Increase Engagement on Your Website with a WordPress CRM plugin

Not happy with the engagement on your website? This article will teach you how to improve it using a WordPress CRM plugin!

The way search engines work, driving traffic is becoming more of a long-term strategy. With over half a million websites being created every day, the competition will only become fiercer. On the other hand, highly engaged audiences are likely to buy your products, recommend your services wholeheartedly, and provide unrelenting support to your business. That’s exactly why it’s essential to focus on increasing engagement while you work long-term on driving traffic to your website.

CRMs haven’t just made businesses flourish; they’ve become the best way to communicate and engage with the audiences. The continuous evolution of CRM tools has finally given rise to the simplest solutions you could imagine.

If you are a WordPress website admin, we have good news for you. You won’t have to rely on expensive monthly subscription-based (and yet ridiculed for restricted functionalities) SaaS tools hosted out of the bounds of your websites anymore! CRM functionalities can now be inside your WordPress dashboard and can help you effectively retain your customers! And a WordPress CRM plugin can assist you in increasing engagement like never before. With that said, let’s find out how you can increase engagement on your website with a WordPress CRM.

1. Build a list

Contact list next to laptop

First things first, you need to build a genuine subscriber list. Luckily, modern search engines have made self-education as easy as a breeze and give special attention to quality content. Hence, your prospects can find your content and study up. If the prospect has found what they need from your website, you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s on you to establish direct contact with them. WordPress CRM plugins make this a cakewalk.

Leading WordPress CRM plugins help you collect leads via forms and make it easier to engage with your audience. This enables you to centralize your target audience inside your WordPress dashboard and makes your communication more dynamic and responsive.

Note that when you have something as good as a CRM, it might be tempting to buy a list. But in truth, it will only harm your reputation. The best marketers believe that subscriber lists can’t be purchased; they can only be earned. Thus, it’s best to focus on building a list through high-quality content marketing strategies, effective landing pages, lucrative offers, timely discounts, giveaways, etc.

2. Segment your audience

The reason engagement is invaluable is that it fosters the most critical aspect of the relationships. It creates an emotional bond where your audience’s interests and demographics are reflected in the topics your website generally covers. Every successful website has figured this out, and the case won’t be much different for you. Hence the smartest thing is to identify the loopholes that are bothering your audience and try to address their pain points.

The next smart thing is to add all this information into your CRM solution and segment your audience according to their demographics and behaviors. This helps you reach out to your audience with a personal touch. According to studies, audiences love to see personalized content that is tailored just for them!

3. Create an onboarding strategy

Man wanting to shake hands

Once you’re done with lead acquisition and segmentation, you need to engage with your leads to build a stable relationship that lays the foundation for their journey with your website or eCommerce business. You need a solid relationship-building strategy that will smoothen the transition from a lead to a loyal visitor, and finally, to a loyal customer.

For example, learning to use a new service or gadget is intimidating for most people. If you can welcome your subscribers warmly and convince them that they can access better options with minimal hassle, your game gets a whole lot easier. WordPress CRM plugins can do just that by helping you set up a proper lead onboarding process. You can set up several sequences that will not only enable you to onboard your leads but will also let you leverage your tasks via automation or workflows.

4. Build a relationship

An onboarding process lays the foundation for building a relationship. But the key to increasing engagement lies within guiding your audience’s journey and building a special relationship. However, it’s not an easy task. Building a relationship includes lots of complex tasks such as understanding why your past audiences left, gathering feedback from your existing audiences, reaching out to them often, providing excellent support when required, etc.

But if you can pull off these tasks together, you’ll surely hit the jackpot. A better relationship with your audience helps reduce churn, boosts customer’s lifetime value, and increases brand advocacy. This means you’ll prevent them from leaving your website for someone else’s website, earn higher revenue per average customer, and your revenue will be maximized through “word of mouth” marketing.

A WordPress CRM can provide all the necessary tools for building a relationship. The centralized data platform and auto-synchronization features will help you gain the utmost insights while the communication tools provide you with ways to connect, engage and delight your audience by reaching out to them and fixing their issues!

5. Personalize, personalize and personalize!

Man and woman looking at laptop

Everyone loves personalized content! Adobe’s consumer behavior study discovered that a whopping 67% of consumers feel brands must personalize content for them. That’s why it is recommended that you gather and analyze your audience’s demographic and behavioral data to understand their preferences.

WordPress CRM plugins can help you engage with your audience by offering intuitive ways to interact and centralize your audience’s data. They enable you to make each process – be it email campaigns, lead management, and other interactive options available on your dashboard for reliable, personalized engagement.

Since the data is centralized, the demographic and behavioral data will be easily accessible. The communication modules will also let you know how your audiences are interacting with your offerings, allowing you to understand their interests and segment your lists more efficiently as you keep reaching out to them. And needless to say, with a well-segmented list, you will be better prepared to tailor highly-personalized content that adds value and keeps your audience hungry for more!

