Small Businesses on Instagram: How to get Results

We often talk about major brands using Instagram to bring in more clients. But the truth is, small businesses have as much to gain, if not more, by using this social media. When you can reach more than 1 billion persons at a time, it only makes sense to at least try. Especially since Instagram is free to start. Here is how small businesses can grow through this unique social media.

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Brands are being followed on Instagram

It is important to look into this information, to understand better the power of Instagram for businesses. Statistics are showing that over 90% of Instagram users are following at least one brand, on the app. In other words, people are looking to be advertised on this social media. But furthermore, it has proven its capacity to bring on results as well, at least according to data provided by Facebook, in 2019.

It said that 54% of users had bought a product or a service, after seeing it advertised on Instagram. This says all you need to know about social media, which is that posting on it can bring you results rapidly.

Quality of Stories is Priority Number One

If you have never posted a story on Instagram, you absolutely need to create with an Instagram story background template, at least to start. These templates will make you look professional, from the get-go.

Users of the app can tell right away if a brand is a wannabe or something legit. And so, you can’t afford to look like the second group, or else, customers will just move on, and not come back to your account, in the future.


Don’t be afraid to ask

Your customers know what they like or dislike, better than you can ever guess. And so, the best way to communicate on Instagram is to ask them what they want to see from your company, on it.

You may be surprised, as we all tend to focus on what we believe is the most important traits of our products and services, while they may just want to see life inside your company or which foundations you support. You will never know if you don’t enquire, and the best way to do so is to enter the subject into the conversation, the next time you talk with them.

Look at Your Competitors

This is probably more important if you are just starting in your industry. You need to understand what works best, and the solution to this issue is simple: See what those who are at the top are posting, so that you can do the same about your own products and services. It doesn’t matter if you copy the strategy, as long as it looks like it comes from you.

You will have to use your own colors, and messages while adapting them to the position that you will find inside your competitors’ posts.


Target the Right Audience

With over 1 billion users, you can be assured that a large part will not be interested in what you sell. If these are the people you end-up reaching, you will never be satisfied with your results. So, make sure you use the right hashtags on all posts.

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