5 Creative Event Promotion Ideas That Will Make Your Event a Success

If you have an event coming up, the sooner you start promoting it, the better. Here are 5 creative event promotion ideas that will make it a success.

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Event Promotion Ideas: A Guide

There are lots of methods to promote your event and get the word out to your audience. Start early, so you reach as many people as possible. Let’s look at some creative promotional ideas.

1. Use Email Marketing

If your event is coming up, send out messages to your contacts through a newsletter or direct emails. Keep your message about your event consistent and don’t make the note too long.

Email Marketing

2. Facebook Engagement

A way to introduce people to your upcoming event is by creating an event and invite them to it. This is an easy way to get on people’s calendars. Ask people to like a post for a chance to win something at the event. This engages them, and they’ll want to come and see if they won the item.

Engage followers by posting a new product or service and ask people to share their feedback. They could win a gift card or an invite to your event.

3. Hashtag Marketing

Make a unique hashtag that people will use across social media. You can use hashtags on other platforms as well. Keep it short and make it stand out. Include the name of your event within the characters.

Hashtag Marketing

Ask someone to look at your hashtag and get them to identify what it is. Then you can edit it if it isn’t clear. You’ll boost traffic to your event’s website this way where they can learn more. If you’re hosting a massive event, consider creating a dedicated Twitter account. You can use a hashtag for the event, and presenters, supporters, and attendees will share it. For those looking to streamline their ticketing process, using an event ticketing platform can be incredibly beneficial.

4. Make an Infographic

Make an infographic for your event. This is an effective way to get your event shared across the web. When people share an infographic on social media, more folks will discover the event. Adobe Spark has a free flyer maker for events.

5. Check Out Eventbrite

If you’re a small business owner, Eventbrite is a great platform to use. You can promote your event on their local events page if you make it public. You have a lot of things to organize so using Eventbrite can help keep everything together.

One innovative feature on the Eventbrite platform is the reserved seating option. You can design a floor plan and decide on the number of people per row or table.

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We hope you found this article on event promotion insightful. Consider using some of these tips to let people know about your upcoming event. Social media is a great way to create buzz.

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