Diversity Instead of One Direction in Career Development

Looking for an answer to the question of whether it is better to choose one direction in your career for life or to opt for diversity? This article will give you an answer.

In recent years, there has been a trend that working hours are becoming longer. As a result, perceptions of the profession are changing – more and more workers are looking for diversity instead of development within a certain field.

So, if you are a current student, you might want to start thinking about what profession you will learn further.

Observations of the job market show that in the future the choice of profession and place of work will not be as before. As part of our professional career, we will be fired several times and consciously take long breaks. Another probable direction will be diversity in professional life, ie the search for compliance of the nature of the work performed with individual interests, current needs, and the situation on the job market. The traditional understanding of working life as three stages – study, work, and retirement – will cease to be universal.

This can be a significant challenge for companies. And for the employees at the beginning. So, even if you are only a student now, you might prefer to pay for essay and spare yourself some time for exploring the job market and choosing your further directions of development.

Multi-Stage Career

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Several professional paths developed during our lives are no longer surprising. Even very experienced professionals are increasingly thinking about changing professions or areas of specialization. Such workers also point out that staying with one employer for many years in a position that does not require further development is risky in a changing labor market.

There are many signs that openness to change in professional life will increase over time, and the current profession or the nature of the position will be adapted to daily aspirations and life circumstances.

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The need to adapt to changing trends is a challenge for both employees and companies. For workers, the greatest risk is progressive technological development, as a result of which traditional professions will begin to disappear from the market. In turn, for employers, a multi-stage career will be considered both in the category of opportunities and threats.

Many organizations have already felt the effects of candidates’ departure from the concept of lifelong work. This leads to changes in the hiring process and the need to adapt the employment strategy to the current expectations of professionals who see change as an opportunity for development.

A New Face of Flexible Work

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The evolution of the perception of work has significantly contributed to the growing popularity of finding additional paid leisure activities, which is not always dictated by the desire to earn more. It is increasingly the case that other work is a way to develop personal skills or abilities that are not related to the main professional field. Employees are looking for a solution in their lives that will allow them to reconcile paid work with other projects.

This is a signal that is important for more conservative employers who have not yet tried to adapt their employment policies to the changing needs of workers.

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Many contracts between the company and the employee contain clauses that exclude or limit the possibility of additional activities during work. Changing perceptions of careers are likely to force employers to make some concessions in this regard.

Companies will have to give their employees more independence. Otherwise, they risk losing skilled workers.

This does not mean that organizations should simply agree that staff performs additional tasks during working hours. Employees must do what their employer pays them to do. However, if their results are good, the company must be flexible and offer solutions to allow the employee to conduct additional activities.

A Reasonable Dose of Control

Keep in mind that companies that give employees more freedom to take on additional orders must also protect their interests. According to a study by Henley Business School, 49% of companies do not have procedures in place to regulate additional earnings.

However, in a situation where a significant percentage of staff work remotely, formal control procedures may be required. Then there is a need to implement rules for the use of equipment, resources, and company data to fulfill additional orders. Employers should also pay attention to whether such work of one employee does not affect the results and morale of the team.

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