Whether it’s providing customer insights or predicting changes in response trends, WordPress CRM plugins cover it all. Creating optimum engagement is what the best CRM plugins offer. They help broaden the connection between a prospect and the website as it stores and categorizes each and every interaction.

To sum up, CRMs could easily be known as the scaffolding that holds the audience experience strategy together, so you can focus on increasing engagement and delighting the audience by ensuring the best experience.

Need a WordPress CRM?

Don’t look beyond FluentCRM!

FluentCRM – Marketing Automation for WordPress

FluentCRM is a marketing automation plugin for WordPress. What does it do?

It integrates with all popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, TutorLMS, AffiliateWP, etc., and centralizes the data of your customers, members, students, affiliates, and anyone who wants to get in touch with you.

It also provides you with excellent email marketing tools so that you can connect and get engaged with your audience regularly.

And the best part? – FluentCRM is very inexpensive compared to the available cloud CRM solutions. For only $129/year, you can get the full functionality of the CRM plugin; no add-ons are required!

[Get FluentCRM]


FluentCRM comes with a wide range of features and makes everything accessible on your WordPress dashboard. It is an on-premise CRM that lets you establish, manage and track relationships with your audience. FluentCRM features include:

1. 360° contact view

FluentCRM 360° contact view

FluentCRM features a 360° contact view through which you can check the lead’s demographic and behavioral data such as basic information, communication history, purchase history, form submissions, and check engagement records. You can also log various information and keep notes about a particular contact manually. This helps you get all the data in a centralized dashboard and provides a greater understanding of your audience.

2. Dynamic Segmentation

FluentCRM dynamic segmentation

Segmentation is vital for better targeting and personalization. FluentCRM lets you create unlimited lists and tags to segment your audience according to your preferences. And most importantly, there’s a module that allows you to dynamically segment your audience according to their demographics and behaviors. This helps you understand your audience at a glance and avoid reaching out to the wrong audience.

Suppose some of your audience didn’t open any of your emails for the last 3 months. If you’ve been sending lots of emails to such users, your emails could easily end up in the spam folder. With FluentCRM, you can automatically put these non-engaging audiences on a separate list so that you can delete them to avoid sending spam.

3. Email campaign management

FluentCRM email campaign management

To communicate with your audience effectively, FluentCRM provides you with a communication module that doesn’t only help you create highly converting email campaigns but also lets you experiment with and track them. With FluentCRM, you can craft any kind of email, target the correct audience, test out email subject lines, set link tracking, and track your email campaigns and CTR!

4. Email sequencing

FluentCRM email sequencing

Another great feature of FluentCRM is that you can set up email sequences according to your various requirements. This allows you to set up a series of emails for onboarding your audience, guide them via step-by-step tutorials, etc.

Suppose you have a free learning program that you’ve broken up into 7 parts. FluentCRM’s email sequence feature will let you create a sequence of 7 emails that can be sent one after another. You can also track whether one of the emails in your sequence isn’t bringing traffic to your website as it should by checking out the sequence reports. A very handy feature if you’re looking beyond launching simple email campaigns.

5. Marketing automation

FluentCRM marketing automation

Of course, CRM solutions need marketing automation to tie things together.

What is marketing automation? Think of it as setting up some if/then statements to automate everything FluentCRM can do. For example, you can take a look at the image above. This can be a possible automation scenario if you’re running a social media marketing course and the interested applicants need to submit a form. You might want to add the interested ones to a list and send an email saying the application is being processed. By the time you check the application, you can allow your user to study some free resources to keep him busy and engaged on your website.

Such automations are very easy to set up with FluentCRM. The UI/UX is simple to use, and you only need to figure out what suits you most. And the best part about FluentCRM’s marketing automation is that you can track conversion rates for every step. This gives you complete control over automations and helps you determine whether any change is required or not.

6. Granular analytics and reporting

FluentCRM granular analytics and reporting

When we’re talking about marketing or marketing automation, it needs scalability. Hence, FluentCRM comes with granular reporting and analytics features. It tracks lead collection, purchase records, form submissions, and communication history, enabling you to understand whether you are engaging with your audience in the right way. You can also track email open rates, link clicks, and view other important metrics to maximize your marketing potential like never before.

Aside from these incredible features that help build a solid, productive relationship, FluentCRM also has many more features. This CRM plugin is highly efficient if you’re looking to build a relationship by providing a wonderful personalized experience that maximizes engagement on your website.


Every website has different objectives and goals. But one objective is always the same. Increasing engagement and maximizing marketing potential. And that’s when a CRM solution comes in handy.

CRM solutions let you enhance your audience’s experience with minimal investment and ensure excellent growth without breaking a sweat.

With the arrival of WordPress CRM plugins, CRM functionality is now available in a flexible, lightweight package that has the ability to scale up depending upon your requirements. And in our experience, FluentCRM does it superbly! Therefore, we recommend creating your personal strategy for increasing engagement and applying it with FluentCRM!


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