SourceForge Presents Six Best VPS Providers (2023)

Generally speaking about VPS hosting, it would be your best choice if you require a more advanced solution than just shared hosting. It would also allow you to pay a much more comfortable price than a dedicated server, in case this factor is crucial to your project. Otherwise, some simply don’t want to deal with bare metal server hardware’s complexity. Virtual Private Server has its own environment: full control over OS, software extensions, and all their settings. Each VPS instance has allocated resources – CPU cores, a reasonable amount of RAM, and some storage space on the disk drive. Web professionals and users with online businesses often prefer VPS over other options due to its scalability.

The desire to trust the confident operator found the best VPS providers in January 2023.


This operator has more than 20 years of experience in managed VPS. They guarantee free migration from the other platforms. Their service costs are more expensive than competitors. It starts from $29.95 per month with the condition of the 36-month contract. All plans include these options:

  • Software one-click installer:
  • The top-level control panel;
  • Daily recovery backups;
  • 9% activity time;
  • Free domain and SSL for better search engine rankings.

This company is open to all market players, including the government. They use only NVMe storage devices – the new level of data security.


This Ukrainian company is the best cloud VPS provider at the peak of interest due to the international supporting campaign for this country. They offer the leading technologies. When you rent a VPS, you have complete control over the operating system, software extensions, and all of their settings. The essential resources of CPU cores, RAM, and storage are allotted to each VPS instance. Customers vote for them because of:

  • Friendly 24/7/365 support
  • Uptime 99,9% Guarantee
  • Onboarding Migration
  • Choose Data Center in the Netherlands, Ukraine, or USA
  • VSYS Host offers 1Tbps of IP traffic
  • 1 Gbps Premium Uplink
  • 200 Mbps of Bandwidth Guaranteed
  • Browser-Based Console & Reboot
  • Install From Client’s ISO
  • KVM Virtualization – Linux, BSD or Windows
  • Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • OS Reinstall on Request
  • VPN Server Installation
  • Accepting Crypto Payments


Cloudzy has a unique offer – VPS for Forex trading. Like others on Windows or Linux platforms, their price is between $8 and $129. Free domain and dedicated IP are the obligatory options. However, the limited 15 TB bandwidth spoils the image. The NVMe disks have 60 to 400 GB of space, which is uncomfortable for active websites.


That’s a young company suitable for relatively small business projects. It’s true because their maximal storage capacity is 400 GB. They have the best VPS hosts across the US and some in Frankfurt, but their connection speed is 1 Gbps. It’s not enough for challenging projects. The GPU function isn’t available. But the unlimited bandwidth significantly increases the number of simultaneous users. The price depends on the selected control panel. Hestia is the cheapest platform here – the server under its heart starts from $5. Plesk adds $10 to the initial price. cPanel virtual private servers cost $22 per month.


This American operator provides premium quality Linux VPS Hosting. Fully managed Linux VPS hosting solution with free 24/7 support, root access, 5 minutes average response time, a 100% uptime guarantee, and free weekly Linux backups. The last Linux VPS hosting solution you’ll ever need.

All Plans Include:
  • Unlimited free migrations
  • No Control Panel Required
  • Root Access
  • FREE Fully-Managed Support
  • Dedicated/Static IP Address
  • Unlimited Number of Services
  • FREE SSL Installation
  • NVMe Disk Storage


Finally, we decided to present to you the exciting company called Zomro. It’s a dynamic company from Ukraine. It started its way in 2014 and today has offices worldwide. Zomro’s young team offers several categories of VPSes:

  • Classic virtual private servers for general purposes
  • Solutions for Forex and market traders
  • Unique products for high-load resources
  • Servers with extensive storage for challenging projects

This brand exploits untraditional ports – 250 and 500 Mbps while their competitors prefer 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps. The price starts from €4.


All operators from the list are secure and confident. They provide premium-level service for good money. That means a high ping and 99.9% uptime. Support groups work every day without breaks, ready to respond to attacks or interruptions. The customers often don’t know about that. It’s a reason to choose one of their plans.

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