Remaining Anonymous and Secure Online

The internet is a way for people worldwide to access information and connect with others. It provides a global platform that businesses can use to market their products. Users can browse to find almost anything they need, whether a service, product, or information. However, the internet also has a dark side, with hackers and cybercriminals using it to access private information and personal accounts. Using Smartproxy to find an Australian proxy, or any other type means you can add an extra layer of protection to your online activity, no matter where you are.

Why Should You Remain Anonymous?

All devices have an IP address that’s trackable using the internet. Your IP address contains a lot of information you might not want strangers to know. This information includes your name, surname, address, and more. Your IP address can also be used to hack your device and gain access to passwords, contact details, or more, leaving you vulnerable while online. We looked at some reasons you don’t want this information to fall into strangers’ hands.

Protects Your Identity

Remaining anonymous online is a means of protecting your own interests. Many cyber criminals use a lax guard to access your accounts or information for nefarious means. You often hear about recent cyber attacks on big companies. There are also many businesses that don’t necessarily have criminal intentions but will use your information for their marketing strategies.

Avoid Personal Harassment

The internet is a way for you to express your opinion and voice your social concerns. Your freedom of expression is guaranteed by using online platforms; however, it can also lead to a negative backlash. If you want to protect yourself from cyber bullies and personal harassment, then it’s important to remain anonymous when using online forums, chats, and platforms. Using something like an Australian proxy will ensure you’re protected while expressing your freedom of speech as others won’t be able to track your location.

Find Sensitive Information

There’s an ocean of online information, including information you’d rather not broadcast to other people. It’s more often than you think that people use the internet to search for information they don’t want to ask others about. For example, when you’re unsure about your orientation or have questions about medical issues. Being anonymous online allows you to ask experts and find answers to questions without being judged.

Establishing an Online Persona

Another thing the internet offers you is the chance to create a new persona for yourself. You can indulge in your hobbies and likes with a completely different personality. For example, a person who struggles with social anxiety in face-to-face situations can interact more easily with others online through a screen. It also allows you to separate your work from your personal life if you’re an online reviewer or streamer. There are many reasons why your online persona is best to remain on the internet, and keeping your data anonymous ensures it’s an easier task.

Ways to Remain Anonymous

There are several ways to remain anonymous, most of which are relatively easy to use. However, we consider two primary ways people ensure their anonymity these days.


Proxies encrypt and conceal your IP address when browsing online. When you use a proxy server, it routes your IP address through another server, ensuring the online platforms you visit can’t see your IP address. You can also use it to access content from another country. Using the above example, if you use an Australian proxy, you can view the content available in Australia as you’ll be assigned an IP from within the country.

P2P IP Sharing

Another way to mask your IP address is if users share their IP addresses and you use each other’s devices as proxy servers. This is called P2P IP sharing, meaning it’s a peer-to-peer distribution server that uses overlay routing networks to hide the IP addresses of each IP in the server. You share your bandwidth with a network and allow for a secure server to be built. An example of companies offering this is PacketStream. It even enables you to access geo-blocked content from other countries.

It’s become an increasingly popular way to ensure you remain anonymous online, and even companies are incorporating this. These companies sometimes pay users to become part of a P2P server. However, being paid by a company to do this might not be the best course of action, as you can’t ensure the integrity of the company and so the network.

Tor Browser

If you’re looking for an easy fix to remain anonymous, then there’s a perfect solution to your problem. The Tor browser offers a secure P2P network that allows you to browse the internet safely without broadcasting your information. The Tor browser is created by a non-profit organization that advocates for privacy and freedom online.

Final Thoughts

Online anonymity is a growing concern as we learn how businesses and platforms collect and use our data. An IP address in the wrong hands can quickly become an open book sharing details of your life with strangers. As such, it’s important to use measures like proxies, VPN,s and private browsers to protect your information.

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