5 Best Reader Options That Will Fit Students’ Budgets

You're a student on a budget looking for a reader? Here are your best options!

It’s not a secret that nowadays to be a student is not merely about studying; it’s about having a thousand things to do on your list, lots of classes to visit, and places to be. But it’s impossible to be this kind of a student when you carry around a heavy bag, full of books, worksheets, and notes.

In the list below, you’ll find the best reader options to help you with that task. They are not just incredibly useful, but also will have a small effect on your budget.

If you’re so busy that you have no spare time to finish your enormous list of assignments, remember that a paper writer is always there for you to provide some help. You can rely on the authors who will make your essays perfect.

And now, let’s get to the best reader options that you can’t pass by!

1.  Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Clara HD

With a screen size of 6 inches, a weight of only 5,9 oz, and a memory of 180 GB, this compact electronic device will be irreplaceable. Not too big and not too small; this perfectly designed Kobo will become your perfect companion. It will serve you in commutes to and from university, as well as in every class and at home.

Furthermore, the device has easily adjusted light that doesn’t hurt your eyes. Among other benefits of Koho is that it supports multiple languages and can be synchronized with your overdrive library.

2.  Sony Digital Paper

Sony Digital Paper

Sony Digital Paper turned out to be one of the best readers this year. The undeniable advantage of this gadget is that it’s compatible with almost any format.

It comes with a pen, so you can use it not only for reading but for writing as well. Sony Digital Paper has a very simple menu, as the main function of it is to read; hence you’ll meet no complicated extra functions or additional apps.

3.  Kindle

Kindle reader

This device serves a single purpose, and it’s reading! That’s why you can’t get distracted by email, notifications, or social media. Its convenient size of a usual paper book, long battery life (it can run for days and weeks without recharging) are the great advantages of this choice. But if it’s not enough to convince you, the following information will help.

The biggest problem with all electronic devices is their impact on your vision. Kindle covers this problem, as well. While reading it, you’re not looking at the source of light, because it simply doesn’t need a light to produce a visible image. Meaning it is not harmful to your eyes at all. So the more you want to concentrate on reading, the better Kindle becomes for you.

4.  Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader

This app is perfect for people who enjoy reading actively and working with the text during their lessons. It is perfect for studying since it allows you to look words up in a dictionary (including contextual searching), highlight, and take notes. If you want to use it on different devices, you can sync pages, so you’ll never miss the spot where you stopped.

Using this tool, you can also see statistics of your work with this app and its books, browse for new features, and download them.

5.  Reading Life

Reading life

With the help of this app, you’ll find out what is “social reading”. It will introduce you to sharing your favorite moments, quotes, books with your friends and subscribers. The best part of this is being able to discuss what you’ve learned with other people.

We all know that it’s a crucial part of the educational process – to talk over the new topics, to discuss different points of view, to explain them to other people. Thus you’ll learn faster and more efficiently. That’s why social learning is a new trend of our time.

Wrapping Up

It’s a very brief list of reader options that students have nowadays, and with no doubts, there are numerous of them which are not covered in here. But that’s what makes it difficult to find the one, the device or app which will be perfect for you and your needs.

If you are a freshman, it’s time to choose a tool to study with. Maybe it’s time to stop using paper books?

In this article, based on the prices, and reviews, you can find the best options that exist currently on the market. Check them out and trust the word, among them you’ll find the reader which you’ll fall in love with.

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