Reasons Why More Users and Web Designers Choose Drupal

Wondering whether Drupal could be your CMS of choice? Here is why you should consider it.

Today, most web designers and technology professionals search for security, flexibility, and reliability to come up with features on a website! They need a platform that gets equipped with a robust architecture, and that joins hands with third-party applications.

It caters to all the business and technical requirements of web designers and brands.

Simply put, Drupal is an open-source CMS that powers of websites and applications.  It comes with no proprietary code. It is extensible and completely flexible. It gets supported by a proactive developer’s community, where there’s massive scope for modules, distributions, and themes.  Furthermore, Drupal today caters to the essential market imperatives, which, according to Forrester, are:

1. Make use of Big Data for developing insights

Big Data is crucial. Its relevance depends on how well people are using it. You need to look for ways to interpret data for taking your business forward. Here Drupal offers a stable foundation for enabling the organizations to deliver enhanced data-driven social, web, and mobile experiences.


2. It welcomes the shift to mobile

Today, people use their mobile much more than ever, and there’s no going back on this trend! Also, businesses today must provide enhanced mobile experiences at the correct time and in the best way possible. It helps to garner more customer goodwill and loyalty. Drupal caters to mobile-first initiatives, responsive experiences, mobile apps, and the like.

3. Transforming customer experience

Transformation gets best defined as the process of acclimatizing to specific experiences, to ensure there is maximum customer delight. Drupal’s web development helps in attaining this capacity fast and effectively. It makes the necessary changes and generates improved customer experiences.

Since Drupal caters to these essential aspects, most companies and business owners opt-in for it as their CMS, however, it is necessary to know more about the finer nuances about Drupal before you opt-in for it. For this, you need to join hands with an ace web designer or service provider. To know more about this, you can check out

The online strategies and Drupal web development

Users and web designers need to know the advantages and features of Drupal before they opt-in for it. The crucial ones are as follows:

1. Speed and innovation

Innovation is an essential aspect of this competitive world! And this quality decides who the business leader will be today.

In the majority of the industries, there are challenges from new market players, changing customer demands, and competitive models.

It demands that companies provide for faster, useful, and better online solutions. It is essential to deliver so that a business can survive. And Drupal as CMS supports innovation for creating exceptional experiences.

Speed and innovation walk hand in hand! It helps to generate increased opportunities and possibilities. When you opt-in for Drupal, it indicates you are no longer restricted to past ideas and technologies. You have the chance to explore new technologies and create an updated business website. Drupal is open-source, and that indicates new digital experiences. And it will help you to scale up your business in many ways.

2. Drupal provides authoring and a community

Content Authoring

One of the best advantages of Drupal is that it comes with a vast community! Today, more than 3,000 people had contributed to the updated Drupal 8, through testing as well as code contributions. This community backs up many Drupal web developers who develop their experience through projects on CMS. It also helps to update, improve, support, and troubleshoot the platform.

Furthermore, Drupal’s authoring experience is easy and fast! It comes with the WYSIWYG editor that makes it simple for people to understand the outcome of their code. Additionally, it provides in-line and in-context editing on the web pages. It acts as one of the core benefits for those who wish to manage and edit their website content. Furthermore, Drupal is highly responsive, and that can make use of the platform for pleasant web experience on the phone, tablet, desktop browser, and various other devices.

Drupal’s huge community comprises of theme designers that provide templates which are rich in features that assist you in developing the site. It also provides aesthetics, fonts, color schemes, stock graphics as well as layout editors. All these makes it simpler to work with the third-party elements seamlessly.

3. Freedom and scalability

Drupal is highly scalable and can match up to any organization size, irrespective of where the company is in its growth cycle. As a CMS, Drupal scales as the companies expand. It grows with the company’s new targets and objectives. Today, Drupal gets used by several companies, i.e., small, medium, and big scale companies that make the necessary changes as they innovate and move forward.

Drupal Performance and Scaling

Also, web designers need to know that website development using Drupal offers excellent freedom. Most people won’t find the same in other commercial alternatives. Simply put, the business systems have their ways of working and showcase a particular path that you need to follow. You also have to deal with specific restrictions and limits.  Since Drupal is an open-source CMS, you don’t get to face any limitations here.

It means here you can develop the exact digital experience that you wanted your website to provide, sans any restrictions. It allows self-paced progress in various web development projects and also encourages new ideas and collaborations. It doesn’t lock in a single process and system, offering the freedom to pursue the web development process you want.

You can scale up Drupal CMS from a mere five pages to almost 5,000 pages and more. For this, you don’t have to modify anything. All you need to do is manage the performance parameters and security aspects using the admin console. And since Drupal is open-source, it provides you all the freedom from various licenses for selling the development work, completed utilizing this platform. There’s no need for users to pay any royalty as well. Each person can access the program and application source codes, which gets designed by Drupal.

4. Security features

It is one of the essential benefits that you need to consider. Drupal guarantees ample security. Going back to 2015, Drupal’s annual security report suggests that there was no exploited vulnerability in this CMS. And that resulted in no upgrade or patch is available during public disclosure. One of the closes examples of the same was the XML-RPC code library that got used in the early versions of Drupal. Most vendors who used this library were at significant risk. However, there were no dangerous attacks that got noticed. Hence, Drupal as a CMS is highly secure, and it provides regular patches. It also safeguards users from getting exploited and making it apt for enterprise clients.

Drupal Security

5. Multiple modules

The other essential aspect of Drupal is its modules! Here you can come across thousands of modules and that too for free. You can access the same in the Drupal community. And these modules will enable you to add-on specific features on the website. You can obtain security tools, CRM, migrate/back-up options, social media for the SEO, and various other modules as well. You might want to consider them as Lego Blocks. Then you will know these modules help you to build your website effectively.

There are several Drupal modules such as news aggregation, user administration, meta-information scalability, distributing work process, and others get prepared for future scalability.  Other extra choices, such as calendar, websites, discussions, blogs, and online businesses, get implemented at the right time in the future. Also, multiple third-party modules can get looked over for developing Drupal. Hence, when it comes to selecting the modules, make sure that you take the advice of an expert service provider. It will help you to cater to your website requirements.

6. No specialized coding

It is essential to know that Drupal doesn’t need a functional capacity for coding, for instance, HTML coding.

Users, who don’t have the necessary know-how on coding and programming language, can also design their website using Drupal CMS.

If users can craft a mix of transformations on their website, then they can use web programs such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  You also have the option to copy and paste directly from MS-Word or any other text editor as well.

7. It comes with a vast range of API support

Google Apps, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and various others provide broad API support for Drupal. And with the assistance of APIs, you have the chance to develop your module seamlessly.


Today, it is essential to accelerate your online business! The world is changing at a faster pace today. Your business must be ready to change and also stays agile.  There are multiple applications, offerings, services, and sites that are coming up way faster than ever. And it is essential for business owners to keep up with these changes and cater to all the customer needs. Considering all these aspects, it is safe to say that Drupal can function as a new-age innovation engine. It has much more to provide other than a static tool for website development. It acknowledges the fact that digital is not only marketing but business as well. And as a CMS, it helps to accelerate ways to digitize the business.

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