Tips on Email Campaigns That Convert Into Sales

Your email marketing campaign should be a converting miracle. If it is not, here are a couple of tips you could use to improve that.

All digital marketers know that the email marketing tactics running in the current market trends are perfect for generating more business.

So, is your email marketing techniques getting you high in the leads and sales which your business needs to be successful? If not, then you should try your hands on email split testing – a reliable and effective strategy for catching up new trends. There are loads of demands for your email marketing testing, which may end up being at the top of your list. Testing should not be time-consuming, and the opportunities should improve and optimize your success ratio.

Digital marketers can make use of Dynamic content feature for increasing the click-through. By implementing segmentation and an appealing custom imagination to an individual recipient of the email can hike click-through by driving extra visitors to the content in the campaign.

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In this article, we will be looking at some email marketing tactics that you should be running right now for getting better business results. These can be applied in standard marketing situations or in email marketing for ecommerce.

What Elements Does an Email Campaign Include?

We hope you have understood the benefits of testing email campaigns. Now, let us have a short look at some vital elements which needs your attention to get better results.

1.    Converse into appealing Subject lines

It is the most tested element when it comes to email marketing as you can effortlessly wick the A/B test feature to go through your campaign. There are some exciting things which you should include in your subject lines:

  • Topic: You need to test completely different topics as your subject line to check what type of content seems more appealing to the customers.
  • Personalization: Try to add some personal touch by greeting with the first name in the email.
  • Exciting offers: Check for which type of promotions appeal the users. For example, 10% Off vs. Free Shipping
  • Length: You can go for either short subject lines or longer ones as the ultimate choice stands on your goals.

2.  Check the Header

You must be making use of the pre-header in your email campaigns. It is the very first line of the email, which gets the maximum attention of your users and lets them know what the email is all about.


Pre-header turns out to be useful when it comes to accessing from the preview pane of email browsers.

You need to look at a few things before indulging into a pre-header test.

  • Inclusion: You need to test if your email converts into a high open-rate with pre-header or without it.
  • Content: Try including different topics in your pre-header to check out which subscribers are responding best to it.

3.  Select the appropriate time

One of the most vital things to do is to take notice of the most convenient time for sending an email. Is it a day time or evening? Well, it all depends on the situations and the marketers themselves.

Every business has a variant list with a different level of engagement and variant content because there is no one size fits all answer.

Email scheduling for broadcast emails becomes crucial in this context, allowing marketers to plan their communication strategy effectively. By setting emails to be sent out at predetermined times, businesses can ensure that their messages reach their audience when they are most likely to engage, thereby increasing the potential for higher click-through rates (CTRs).

It is a fantastic opportunity to test your timings be it daylight or noon, evening or night. You are basically looking at the best interval of the day to make a change in your CTRs. For instance – if you have fixed a day for sending newsletters then try to shuffle it on some other day and time to check the reactions of the customers.

4. Go for CTA

Do you think that each aspect of your email is on top? Are you sure that your CTA deserves the best response as you needed? When was the last time that you tested your Call-to-action? You need to look at a few things for increasing your clicks.

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  • Color: Your CTA must stand out from the rest of your email. You need to test some of the contrasting colors to check which shades are getting a better response.
  • Copy: You need to test all of your generic CTA copy to get more conversions, as you must have done several A/B testing when compared to the benefit-focused copy to generic copy every time you can increase clicks through rates.

5. Look after your Content

We all must have read that content is king, but do we know how to perform best by making use of content in your emails?

  • Length: You need to figure out what type of content is more appealing to your audience. Is it the short-form content or longer length one? Does your audience want a short snippet or they want to indulge in a longer copy?
  • Language: This may sound weird, but you should test positivity and negativity in your email language. When you try to get some positivity in your email copy, try to engage the brains of your reader for making them understand your key messages. With positivity, you can do so by increasing their confidence to click through and generate more business.
  • Genre: The dynamic content feature allows you to display various content for different people, which is based on what you know about them. This is why you need to test dynamic content vs. generic content to see if it increases your click-through.

Summing Up!

Here we come to the end of this post. Now, we hope you have got the right way to split test your email marketing strategies to make them more effective. After all, you want to win all your opens, clicks, leads, and sales. Keep Learning!

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