How to Make Real Estate Ads

Ads are typically made to draw attention to your company, its goods, or its services. Ads essentially raise awareness of your products and makes others interested in them. In general terms, ads are a great way of putting your name out there, but things can get tricky when it comes to the real-estate business.

Online advertising has become of utmost importance in the last few years as 44% of home buyers start the process online. So how can you use advertising to raise awareness of your company? You most likely already have a Facebook Business Page, but do you advertise on Facebook for real estate? One of the most economical methods for finding and obtaining new leads on social media is through Facebook ads.

Everything you need to know about the most efficient real estate advertising formats will be covered in this piece.

Types of Ads to Avoid

Home Evaluation

Just think about it, when customers can quickly get free property evaluations from Zillow and other real estate websites, these kinds of real estate adverts become a bit obsolete. Because clients have no particular reason to choose you over a well-known business like Zillow, these ads are ineffective at attracting leads. So, we suggest you look elsewhere

Personal Branding Advertisements

Only experienced agents or those willing to invest heavily in advertising can successfully run real estate ads emphasizing their own branding. Imagine your advertisement consists of nothing more than a photo of you, your logo, and a summary of your background. If that is the case, unless someone has previously interacted with your brand, it won’t persuade them to click on it.

Most advertising like this doesn’t provide the lead with anything in return for their information, which renders them useless. Additionally, they are not the best choice if you have a tight budget and are looking for more economical solutions.

Types of Ads to Create

New Listing Promotions

An ideal topic for a Facebook lead ad is a new listing you or another agent in your office have. Include a few paragraphs in your advertisement outlining the property’s best features that will grab readers’ attention. For instance, the number of rooms, any distinctive characteristics, and whether parks or schools are nearby. Include three to five pictures of the house as well.

Give the leads more images, the address, and the price of the home in exchange for their contact information.

Lists of Homes

Lists of properties are the second-best kind of Facebook real estate advertisement. For instance, a customized list of properties with a pool or under $300,000 in price. Make a list based on whatever is most popular after doing some market research to find out what people are looking for. You can use a Facebook lead form or connect to a landing page on your website.

Every successful Facebook ad has three core elements: targeting, campaign objectives, and the actual ad. So, let’s talk about it in more detail.

Facebook Ads

  1. Campaign Objectives

Many people who are just starting with advertising are introduced to Facebook ads through the infamous Boost Post, which is a part of the Engagement objective. You should stop using that immediately because most advertising budget is wasted. And there are much more powerful campaign objectives that support corporate agendas.

Boost Post is entirely concentrated on likes, shares, and comments. These are superficial measurements. Facebook looks for users in your audience who are likely to like, comment on or share nearly anything with this purpose. Likes, shares, and comments also cannot be deposited in a bank.

Facebook has over 10 campaign objectives, and those usually most profitable for real estate companies are Lead Generation, Brand Awareness or Promote Business Locally, Traffic to Website, and Reach. Pick one of those and move on to the next step.

  1. Targeting

It doesn’t matter what else you do or what you have to offer if you show your adverts to the incorrect people. It will not work.

The best thing you can be is specific and targeted with Facebook’s ad platform, ensuring that your ideal prospects see your ads and generate leads for you. You also have Facebook’s ad algorithm working to provide results behind your campaign, which is crucial. Remember that it is incredibly effective at learning to produce results over time and wants you to succeed.

Targeting Facebook Ads: Factors

  • Interests – What individuals find interesting, pages they’ve liked or visited, and closely linked topics.
  • Demographics – Because real estate falls into a “Special Category,” you cannot down select on age, income, education, or gender as precisely as you could with other industries. But, you can narrow it down to a reasonable level.
  1. Your Ad – How to Write a Real Estate Ad for Facebook

Not sure how to create real estate advertisements that people click on? We’ll admit it’s a little bit of an art, but it’s not impossible. You need to entice buyers and persuade them that your home is one they should view. There are a few unbreakable guidelines for achieving this.

First, forget that you are the selling and try to imagine yourself as the customer. They, who? Couple in business? Family? Developer? And what exactly about your home will pique their interest? Second, forget about selling real estate; instead, sell a way of life.

Thirdly, your advertisement needs to be structured. This structure has the following 4 parts:

  • Headline

Your heading is very important. It impacts whether customers will read your advertisement. You must therefore come up with a bestselling intro. Use the headline to highlight the main selling point of your home. The ocean? Rich in history? Designed gardens? A dream for developers? Use your unique angle to draw attention once you’ve found it.

  • Opening statement

Your introductory paragraph needs to address one crucial point: What are potential customers looking at? Give a brief description of your property and why people might be interested.

For example,

This charming beachside cottage, with a stunning view, and 3 apartments available to rent, guarantees an income of $18,000 annually.

Four things are made evident in this first paragraph: the target audience (investors), the number of apartments, the location, and the expected returns.

  • Features

Your feature description should aim to accomplish the following two goals:

  • Outlining the biggest selling points of your property
  • Generating curiosity

Listing the amenities of the house, you’re selling and persuading potential buyers to see themselves enjoying those features are entirely different. Don’t just tell them you have a winter garden; make them imagine themselves there, reading a book and soaking up the winter sun.

  • Close it up

You should now conclude it by incorporating a solid call to action that will persuade potential customers to take action.

For instance,

Popular location, great curb appeal, family neighborhood. Make a reservation right away because a home of this level sells quickly.

Real Estate

That is how to write real estate advertisements that sell to wrap things up.

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