Is Boosting Necessary in Modern MMO RPGs and How to Order a Service So as Not to Get Banned or Scammed

In the era of the development of projects in the MMO RPG genre, more and more players come to the servers and start leveling their heroes, pushing in hunting zones and periodically not even knowing the basic principles of leveling in order to progress faster.

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If you ask yourself the question – what is more important in MMOs is speed, or saturation with gold and equipment, then you need to find a compromise.

If you invest in leveling speed, then most of the mechanics will not be available until you resolve the issue with equipment that will be relevant for your level.

If you constantly squeeze the most out of each location and level, then you will feel much more confident, however, you will miss most of the content that the developers add, and when you reach the desired value, they will no longer be so relevant that you can feel the novelty factor.

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The role of boosting in the pumping system

In the MMO RPG, there are three main methods of pumping

  • Quests
  • Grind, or farm
  • Boosting


These are the main and secondary tasks that the game developers of the selected project set for you to reveal the main storyline to you, familiarize you with the main mechanics in a fairly playful way and present key content with a gradual increase in the level of difficulty to make it interesting to play, but not super difficult, as this may intimidate players.

Secondary tasks are additional tasks that you can complete at your discretion. They are needed to add new variations and ways for players to gain experience and gold, but in fact they are the main benefit, only mixed with the main tasks.

The main quests should give rapid progress to all classes, including supports, which have a hard time killing a large number of monsters, while secondary quests only accelerate this figure, making pumping more profitable. There is no point in chasing only secondary errands.


Grind is a leveling method based on good old hunting. Your task is to destroy monsters as quickly as possible with ordinary and mass skills, but you need to understand that this format of gaining experience is not suitable for everyone.

You have to deal a lot of damage to monsters in any form to prioritize grinding on quests, otherwise the quest option becomes more profitable.

The same supports will complete the task faster by killing the required number of monsters than they will fill the same amount of experience in the hunting zones, and the magicians, on the contrary.


Boosting is a type of pumping in which you join a group with strong players or transfer your account and get a strong increase in experience through outside help.

You can see offers for such a service literally on every server from ordinary players and professional services, or find boosting service on your own.


Boosting from ordinary players

Boosting service from regular gamers is very popular, because players often ask for payment in the form of in-game gold, and not real money, so the risks are always less, but this is only at first glance.

Firstly, such boosters bear almost no personal responsibility for your valuables, or the security of your account and transactions.

Such a player can always just leave the server after receiving an advance payment and change his hero, transferring all the equipment while remaining with your savings.

The game administration will not help you because you voluntarily transferred the game currency to another gamer, which means there will be no sanctions.

If the performer is honest, then you need him to meet the following criteria:

  • He had authority on the server – unknown players will definitely throw you for money, and eminent ones will value their reputation.
  • Equipped well enough to kill monsters en masse – You don’t need a single hero who will be hitting one monster for a long time. This will no longer be boosting, but pumping with notes of torment and a waste of money and time.
  • Must have a stable internet – every project has well-known players who are rarely invited because of the constant crashes from the game. Worst of all, if such performers get into boosting.

Service boosting

It will be more expensive, and you will need to transfer an account to implement the service, but the difference is worth it.

If you choose a proven service, the transaction will take only a few hours, and you will go about your business and wait for a notification about the completion of the service.

Transferring an account to complete an order is necessary to eliminate the client’s influence on the speed and quality of the deal – it is much easier for the booster to upgrade the hero on his own – performing all the actions necessary to accelerate progress.

The service always gives a money-back guarantee in case of disputes and provides anonymity and all the necessary types of disguise to avoid unnecessary attention from the gaming administration.

Who needs a boost

Boosting is perfect for players who want to get into high level content as quickly as possible and try out the most interesting PVP, dungeons and PVE.

A good option if you decide to change your main character, or rather his profession, but do not want to re-pump the hero – boosting will speed up the process of replacing the main character.

Some supports cannot be upgraded without a group, and if for some reason at various stages of the game you are not taken into groups, preferring attacking classes, then you can always order boosting to raise the level of your hero and speed up the approach of a more pleasant phase of the game.

Errors when ordering boosting

The chance of getting a ban and other sanctions with such a service is minimal, because the game administration needs strong evidence of the incident, otherwise everything will turn into a banal witch hunt – after all, they can pump not only as a service, but also just like that, in a friendly way.

When transferring an account to a service, or to another player, always leave a backup account recovery tool just in case.

You can simply change your passwords and steal various valuables using the confusion – you will of course return them through technical support, but you will burn a lot of nerves.

Of course, professional services will not deal with such nonsense, but not all ordinary players have honesty so that they can be trusted to the end.

Always change the password upon completion – the services are responsible for the safety of personal data and property only for the period of the service, and then it is solely your responsibility, especially when using a personal safety app.

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