How to Kick Off a Business in College

You're a college student with a great business idea? Here's how you can turn it into reality!

Do you know what is common for Microsoft, Reddit, Facebook, and Google? We bet you do very well: college students have founded these mentioned companies. In three cases, it was successful cooperation of students (Microsoft, Reddit, and Google). One case is a story of a sole achievement because Mark Zuckerberg responded to the need to connect with fellow students.

All in all, what we want to say is, starting and advancing business in college is quite a doable task. But how should the first steps look like? What can we advise you, not knowing what you dream of doing? Let’s see, and maybe we can surprise you.

Financial Question

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You can’t start doing something without money, right? It is unlikely that you have wealthy elderly relatives who will bequeath you a lot of money. You are an ordinary student who can afford tuition fees, but that’s it. So, what can you do?

Have you heard about Kickstarter? Of course. And you can learn a lot about successful businesses which began their financial existence from this place. We will not go into details regarding how to start fundraising on Kickstarter and how much you will need to pay for their help.

Also, you should be aware that funding does not mean successful realization. Still, it’s an excellent place to receive suitable financing if you advertise your business correctly.

If Kickstarter does not work for you because of your business peculiarities, consider your college student status for receiving money. With this, you can start saving financial aid or scholarship. You can also discuss the matter with an academic advisor to know where you can receive loans, grants, or other financial resources. Just don’t be shy and remember that a lot of famous businesses have started at colleges.

Educational Side

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You have money, and you have a concept of your future business. But it’s not enough. You will need to learn at least the very basics of how to advance and maintain your business. It will be much easier for you if you are studying at a business school. But do not get discouraged if your future degree is not related to studying the intricacies of doing business.

We live in an era of almost unlimited opportunities. All you need to do is conduct your research on where you can get the necessary primary education. Courses, short programs, additional classes at your college – the world helps those who know what they want. At the very least, you can contact your academic advisor again and learn what and who can give you your knowledge.

Believe in yourself in the first place. You can rock it!


Small meeting

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. In the beginning, you will be full of strength, ambition, and enthusiasm, but slowly (or promptly), you will start burning out. Hence, consider making connections. Talk with fellow students, professors, or people who have a vast experience in your chosen field. Discuss your ideas and assumptions to polish your future business.

You may consider finding a mentor who will help with your business idea. Just remember that you will need to give something for such help or cooperate on another person’s conditions.

Be careful here. Try to investigate nuances of offered advice, and analyze all possible risks. Even the brightest and the most promising idea can choke because of greed and envy.

Of course, you may wish to make friends. But do not forget that you can find very few success stories about friends who started a business. You can become friends with your potential partners, but do not make friends into your partners even if you are confident.

Businesses will likely destroy friendships. Hence, don’t hesitate to make useful connections. Likewise, many would take advantage of your opportunities to promote their business. That’s how this world works.


Woman drinking hot drink

Kicking off a business in college means that you will have to combine a lot of things. Sometimes, you can even forget to take care of yourself.

Let us remind you of a few aspects. They are quite obvious, but, believe us, they are very quickly forgotten when you need to do everything.

  1. To-Do List. End your day by making a plan for tomorrow. Or begin your day with making plans, it’s up to your preferences. The only important thing is not forgetting to do it because you will find your busy life much easier when you have your task visualized.
  2. Boundaries. When you have a meeting with your friends, you are at some club or cafe, and your friends ask you to stay until closing or morning because your weekend starts tomorrow, try to tell them “no.” One sleepless night will do a great disservice to you and will interrupt your schedule.
  3. Outside help. Do not be afraid of it. Especially when you see that you can’t combine all things. Visit, where you can find a helping hand and professional assistance with your study.
  4. Rest. Please, do not neglect it. And monitor your mental and physical well-being. Remember, you won’t be able to remain an aspiring entrepreneur for a long time without health.

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