How To Generate Evergreen Topics for Your Blog

How To Generate Evergreen Topics for Your Blog

Blog writing is a fun experience, but it can be difficult to generate content constantly without feeling like you are repeating yourself. Despite this blockade, there are many ways you can learn how to brainstorm evergreen topics for your blog while keeping your content fresh and exciting.

We will discuss examples of evergreen and non-evergreen topics, outline topic inspiration, and go through steps on how to brainstorm them.

What Are Evergreen Topics?

Evergreen topics include subject matter that is continually searchable online and always initiates interest amongst online browsers. No matter when you search for this type of topic, the information will remain the same and stay the same over time.


These timeless topics providing constant value to your readers can be:

  • How-to guides.
  • Term and phrases glossaries.
  • Posts outlining the history and facts about your blog’s niche.

What Counts As Non-Evergreen Topics?

Any blog posts involving information related to mainly one-time events are not evergreen. Examples of non-evergreen topics include:

  • Scores from a specific sports game.
  • News coverage on a past presidential campaign.
  • Posts highlighting a new product release on your blog.

While your blog can include some of these non-evergreen topics, it’s best to make most content evergreen with SEO keywords. Doing so will increase your blog’s ranking on search engines.


Examples of Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics are going to be what attracts the most traffic to your blog. People are always searching for the quickest answer to their questions. As long as your blog is within the category of their questions, your evergreen blogs can be what provides them with the answers they need!


You can bet online to take a break from brainstorming blog ideas. Have fun spectating and betting on your favorite national and international sports as a getaway from the hard work of building your online presence.

  • The Basic Rules of How To Play (Insert Name of Sport).
  • What Is the Difference Between Football and Gaelic Football?
  • How Basketball Players Train To Do Layups


Who doesn’t love a good read about food? You can go wide with this blog theme, but be sure to have a finalized niche to set yourself apart from other food blogs. The best evergreen content for this theme is how-to posts for making essential recipes or completing simple food preparation.

Person taking photo of food

  • 5 Fruits To Help You Lose Weight
  • 10 Veggies High In Iron (With Recipe Ideas)
  • How To Cook Baked Chicken
  • What Is the Difference Between Poached Eggs and Hard Boiled Eggs?

Personal Finance

People are always looking for a way to get their finances in order. Whether it’s paying down debt or learning how to budget for their money to go farther, there are many personal finance evergreen topics you can write about including:

  • 10 Budgeting Tips for Any Income
  • 5 Steps to Becoming Debt Free
  • Tips for Investing in Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Advantages of Using Online Savings Accounts

Person counting money

Dieting and Weight Loss

Many individuals are not happy with their weight or how they look for whatever reason. Hence, many evergreen topics are about dieting and weight loss such as:

  • 3 Weight Loss Regimens You Can Start Today
  • Top 5 Diets That Drive Weight Loss Results
  • What Is Body Mass Index?
  • Healthy Weight Range Based On Your Height and Gender
  • Understanding the Benefits of Zepbound for Weight Loss

How To Generate Evergreen Topics To Keep Your Blog Fresh

Generating evergreen posts for your blog can be challenging. However, it becomes an easier task as you discover the best way to brainstorm new topics that will continue to keep your blog fresh and inviting for new and returning readers as you grow your online presence.

Here are three ways to generate engaging evergreen topics to make your blog more appealing:

  1. Conduct keyword research.
  2. Use an AI topic generator.
  3. Poll your blog audience.

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is the foremost important step in generating evergreen blog topics. You can discover what subject matter is most popular within your blog niche and come up with ideas from there.

Utilize the Google Ads Keyword Planner as a starting point. This keyword research can work for blog posts as well as Google Ads. Alternatively, you can go down to the bottom of a standard Google search about your blog’s niche to find related phrases and keywords.

2. Use An AI Topic Generator

Using an AI topic generator can help to give you more content ideas, especially when you hit a roadblock while brainstorming. Find an AI program, such as ChatGPT and BrowserGPT, where you can type in and ask the AI software to generate any number of title ideas for a specific topic.

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For example, you can ask the software, “Please give me 10 titles related to buying and selling cryptocurrency”. From there, you will receive a list of title ideas mainly related to evergreen topics for that niche. If you do not specify a number, ChatGPT will automatically list 20 titles.

3. Poll Your Blog Audience

To enhance your blog’s engagement, listen to your blog audience! Send direct emails to those signed up with your newsletter asking readers to fill out a survey about the blog topics they want to hear about next.

Alternatively, you can leave a poll on the homepage of your blog where visitors can leave their answers there. Pick the top three answers and you have your content for the next couple of weeks already decided!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know more about evergreen blog topics, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What percentage of my blog content should be evergreen?

Aim to have your blog content be at least 80% evergreen and the remaining 20% as non-evergreen. While your readers will appreciate updates about your blog’s success or new products coming to your website, they will find more value in browsing evergreen content as a constant resource.

What is the best length for an evergreen blog post?

The best length for an evergreen blog post depends on its structure. Informational blog posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words with SEO keywords. How-to guides can start at 1,500 words.

How can I make my evergreen blog post more appealing?

Increase the appeal of your blog posts by:

  • Including bullet points throughout the content.
  • Writing short paragraphs of three lines or less for easy scanning.
  • Using simple language to enhance reading comprehension. Leave out technical jargon related to your blog’s niche.

Evergreen Will Lead to Monetary Green

As you continually generate content while monetizing your blog, you will earn more passive income. Start brainstorming evergreen blog topics today!

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