Top 9 Ways How to Use GitLab for Web Development

GitHub saw the world in 2008 and became almost synonymous with the Git system. Many web developers considered this program the only way to manage suppositories. But GitLab has more tools to offer in terms of functionality. This is why GitLab consulting services advise users to move from GitHub to GitLab. How can the updated service be used in modern web development?

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What Are Important Points to Remember about GitLab?

Very few people write code alone these days. Usually, a whole team of engineers and developers works on creating a new product. They work in teams and, with the help of the Git system, store data in the cloud for everyone to access.

The most famous service that allows you to collaborate on code is GitHub. And GitLab is its younger brother, performing the same functions, but improved and renewed.

GitLab allows you to manage code repositories, track bugs in developed programs, publish code, and test it. This is an indispensable tool for everyone who works on programs in a team.

GitLab and GitHub: What’s the Difference?

Every developer must understand the differences and similarities between GitLab and GitHub. Many features and functionality of these systems are duplicated. However, there are also differences:

  • GitLab uses built-in free continuous integration. With GitHub, you can try these functions using the Actions tool.
  • GitLab uses Kubernetes for a seamless deployment. You won’t find such a feature on GitHub.
  • Unlike its predecessor, GitLab has added free private format repositories for open-source projects.

Step-by-Step Instruction for Using GitLab

Before you start using the service, you need to create an account. This procedure is very trivial, and any Gitlab consulting service, as well as official pages, will provide step-by-step instructions for installing the program:

  1. Find the official GitLab website.
  2. It is easy to find the Login button and press it.
  3. In the login form, follow the link to the registration form (Register now).
  4. Carefully fill in all the system data and click Register.
  5. Follow the confirmation email link.

The account is ready. Now you can learn about GitLab, create projects, manage permissions and users, track bugs, automate processes, and more.

How Would You Use GitLab for Web Development?

GitLab has many valuable features, and the main ways how the modern web developers use the program and make the most of its upgraded features are listed below:


GitLab can effectively support various collaboration models, regardless of the chosen development methodology. GitLab’s flexible project management tools allow you to visualize, coordinate, track, and prioritize your development process.

Code Creation

According to Urjashee Shaw, web developer at Simpalm, a PHP development company, with GitLab, a development team can consolidate source code into a shared, distributed program version. A web service allows you to manage and maintain a distributed environment without disrupting development processes. GitLab has a vast arsenal of tools for managing branches and project access, creating a shared, trusted environment for development teams to work together.


GitLab implements code review, testing, and quality assessment tools, which allow developers to find errors and shorten their fix cycle quickly. You can personalize the quality acceptance model, test your code automatically, and assign changes to test environments for each code version.

Assembly of Programs

The GitLab Container Repository allows you to create a secure repository of custom Docker container images. You do not have to use additional tools – the ability to download and upload images is embedded in the default Git repository management environment.


Components for supporting continuous delivery and deployment technologies allow you to effectively automate the operations associated with building, automatic testing, and installation of releases. Installing the release on one server and many will take a minimum of time.


GitLab allows you to automate the entire application development process. To do this, ready-made model templates are provided, with which you can start working without complicated preliminary settings — add the specifics of the application at each stage of assembly and deployment.

You can use the GitLab CE Virtual Appliance as a service with preconfigured application templates for development.


If you create your own GitHub repository or contribute frequently to the repository, you need to know if your code contains any vulnerabilities. Repository vulnerabilities have caused security issues in the past. GitLab offers vulnerability scanning, SAST, and DAST support.


With GitLab, you can track the time spent on each stage, check the application’s health, collect and view metrics, and analyze how code changes affect the environment’s performance.


It ensures the network security of projects. GitLab continues to build the DevSecOps platform as a comprehensive and secure software solution that helps plan, implement, deploy, secure, and maintain modern applications and the necessary infrastructure.

The program already provides transparency of the entire development cycle and a set of control elements necessary to protect the integrity of the working process and the final product it creates.

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Summing Up

The GitLab web app is an excellent solution for building workflows in the cloud. GitLab has many applications and rich features, which, combined with a convenient toolkit, makes it a timely service for novice developers and professionals.

GitLab is actively developing as a product, adapting to the actual needs of developers, so its use is justified in projects of any scale.


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