5 Steps to a Better Law Firm Social Media Presence

Have a law firm? Learn how to establish a great social media presence for it in the text below!

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what type of business you run; you must be present on the web and actively use social media! Naturally, this implies that you must also build a social media presence that will boost your company’s profits and reputation.

This applies to law firms as well, especially to law firms.

In the world of today, instead of waiting for your hangover to end so that you can search for a reasonable DWI defense attorney for your case, you can search for one on social media. If you’re the attorney, here are five steps you can rely on for a better social media presence for your law firm!

Claim Your Brand Identity

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Before you start building and promoting a specific social media profile, make sure to claim your brand’s/law firm’s name on all the available platforms. You wouldn’t want to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy based around a specific word or logo only to find out that your very name is already taken on a powerful platform.

Doing so will also ensure unity – meaning that people will have it much easier finding you, regardless of the platform they use.

Unified Design and Color Scheme

If you want people to find you extremely easily, it’s advised to choose a single color scheme for all of your social media profiles. So, when a potential client searches your name and gets multiple results, they’ll know which one to click based on your available color scheme.

For example, an orange-green logo will stand out among logos of accounts with similar names and streamline the process of getting discovered on social media.

Start Growing Your Network

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Social media accounts are not there just for the sake of it! You have to start interacting with communities that share your interests, use hashtags that cover your area of expertise, and so on.

Naturally, you must also start publishing engaging content for your potential visitors and followers. Regular growth sessions will surely increase your social media presence.

Interaction Is Key

Like it or not, interacting with fellow law firms or visitors of your social media accounts is essential to building your presence and brand authority.

Instead of hiding behind a cold, dull mask of non-interactivity, please make your voice heard and, on top of that, make sure to let people know that you hear their voice. Constant interaction is often the primary way to increase the follower count of any social media account drastically.

Personal Content Is Essential

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Pickpocketing content from other platforms or websites should be avoided. Instead, use your personal experience and opinions to create unique, customized content for your social media accounts.

Content stands right next to interaction when it comes to the best ways to boost your social media presence. If you master the two, the other ways come naturally!

The Bottom Line

Building a social media presence is not easy. Some people spend years and years trying to reach as little as 10 thousand followers.

For them, that’s a lot but, when compared to those accounts with 500 thousand followers, that’s almost nothing.

Nevertheless, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll surely boost your brand awareness, reputation, and online presence!

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