7 Tips to Help You Get Hired

Want to nail your next job interview? Reading the text below will come in really handy!

So, you’ve come to the point in your life where it’s time for a career change or a start at something new. There are others in the pursuit of landing their dream job, too. You’re all in the same boat, and we’re here to help. We’ve compiled key pointers that anyone can integrate into their job hunt strategy, and they might just change your life!

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Moving on, here are our seven valuable tips on getting hired.

Find a Fitting Job

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The first step to getting hired doesn’t have anything to do with applying to a job but being selective and knowing what to choose! One should opt to find jobs they’re actually interested in and motivated to do rather than apply to positions that they only like halfheartedly.

Many job platforms enable applicants to adjust their search filters so they can zero in on their results. Job-seekers applying for positions that they actually would enjoy and thrive in will typically get more responses than those who apply to just about anything. Marie Kondo, your career life – if it sparks joy, keep it.

Don’t Skim Through the Job Post

Recruiters will most likely ignore your application if they see that you didn’t properly read their job post. Some recruiters might write something like a hint in the job post: “Applicants who fail to confirm/submit ____ will unfortunately not get this position.”

By including a sentence like this in the job post, they eliminate many applicants and narrow down their best potential hires with ease. It seems like such an easy trick no one would fall for, but it happens more often than not.

The applicants who read the job post thoroughly will more likely pass the first “weeding out” of the application process. For those who are currently in this position, good work. Now comes the next step.

Be Precise & Stand Out

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Tailoring your application to make it unique and customized for each job post is a great way to stand out! This means the following.

  • Change your resume so that it fits the job application better. You’re basically tailoring it for that specific job post.
  • Use keywords and relevant details from the job posting to show that you got what it takes and that you are motivated to help the company/client achieve their goals.
  • Bonus point: some applicants create resume videos to apply for a job. This can be very helpful for job-seekers looking for careers in social media or digital marketing.
  • Use websites like Grammarly to polish your application, get rid of mistakes, and hand in a carefully crafted application.

The more time you spend on an application, the better it will be. It’s really that simple.

Remember: First Impressions Are Key

It’s a simple but easily overlooked rule that applies to every aspect of life. For applicants who are not looking for a remote job, going to an interview well-dressed and ready to impress can be a gamechanger. Don’t hesitate to ask recruiters questions before the interview to be prepped to the T.

Use Social Media Profiles

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We know that not every person is a fan of using social media to leverage online presence or attractiveness as an applicant, but unfortunately, it does count nowadays. If social media isn’t your thing, there are always experts online who can optimize your profile for a fee.

For those who decide to go through with it and pimp up their profile, make sure to make it as professional as can be. What does this mean?

  • Try to write everything properly.
  • Make sure to highlight hard skills, soft skills, accomplishments, and interests. This helps recruiters find you through keywords. Sites like LinkedIn are especially good for recruiters to zero in on a target, especially if they have a properly made profile.
  • Get your website links, online portfolio, and work samples up on your profile.
  • Use the right and relevant keywords directly related to the industry you see yourself working in.

Prepare Work Samples

Every job-seeker out there needs to find a way to stand out, and showcasing high-quality work samples is one of the ways to do this. Depending on the industry you’re applying for, this will vary, but don’t expect a bunch of recruiters to be chasing after you if you can’t show what you can do.

Some candidates might think they lack the skills or aren’t good enough for specific positions, but it’s usually just confidence that’s lacking and the right medium to showcase skill.

For applicants facing a string of rejections, it might be high time to consider that your portfolio might not accurately represent how hardworking and talented you are.

For applicants who know that they lack the necessary skill for a job, the next step should help.

Consider Internships and Courses

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Some applicants might be lacking knowledge or a particular set of skills to qualify or even maintain certain job positions. And while it’s true that we can learn along the way, preparing beforehand is also an available option.

Don’t fret if you don’t get a job position. Internships in a field related to the position you want to land can propel you toward a brighter future. Alternatively, job-seekers can sign themselves up on legible and easy-to-follow courses related to the job they want to bag! There are so many options online:

  • Udemy;
  • TalentLMS;
  • MasterClass;
  • Skillshare;
  • Coursera, etc.

So, become more active in your job hunt and gain extra skills or deepen your knowledge on a particular topic. It’s all online. That’s great, isn’t it? The only thing that’s needed is a little bit of persistence and a will to learn.

Final Thoughts

The tips from our article can certainly help any professional brush up their game on the job hunt. Yet, we also advise job-seekers to get specific advice on the position they want. It’s good to look at the bigger picture and the small details to boost the chances of getting the ideal job!

Just remember not to stress yourself out in the process. Don’t take on too many at once. Getting a job is not as nightmarish as some people might tell you it is – you just need to be smart about the way you go about finding one.

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