from watching your video from start to finish. Check out some video intro maker to help you achieve this. From there, you can share the video on some of the most prominent social media. Start with Facebook, but since we are not entirely clear what is going to happen to it due to the latest controversy, make sure you include Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

social media

Make it understood by all

Since you have dedicated the efforts to spreading your video online, make it equally meaningful to everyone viewing it. Add subtitles in various languages so broader audiences can understand the meaning of it. If your campaign can afford it, instead of subtitles, you can record the video or at least a voice over in different languages.

Achieve brand consistency

Every single move your business makes, not to mention, every single visual element should strive to achieve consistent brand identity. It should be recognized, in the colors, actions, values, statements, production processes, etc. As a person, you would not have trouble to stay consistent while sharing your views. However, a brand is a made-up persona, presented by many people through various media. This is why all of these efforts should be streamlined to get across the same message.

Show value to customers

You are no longer selling a product. What you are selling is a full package and a story behind it. Make sure that you emphasize the ways this package can benefit your potential customers. That is what they want to hear. They want someone with similar values in life to offer them a solution to a problem they have. Even if you are on social sites like Twitter and trying to build your online business there, this is very crucial to create a bond with your customers otherwise you can’t do well in your business. This is actually one of the most important strategies for business. To make the most profit you may look for Twitter followers apps to grow your audience.

What it is your product or services actually does, and how, is something they are willing to investigate into, once you manage to get their attention with the video.

The Internet is a goldmine of video inspiration, so make sure to do thorough research on some of the best videography designs that already made an impact and implement those successful solutions into your video strategy.

Don’t leave them hanging

While cliffhangers are a good thing, giving someone a quick preview and then letting them wait, with no actual strategy behind it is wasteful. You know that many of those who were attracted by your video will want to look you up online. If your website is under construction and they cannot access info from you, they will be genuinely disappointed and rightfully believe you did not think this through. However, if for any reason your webpage is not live, use the UnderConstructionPage plugin and generate videos with further info or add advice on what they should do until they can access the site.


Short format

In recent years, we have been made aware that our attention span is dropping. On top of that, many people will judge whether your content deserves a chance based on the time you want them to invest in it. Agencies specializing in video marketing will tell you that you should keep the length of your promotional video at around 60sec, 180 sec at the most. For creating such thumb-stopping
videos, we suggest checking this amazing video maker.

However, more extended formats should only be used once you have your audience hooked, to offer further information. The first seven secs are famously the most important, as well as a striking description and a thumbnail included with an uploaded video.

Catchy content

The content of your video should be memorable. It is airtight to inform and share, but you want something to leave an impression they can remember for hours, hopefully even days after having watched the video. Preferably it is something they think is worth a share. Include humorous content or a catchy song they’ll be humming for years.

People view millions, even billions of videos every day. Yours is meant to not only be one of them but also manage to stand out of the crowd. To do so, you have to incorporate the right elements into an effective strategy. Remember, a good video does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Engage your creativity and your expertise to create content everyone will want to talk about.

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