5 Reasons Why Students Should Be Encouraged to Blog

Blogging as a student has many benefits. Learn what they are in this article!

College students are involved in a myriad of activities. The main reason they are in college is for them to get a degree and secure employment opportunities in the future. Therefore, they are expected to take their academic work seriously. In most colleges, you could be discontinued if your grades go below a certain level.

There are also other activities that students do. For instance, you are supposed to participate in extracurricular activities, including games and taking leadership responsibilities. The point is that you should grow to be a wholesome person.

Most people do not think about blogging as something that students can be involved in. But you can always find something to blog about if you have an interest in this area.

What are the most common blogging niches for college students? They include:

  • Local and international sports
  • Fashion
  • How to cope with challenges in campus
  • General lifestyle blogs

Is it a good idea for college students to blog? Here are the top reasons they should be allowed to venture in this field:

Boosts Confidence

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As a student, your self-confidence influences your level of academic performance. When you have healthy self-esteem, you are more likely to attain high grades. Having a lower perception of self is a recipe for academic failure. There is no point in engaging in activities that you are not good in as that only makes you feel awful about your self-worth.

As per Luella (co-founder at Test Questions), with blogging, you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself and boost your self-confidence. The advantage is that you can choose the topics that you love and write perfect content.

Even if you are not good at written content, you can fill your blog with graphics and videos.

In the process of blogging, you can discover yourself. People also give you a positive response to the content that you blog about. With improved self-confidence, you can increase your performance in other areas.

Improves Creativity

When you are blogging, you do not always have to write content. You can also upload videos with brief captions. What matters is that you increase your audience with the content that you present to them.

As a blogger, you have to research for unique content, solve problems that your audience have, and express yourself. In other cases, you may offer essay writing help if that is your area of strength. With time, you can become a more creative person.

It Sharpens Communication Skills

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If you want to be successful, you should know how to associate with people. That means you should know how to communicate and solve conflicts. If you are always at loggerheads with people, you may not live a good life.

As a blogger, you should know how to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with people. Although you may not be perfect in the beginning, you learn as you write more. With the communication skills you acquire as you blog, you can become a better person.

Can Become a Source of Income

As a student, you have many expenses to cater to. Examples include food, tuition, clothing, and accommodation. If you do not have a reliable source of income, it may be hard for you to cater to these pressing expenses.

Fortunately, blogging can become the source of income that you have always wanted.

However, you should be patient and build a large audience before you can monetize the blog. Moreover, ensure that you present useful content.

How can you make money through your blog as a student? First, you can become an affiliate marketer and earn money by driving traffic to other organizations’ websites. Besides, you can market and sell your products through the blog. If you are a professional in your field, you can offer consultancy services to clients at a fee.

It Is a Healthy Way of Spending Free Time

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Although you may be busy as a college student, there are times when you are not engaged in any meaningful activity. It is during such times that you are likely to succumb to peer pressure and engage in unhealthy behaviors such as taking drugs. That is not good for you.

With blogging, you always have to think about something new to present to your audience. Therefore, you can use your free time constructively.

The Final Thoughts

With the improvement in technology, more people have access to cell phones. Please take advantage of it by starting a blog when you are still in college. Making such a move offers numerous benefits.

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