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Security is always a number one priority. It doesn’t matter if you own a traditional brick-and-mortar store or an online business. Security should always be a crucial step in doing any kind of business online. By implementing the right security protocols, you can ensure that your job is safe and that both data and communication are safeguarded adequately. However, way too many business owners disregard security until a breach has already taken place. Don’t be one of these people.

One should consider tools that might readily safeguard information, emails, and media to take action before everything is destroyed and lost. Today, we’ll be showcasing one of the top software programs for managing, sharing, and safeguarding data. One of the easiest solutions to manage your data, Sealit doesn’t require a password. Continue reading to learn how it works and get a detailed breakdown of its features.

What is Sealit?

One of the most effective solutions for safeguarding and securing sensitive data while being sent over email is Sealit. It safeguards your private information even in the event of an attack. Additionally, Sealit interacts with email management programs like Gmail and Outlook, making it simple for users to send encrypted emails using their current accounts.

Sealit will also send you a warning if it detects that a user entered the incorrect recipient while sending an email. To make things even more by the book, Sealit conforms with GDPR and HIPAA, guaranteeing continuous safety for your company. All platforms and popular operating systems are compatible with Sealit.

In addition to this, both desktop and mobile apps are available. The smartphone application uses biometrics to provide email and file decryption. To access any files, this tool requires face or touch identification.

Email Composition

It’s simple to create emails with the Sealit web app. When you click the “New Message” button in the upper right corner, a box for inputting the message, the recipient of your encrypted mail, the subject, and a button for attachments will appear immediately.

Simply click the “Seal and Send” button once you have finished composing your text and adding files. It’s that simple. It’s also worth noting that if you mistakenly send a message while it is still being written or if you forget to add an attachment, you can always correct it. The designers have considered every possibility.

Before any email goes out, a pop-up box will ask you if you are confident you want to send this precise message. If you’re confident that the content of your email is as you wanted, send it straight away; if not, edit it again.

File Encryption

In addition to sending encrypted emails, as we already said, you can also encrypt and exchange files up to 200 MB from your PC. Simply drag and drop the file to upload after pressing the “File encrypt/decrypt” button in the top right corner.

Enter the email address of the person you wish to share the file with when the upload is complete. It will then save the file to your computer so that you may attach it to an email. It really is that easy.


A unique biometric Sealit ID, password-free email and file encryption and decryption, secure monitoring analytics for secret information flow, email integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and other providers via Outlook, and other features of Sealit are included in every pricing package.

The first price tear comes around to $79 in the form of a one-time payment. It comes with a license for 10 users and offers unlimited monthly email sending, unlimited encrypted file storage, unlimited Sealit-connected email accounts, unlimited analytics monitoring, and unlimited recipient users. The second tier offers everything the first does, plus licenses for 25 users. This tier is priced at $158. 100 user licenses and prior features are included in the final package, with a one-time fee of $237.

Final Thoughts

Fighting away cybercrime may seem like a losing battle at first, but with the proper tools and software at your disposal, you can become virtually immune to it. One of the greatest software programs for providing reliable data exchange, monitoring, and robust protection is Sealit.

This tool integrates seamlessly into your work and is simple to use and access. It doesn’t need accounts or passwords since it employs a biometric Sealit ID, and it easily manages data given to it. Just take a look at the features, and pick the pricing package that works best for you.

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